Don’t Miss These Underrated States in the USA

There are plenty of reasons to make the USA the location of your next trip. Whether you’re going for the weather, the food, the landscapes, or the people, there’s something in America for just about everyone. However, a lot of people have the habit of only ever going to the same old places time and time again. And sure, the really popular destinations in the USA are great. New York and California have huge amounts to offer just about anyone who wants to get a taste of what America is like. But if you only ever visit these obvious places then you’re only ever going to get a limited image of what the US really has to offer. To help you get more out of your next trip, why not visit one of these criminally underrated states.

There’s a weird attitude that a lot of people have towards Florida. It’s kind of seen as a bit of a joke by a lot of people within the USA thanks to things like the legendary “Florida Man” meme that was going around a few years ago. But the sunshine state has a lot more to offer than just that. For one thing, the clue is in the name. The weather in Florida is simply amazing! If you’re the type for sunbathing, then you really can’t do better. Not only that but there are plenty of great places to stay, like the Sleep Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale which allows you to go straight from arriving at the airport to settling down into a comfy bed. Plus, if you’re in the mood for nature, the Everglades has more wild and wonderful wildlife than you could possibly imagine.

Out of all of the states in the American midwest, Missouri often gets forgotten about, and that’s a real shame because it really does have a lot to offer. For one thing, if you’re looking for a good time out on the town, where better than Kansas City where you can get some incredible food, and there is almost certainly some music pouring out of one of the many bars that line the streets. Or if you want to see some amazing sights then check out the legendary “Gateway To The West” in St. Louis.

New Jersey
There’s a good chance that New Jersey wouldn’t be considered “underrated” if it wasn’t for the state that it’s right next to. It can be tough to compete with any other state but having to be compared to New York must sting a little bit. And the real shame is that New Jersey has plenty to offer on its own merits. From the nightlife of the Jersey Shore to Six Flags Great Adventure, the world’s biggest amusement park!

Of course, these aren’t America’s only hidden gems. The reality is that America is such a large and diverse country that, across all fifty of the country’s great states, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something new and exciting to see and do.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

Exploring The Falls Of North Carolina

The Southeast of the United States has a lot of beauty on offer. From the rich and rustic woodland to the vast and never-ending lakes, this part of the world presents sight after sight. Of course, though, there is one area a lot of people will completely ignore; waterfalls. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the greatest falls North Carolina has to offer, along with where you can find them.

  • The Dry Falls: Located in the South, near Highlands, The Dry Falls are one of the most popular tourist destinations in this state. Offering the chance to hike through picturesque woodland, this sort of waterfall is perfect for nature lovers. The Park on Main Highlands North Carolina is a great example of your hotel options here. But, of course, you’ll want to do some research to find the perfect option for you.
  • Looking Glass Falls: Moving Westward, you will quickly find yourself at the Looking Glass Falls. If you make your way to this spot in winter, you will be in for a big treat, as this is the perfect time of year for this attraction. As the weather cools, the water from the falls freezes on the surrounding rocks and organic surfaces. This creates a beautiful effect which isn’t found elsewhere.
  • Rainbow Falls: Sometimes, it can be best to choose a waterfall based on the other falls in the area. The Rainbow Falls, located in the West, are surrounded by loads of other natural sights to explore. When the sun is out, people say that it is easy to see a rainbow, and this is where this area gets its name. This makes for a great sight to show the kids.
  • Sliding Rock: Now, it’s time to think about something a little more fun, and this is exactly what Sliding Rock can provide. This fall has long been used a natural waterslide by local residents and is an extremely popular attraction in the area. Like the Rainbow Falls, this waterfall is great for kids and can be found sitting in the West. Most little ones will love the chance to experience the sort of slide mother nature can make.
  • Whitewater Falls: Not all of the waterfalls in North Carolina are exclusive to the state itself. In the case of the Whitewater Falls, this massive natural monument is shared with South Carolina, as well. Exploring these falls gives you the chance to experience the ecology of two states, without having to travel far to do it. Being some of NC’s proudest natural wonders, these falls are well worth your time.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start thinking about something a little different for your next vacation – a walk in the forest and time in nature. A lot of people will ignore this sort of trip, choosing to do something normal, and not getting to experience something new. If you like the thrill of adventure, seeing into the natural world, and exploring amazing states, this sort of journey could be the perfect one for you.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

The Most Festive Place On Earth

Most of you will know by now that Santa lives in Lapland. Lapland is the northernmost region of Finland and can quite easily be named as one of the most festive places on the planet. What could beat the place Santa lays his hat?

