24 Hours in Columbus!

The city of Columbus in Ohio is one of those places that is chock full of history, culture, and fun. In fact, you could easily spend a week there and not run out of activities to keep you amused. Of course, not everyone can stay that long, and that is why I have come up with the ultimate short stay guide for the area. One that will make sure you can get the absolute most out of your time. Read on to find out more.

Visit The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – First off anyone in the vicinity of Columbus, no matter how short their stay needs to head on over to West Powell Rd, so they can visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Of course, if your time is limited you will want just to take in the highlights,  one of which is the tide pool in the aquarium section that provides access to fascinating creatures such as the cownose ray. It’s even possible to pet the animals in the tide pool, an experience that should not be missed, even if you are in a rush!

Also, don’t forget that there are plenty of amazing creatures to see in the zoo side of things as well. There are even shows put on by the rangers and animals together including the serval cats who are remarkably intelligent and able to perform tricks. Get the show time here to ensure you plan your visit efficiently.

Visit The Hollywood Casino – If its a night of thrills and spills you are after, then the place to go is the Hollywood Casino on Beville road. There you can try your luck at their blackjack and poker tables, and they even have a dedicated poker room for the more serious player.

Then there is the 5 restaurants and numerous shows that they put on too! Something you can find more about here.

You can even bed down for the night in a hotel near Ohio State University which is also a site worth visiting. Also, remember that choosing an accommodation location close to the casino means you can stay as late as you like and really make the most of every second you have there!  

Visit COSI – Another site that you will not want to miss is the center know as COSI. There you will find an interactive science museum full of exhibits that not only teach you things but that you can get involved with as well.

Highlights that are unmissable include The Power or Position, and Energy Explores exhibitions. Oh, and if you can squeeze it in a visit to their in-house planetarium is well worth your time too!

Visit the German Village – Lastly, no matter how short your stay you need to head over to the fabulous German Village that is close to the Brewery District. There you can expect a charming few streets of old-fashioned bookstores, sweet, and coffee shops, and while it’s better if you have time to explore, even popping in for an hour on the way back to the airport will be time well spent!

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