24 Hours in Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru reminds me of Miami. Well, the Spanish-speaking people, sky scrapers and water views part – not so much the “vibe.” Nonetheless, I found the city overwhelming, which is normal for me and big cities. Does anyone else ever feel that way in cities? Maybe it is the traffic? Maybe it is the number of people? Who knows.

To off set this over-stimulation, we booked a tour to see some of the city’s highlights during our 24 hours in Lima.

24 hours in Lima

The tour started off with a visit to Museo Oro del Peru and viewed artifacts from the past. Gold, weapons and textiles were all on display. We are not really “museum people,” but still found the exhibit interesting.

Museo Oro del Peru Museo Oro del Peru

Our next stop was Plaza Mayor. I loved this part of the city. There was so much to see in this one stop. We were able to watch the changing of the guard at the presidential palace, gawk at hand-carved wooden balconies on a cathedral and “people watch” like no other. What is not to love?

Lima Plaza Mayor

Lima Plaza MayorLima Plaza Mayor Lima Plaza Mayor


Our third stop was my favorite. San Francisco Cathedral. The cathedral was home to a convent, catacombs and the largest collection of religious art in South America. We were not supposed to take photos inside. I did not know this until about half way through the tour. I was that person. Correction, I was that American. It was an honest mistake and now you get to see some of the cathedral.

Touring San Francisco Cathedral and Museum

Touring San Francisco Cathedral and Museum

Touring San Francisco Cathedral and MuseumTouring San Francisco Cathedral and Museum

Pretty eerie, huh?

Oh. Look. There is the sign about photography. Can I plead innocence because the words are in Spanish?

Touring San Francisco Cathedral and Museum

Our final stop of the tour was lunch. On second thought, maybe this was my favorite part… Anyway, we strolled the Parque del Amor before taking our table at Alfresco Seafood Restaurant and devouring our seafood and pisco sours.

24 hours in Lima, Peru

24 Hours in Lima, Peru 24 Hours in Lima, Peru

24 Hours in Lima, Peru


Highlights from the day definitely include eating at Alfresco Seafood and the catacombs at San Francisco Cathedral. I could have done without some of the “neighborhood” driving, but I see how it can help one see more of the town. Overall, our whirlwind 24 hours in Lima, Peru were certainly spent well, even if it was with a tour guide.

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  2. lavidaglobal

    It looks like we will have maybe 2 days in Lima at the end of our trip in September and I wasn’t sure what we would do there. Now I have a couple of great suggestions, thanks.


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