Hundreds of people travel over to Lapland every winter to make the most of the festive region and get into the Christmas spirit. There are some cool places to stay in Lapland, and tons of amazing activities to do while you stay.

Choose your Santa Experience
If you want to make the most of December and get into that Christmas spirit ahead of the 25th, then you will want to book a trip well in advance as these trips as very high in demand, and rather expensive. However once you do decide to book onto one of these trips, you’ll be able to look forward to setting foot in Santa’s grotto, meeting the elves and feeding reindeer. You’ll even be taken on toboggan rides in the snow and have the chance to ride on a sled with huskies.

If you are looking for something which is less about Santa and more about the activities on offer then you can book with a company like Transun to get a holiday which is more suited to older guests. However, if the whole experience is what you want, then Santa’s Village is the perfect place to go- and you’ll be able to wander through the village, visit the arctic zoo and gain the full Christmas experience first-hand.

When to Go
It probably isn’t the best idea to book this trip for the 25th itself, because although it is incredibly magical to wake up in the midst of heavy snowfall in a wood cabin, it is very pricy and very busy too. Instead, look at taking a short 3-4-day break in early December or the middle of December. You’ll be able to begin your month by getting into the full festive spirit, and by the time you go home you’ll be raring for the big day to come.

What to Expect
Remember that although this might be the most festive place you can go, it isn’t the real deal. To avoid disappointment from the kids, play it down until you get there to manage their expectations- and when you have the best time ever, it will be a perfect surprise for you all.

Lapland is very far north, so bear in mind that it will be incredibly cold where you are staying. This does add to the magic of Christmas, but remember to bring loads of layers to keep you snug and warm during your stay. Invest in plenty of woolly jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves for the stay. Being prepared is the best way to go, so if you pack more than you think you’ll need- that’s the safest bet.

Once you’re wrapped up warm and toasty, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of being in the most festive, most magical place in the world this Christmas.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

A One Week Road Trip through Portugal

Portugal is relatively small in a world of huge countries like Australia, China, Russia and the United States. However, what it lacks in square miles it makes up for with cuisine, coastline, historic architectural details and scenic roadways.

We traversed those scenic byways and highways for in a week in December and explored hidden coastal towns with a relaxed atmosphere as well as international metropolises that buzzed with Christmas energy. Here is an overview of our week in Portugal.

Day 1 Like most flights from the US to Europe, we flew over night and landed in Lisbon first thing in the morning. We took care of the usual post flight business of getting our rental car, checking in to the hotel and then started exploring Lisbon’s squares, parks and cobblestone streets and ate dinner at the Time Out Market. However, the magic really began when the sun set and the Christmas lights came on!

Day 2 Our road trip began by driving south to Portimao. The highway to these southern coastal towns was wide and paved. The towns themselves were sleepy little towns that experience their crowds during the summers. After checking in to our 5-star, waterfront room (yes!) that was the price of a 2 or 3 star hotel because we were staying during the off season, we hiked through Praia da Marinha and then ate our weight in seafood and fresh bread at a quite corner table overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 3 Back on the road and this time we headed north, way north. We ended up in Porto for the night, but not before walking through Aveiro and snapping photos of more Christmas lights and cute little homes and businesses on the canal lined streets. Dinner at Traça, the first taste of how much we would love Porto’s food scene and vibes.

Day 4 A morning walking the hills of Porto was rewarded with an indescribably delicious breakfast. Seriously, I won’t even try. But, when you are in town you just have to eat at Dama Pe de Cabra for strong coffee, perfectly fluffy eggs, fresh baked goods and friendly service that rivals your grandma’s house! We walked the clean streets of Porto and even got a birds eye view of the tile rooftops from the top of Clerigos Tower before driving to the Douro River Valley wine region. The drive was along curvy mountain roads, but the roads were well-paved and very modern. We arrived in the town of Barrios expecting tasting rooms and wine! We were met with one open restaurant, fog so thick it was scary to drive and a B&B that had exactly one guest room filled, ours! Looking back now it was comical, but we had two nights here and we just were not having it!

Day 5 Instead of wine tastings and vineyard tours, we adjusted our plans and headed back to Porto in the morning. We like sleepy little towns, but Barrios was beyond sleepy. Besides, we loved Porto so much the first night, we anticipated more great adventures there. We learned a great lesson on this trip and that is, not all wine regions have tasting rooms. Douro River Valley, at least in the winter, is one of those regions. Instead, we sipped port and ate chocolate overlooking the Douro River in Porto, where we began!

