Alternative Getaways for the Adventurous

When it comes to travel, some people can’t think of anything better than a week or two of uninterrupted sunbathing and relaxation. However, you should also bear in mind that this isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea and consequently isn’t the way that all of us may want to vacation. Some of us want to get up and be active. We want to explore, see new things, and rustle up some awe inspiring experiences to talk about back home. We want to see the world beyond our doorstep and revel in new landscapes. If this sounds like you, here are some ideas for alternative getaways that should tick all of your boxes!

Adventure Challenges – If you’re feeling active, you should consider taking on Global Adventure Challenges. This will allow you to carry out some sort of challenge overseas at the same time as raising money for a chosen charity through your pursuits. Not only will you benefit yourself, but you will benefit the wider world too! You could trek through national parks or hike up a mountain. You could ride a snowmobile across white expanses of ice and snow. You could snorkel through warm waters, encountering coral, turtles, and other forms of sea life. The possibilities are endless, and each experience will leave you feeling well rewarded!

Wildlife Encounters – When you head overseas you can encounter new cultures, landscapes, languages, and cuisines that you have never come close to before. But something that tends to really catch people’s attention when away from home is local wildlife. You get used to a certain set of native animals where you live and any creature outside of these species is likely to be a real novelty. Now, it’s extremely important that if you do things in the right way if  you want to encounter unfamiliar species. It is cruel to attend zoos, captive safari parks, or resorts that keep whales, dolphins, seals, and other sea life in tanks. Attractions such as circuses with animals, Tiger Temples, elephant rides, and camel rides should also be avoided. Why? Because these animals have been taken from their natural habitats and forced into submission by people. They should not be carrying out tricks or spend their lives cooped up solely for the purpose of our entertainment. Instead, seek out animals in their wild habitats. Whenever doing so, make sure to use a reliable and ethical tour guide who can also guarantee your safety. Consider snorkelling or diving, whale watching at sea, or genuine safaris.

These are just a couple of ideas to get your imagination going. There are plenty more options out there. So, do your research, get booked up, and pack appropriately! A swimsuit and pair of flips flops might not quite cut it for this exciting trip!

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