A Foodie Trip To California

How do you like your food? – If you’re the kind of traveler who’s happy to discover the culinary side of a region, then you’ll love to explore the foodie side of California. California, the state in the U.S. that is so frequently associated with sun and beach lifestyle can gain a new interest for food travelers who love to taste real flavors, new recipes and organic produce. Contrary to the common belief that everything in California is designed to support the heavy car culture, you can find food delights outside of the classic drive-thru and drive-in restaurants. In fact, you can find delicious flavors in the least expected places! In other words, it’s time to pack your cutlery, your tasting book and to cleanse your taste buds: here’s the best homemade culinary trip you can take to California.

Amazing wine region – It may not be a French Bordeaux, but Californian wine has been gaining a solid reputation for quality and taste over the past few years. If you like your Bordeaux, tasting the wine from the Napa Valley could be an in-depth lesson about the complexity of terroirs. The first difference you’ll notice is the soil, which is high in calcium and volcanic lava in California creates a very different wine from the Bordeaux region. Both regions, however, share a love for merlots and cabernet sauvignons, which are excellent choices for wine connoisseurs. You’ll learn to appreciate the strong fruit emphasis of the Napa region over your traditional glass of Bordeaux. And, if you want to get a full comparison, head over to the south of California, where the second wine region, Temecula offers a selection of old and new wines.

The best local food scene – You may not think that local food could be great food, but you’ll be surprised to know that Oakland was nominated one of the top 10 towns with a fantastic local food scene in the country. It’s easy to understand why the food is so exciting over there. For a start, the cheap rents across the Bay have attracted plenty of chefs, so you can plan your stay at the Clarion Hotel Downtown Oakland City Center before exploring the small restaurants in town. There’s a natural diversity in flavors with independent eateries, local oyster restaurants, and even the historic Swan’s Market that serves fresh produce from local farms.

Real fine-dining region – If you want to allow yourself a little treat on your foodie tour, make sure to book a table at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants across the Bay. You can discover, with delight, how the chefs of today prepare the same local produce you’ve tasted on the market and transform them into something exquisitely original and elegant. There are over 50 Michelin-starred spots across the Bay, so it’s fair to say you’ll find something deliciously inspiring. If you want to make the most of the experience pick a restaurant that offers a tasting menu, such as the Single Thread in Healdsburg.

Some say that the best foodie trips teach you something new about food culture. At the end of your Californian foodie tour, you’ll have discovered a new world of wine, so different from the French vineyards, and embraced the many tastes of fresh produce under the knife of food-lovers and Michelin-starred chefs. There’s only one thing left to say: BON APPETIT!


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