Day 6 We drove south, back to Lisbon for our last night in the country. On our way we stopped along the coast again, but this time in Aveiro. Aveiro boats of beaches and the cutest candy striped houses and business known to man. Literally, the cutest. You can’t persuade me otherwise! When we finally arrived in Lisbon we had our heart set on eating at Sala de Corte – the restaurant that we couldn’t get in to when we first arrived a week prior. We are so happy we were a) persistent and went back and b) lined up to get a table about 15 minutes before the restaurant opened. Yes, there was line! It’s that good!

Day 7 After driving and eating until our heart’s content, we boarded a plane bound for Miami. As always, I am happy to come home, but Portugal certainly made an impact on us. Going during their slow season, winter, was a success and highly recommended.

Wish You Weren’t Here: How Not to Fall Out With Travel Buddies

Friends might seem like a great way to have fun and explore new areas. You’ll do lots of eating, drinking, laughing, and sightseeing together and it will be great. However, especially if you’re used to traveling solo, it can be a complete minefield! So many friendships have been ended by an ill-judged decision to getaway as a group. In fact, it’s so common that I’ve put together some tips to help you ensure that you stay firm friends with your travel buddies during and after your next trip…

Keep the Travel Party Small
You’re much more likely to experience arguments and fallouts when you travel with a large party, simply because there are more personalities, and therefore more opportunities for clashes to take place. You might think that the more people who come along, the cheaper the experience will be, but if your trip is ruined by arguments, the it doesn’t matter how little you paid for it, it won’t have been worth it.

Plan Together
You might have decided on a destination, but if you think you can take control and plan everything from now on, or let one or more of your friends do it all for you, think again. Just because you’ve agreed on a destination, doesn’t mean that you’ll agree on who to fly with, where to stay and what to do while you’re there, which is why you should all sit down and plan every detail of the trip together.

The only ways that you’re going to avoid a fall out while you’re vacationing with friends is if you’re willing to compromise. You might want to spend every day trying the local cuisine and checking out the cultural sights, like the ones at, but other members of your party might be more interested in getting drunk on the beach and visiting the local waterpark, if you want to avoid conflict,then you’re all going to have to compromise at least some of the time.

Choose Your Travel Companions Wisely
Of course, if compromise really isn’t your thing, then only ever accepting mutual travel offers from friends who you know are totally on the same wavelength and want to do the same things as you is a good way to have your cake and eat it.

Find a Spacious Place to Stay
As someone who isn’t averse to solo travel, you might be fine with bunking up with strangers in far-flung hostels. In fact, you might have met some of your best friends that way. However, when you’re traveling with friends, it can be a bit different. If you’re stuck in close proximity with them for too long, everything they do can get on your nerves and arguments are inevitable. That’s why it’s much better to book an apartment like the ones at, or ensure that you all have your own hotel rooms so that you always have a place to retreat to. Trust me; it’ll make the world of difference.

Pay Upfront
I know it can be difficult to talk about money with friends, but if you’re going on a trip together, then you really should ensure that you all pay your share for flights, hotel rooms and any pre-booked excursions you’ll be making upfront. Money, as I’m sure you will know, is one of the most common causes of argument in any situation, but when you’re traveling, and someone lets you down by not paying their fair share, well things can get pretty heated, and not because of the sunshine.

Do Your Own Thing
Just because you’re traveling as a group doesn’t mean that you can’t get off and do your own thing for a while. In fact, ensuring that you don’t pre-plan so many things to do that you’ll barely get a second away from each other is a recipe for disaster. Before jetting off to your destination of choice, make it very clear that you won’t be spending every second with your friends and that as long as you all meet for lunch or dinner, for example, everything else is negotiable.

Let Things Go
I know that this is much easier said than done, but if you’re traveling with friends and you want them to still be friends when you get back home, then you need to practice some self-restraint and let those small issues you have with them and their behavior go. Obviously, if they’re doing something really awful or dangerous, then you might have to speak out, but otherwise, keep your mouth shut, go for a long walk on the beach and let the worries drain away. Remember, that there is no one as capable of ruining your vacation as you are and it is the way you react to situations that will determine how well things go.

Have a Plan B
That being said, if you’ve never traveled with these people before, and so you don’t know how you’ll get on in a new situation, then it might be worth having a pLan B in place, so that if things go wrong and you really can’t stand to be around them for a moment longer, or you do end up falling out big style, you can get yourself out of the situation. This could be as simple as booking a flexible ticket or traveling to a place where you have friends who’d be happy to house you when your best friend is at your throat. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but if you can get yourself out of a situation before it escalates too far, you might just be able to save a friendship that looks to be on the way out.

