A Wall Hanging with a Southern “Twist”

When wandering the streets of Charleston, South Carolina I noticed beautifully intricate wrought iron everywhere – on windows of homes, fences, garden gates and balcony railings. Each design was precisely welded and appeared strong and sturdy, yet the designs were soft, curving and pretty; the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.

Travel Inspiration:

Wrought Iron Window Covering Charleston South Carolina

Now, as the story goes, Charleston’s wealthy residents insisted on the real deal for the window decor. No cast iron for them. Only the best – wrought iron. But, for me and my purposes, and wallet, I needed a lighter weight (ahem! cheaper) option. My search for a wall hanging led me to this beautiful cast iron wall hanging from World Market – Cost Plus ( I flippin’ love that store).

The piece is very light weight and is held up with only one nail. This is important because I will have to fill in and paint over these holes if, or when, I move the piece. “The more the merrier” does not apply to the number of holes I bang into our walls!

Cast Iron Wall Hanging

Travel Inspired Wrought Iron Wall Hanging

There are no “procedures” or “materials” lists for this project. I mean if you can shop you’ve got the hardest part down! All you’ll need for the installation is a hammer and a common nail. Make sure you use a common nail, or a nail with a larger head, not a brad. Brad’s are nails with much smaller heads and since weight and gravity can allow the wall hanging to slip down or forward a bit, the large nail head will prevent any falls.

Charleston Inspired Decorative Iron

Florida is in the south, but is rarely considered “Southern” so I love that I can bring in a little southern charm to our home. What city inspires you?

Wrought Iron Wall Hangings

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