Traveling with friends can be amazing, and you probably think that it will be, but it’s unlikely to be the case if you don’t heed this advice and at least try to minimize any possible reasons for discord that could crop up, then, hopefully, you won’t be saying ‘Wish you weren’t here’ to someone you really care about.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

Is It Time You Discovered Denmark?

If you’re looking for travel inspiration, have you thought about visiting Denmark? A beautiful country with everything from bustling cities to rugged coastlines, Denmark has something for everybody. If you’ve never been before, what are you waiting for?

The most logical place to start on your voyage of discovery in Denmark is its enigmatic capital, Copenhagen. A trendy hub famed for its creative residents and its colourful buildings, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to planning your city break itinerary. Highlights include Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid, Rosenborg Castle and the Queen’s winter residence, Amalienborg. Once you’ve ticked off the tourist hotspots, you can easily while away hours meandering through the streets, checking out hip galleries and indulging in local delicacies. If you’re a foodie, this is the place to be with an abundance of fine dining restaurants on offer. The harbor, Nyhavn, is a spectacle you won’t want to miss and there’s always a lively atmosphere. Copenhagen has a relaxed, Bohemian vibe and a visit is the perfect excuse to embrace the Danish concept of hygge. Wrap up, get cosy, chill out and don’t worry about a thing.

Image Credit

Known as Denmark’s garden island, Fyn is the second largest island. It is famed for being the home of iconic author Hans Christian Andersen, and it’s also incredibly beautiful, which makes it a popular choice for anglers, hikers and those looking to enjoy a day at the beach. If you’re keen on fishing, try your hand at catching seatrout in Fyn. The rugged coastline offers some of the best fishing opportunities in the country. For those who want to discover more about the culture and lifestyle, there’s no better way to spend a day than exploring Egeskov Castle and the charming town of Faaborg. Adorned with quaint cottages and narrow streets, this is a truly beautiful spot, take a trip to the harbor and look out for the vibrant yellow bell tower.

Aarhus is Denmark’s second city. Although less busy than Copenhagen, Aarhus is starting to make a splash on the tourist scene, and visitor numbers are increasing steadily. It’s no wonder that more and more people are falling for this city’s charms and its eclectic vibe. Old blends with new effortlessly here and there’s a vibrant cultural scene. You won’t struggle to find museums and galleries here, and there’s an array of live music venues on offer. Gastronomy is also a subject of great interest in this part of Denmark, and there’s an ever-expanding collection of restaurants offering all kinds of innovative dishes in addition to an impressive display of stalls selling delicious, inexpensive street food. Top attractions include the winding streets of the Old Town, Moesgaard Museum and ARoS Aarhus Kuntsmuseum.

Image Credit

If you haven’t been to Denmark yet, it’s time to have a look at fights and start planning your trip. Whether you’re keen to escape to the serene beaches of the islands or you’re hoping to live it up in the heart of Copenhagen, there’s something for everyone. See the sights, taste the food and embrace laid-back living.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

Flying Solo: Amusing Yourself On A Long Journey

Travelling is an amazing experience which opens your eyes and broadens horizons. Sadly, before that can happen, you have to board a plane. Usually, to tick a country off a bucket list, it’s a long-haul journey which can take up to half a day. When you have 12 hours to waste and you’re alone, things can get boring. This is what you should know the next time you’re on an international flight.

Small Talk Isn’t Dead
The way people watch films and read books on flights, you’d think it was illegal to speak. Well, it isn’t, and there’s a good chance your neighbour is all alone too. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. As always, talking can last for hours and take your mind off the fact your thousands of miles from your destination. Who knows? It may evolve into something magical, like a scene from a romantic comedy. After a couple of few alcoholic beverages, anything can happen! So, take a chance and say “hi.” You may be sitting next to your future partner.

Small talk isn’t just for coffee shops.

Backpacks Are A Godsend
If the seating Gods aren’t on your side, the backpack deities are less cruel. Too many people rely on the in-flight entertainment when they fly, but it’s a gamble. There is a chance everything on the TV screen could be something you have seen before. Even worse, the entertainment may be tedious which means you have to spend hours watching boring movies. With a backpack of goodies from, you can read or listen to music. And, because the selection is yours, it should be entertaining. So, settle in and relax.

Snap The Sights
Once the plane is in the air, electrical items are fair game. Some people pull out laptops, but reports the travel ban is getting worse. So, a mobile device is out of the question. A camera, however, is perfectly acceptable as well as entertaining. Firstly, you can play with the settings if it’s new and learn how to get the best snaps. Then, you can wait for the plane to fly past somewhere exciting and start making memories. “These are the clouds over the Atlantic Ocean and, oh, these are mountains in a desert somewhere!”

Flying over the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Sleep Is The Last Resort
There is an amount of time before it’s acceptable to fall asleep on a plane. First of all, you want to sample the food and entertainment. Also, you don’t want to ruin your body clock by getting your head down too early. But, if you’re bored, sleeping is better than being awake! Not only does it pass the time, but time flies by quicker than ever. Don’t worry about jetlag because it’s bound to happen anyway.

If the above isn’t appealing, you can blog, flick through magazines and play games.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

Spoilt For Choice! What To Do When You Want To Go Everywhere

For some people, too much choice is a bad thing, but arguably it’s not when there are so many places you want to go and visit in the world. Some people want to go everywhere, but sometimes you’ve got to put your foot down and start to limit your choices, because if you end up going wherever you want to in the world, are you going to be able to afford it? So for those that really want to go somewhere, here are the best ways to try and make it a bit easier for you to limit your travel destinations, especially when you’ve got other life commitments like family.

There are so many places to choose from

Will Cost Help?
Sometimes picking a cheap package can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you hear about the travel conditions for some long-haul journeys. But it’s always best to have a chat with a reputable travel booking site, there are places like Priceline that you can get some more information on about the best deals, and if there are limited amounts of connecting flights. However, sometimes in picking a cheap travel option, means more connecting flights, but you can have stopovers in these places, so you are able to tick off a few more places off your list.

Make A Proper List!
If you’ve made something like a bucket list of all the places you want to visit in your lifetime, maybe it’s worth limiting it to 10 places. This can be quite a difficult thing to accomplish, especially when there are so many places you want to go, but think hard. Make the list as diverse as possible, that way you can cover so many more bases, and get your fair share of foreign cultures in.

Pick Smaller Destinations
This may sound counterintuitive, but by picking smaller countries, or limiting your choice of destination, you will be able to see more of that area and get a better feel for the place. If you pick a large country and decide you want to see as much of it as possible, surely this is going to be more travelling than anything else rather than enjoying the sights?

Picking a place to travel to

Make The Most Of Constraints
How much time do you actually have to cram in a vacation? Is there something you would need to return for? In which case, is there any point in you picking a large country where you would spend two weeks travelling and not get to see much of the place? By the same token, think about weather constraints, maybe you don’t want to go somewhere that is quite warm at a certain time of year, especially if you need to pick a last minute vacation destination. Sometimes being limited in your choices is a good thing.

Getting the travel bug is one of those illnesses we can’t get rid of, but even if there are places you need to see in the world, sometimes you need to plan ahead and think about where you really want to go. In this case, it’s best to embrace the diversity, there’s no point in being overwhelmed by choice, but there will always be places you want to go, so recognize this, and be more accepting of the fact that you may not get to visit every area of the world. Unless, of course, you’ve won the lottery, in which case, why are you reading this?! Go!

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

How To Survive Your First Long-Haul Flight

I love traveling and discovering new countries all over the world. For me, the further away from home, I get, the more exciting life becomes. Think about it, we could live our entire lives without knowing what’s on the other side of the world, what a waste that would be! So, I encourage as many people as possible to hop on a plane and travel to somewhere far away that you’ve never been before.

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Understandably, some of you may have a few qualms about this. Mainly, you’ve never been on a long-haul flight before and don’t know if you can handle 10+ hours on a plane. Don’t worry, I have some survival advice that will help any long-haul virgins. 

Wear Comfortable Clothing
On long-haul flights, style goes out the window. Don’t bother wearing your nicest clothes, you’re much better off getting relaxed and comfy. I like to wear loose fitting clothes, normally something like joggers and a top – the type of things you’d wear to lounge around the house. When you’re on a plane for a long time, you need to do everything you can to remain comfortable. Sitting down in a pair of tight jeans is not my idea of comfy!

Bring A Decent Sized Carry-On Bag
Normally, if I’ve got luggage going in the hold, I try and limit the size of my carry-on bag to make life easier for myself. However, on these long-haul flights, there’s usually more luggage space overhead, and you need to have a bigger bag. As a result, you have more space in your bag to bring lots of items for the flight. This includes a laptop, tablet, portable chargers, pyjamas, slippers, a hoodie, and so much more. The guys over on Luggage on Tour can point you in the direction of which brands are best for your luggage needs. Personally, I go for quality over everything else as you need to ensure your luggage can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Now that you’ve got a large bag, you ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable flight.

Image Origin

View Plane Features Before Booking
I highly recommend you understand what plane you’re getting on before you book. Most people assume all long-haul flights are full of entertainment and amazing seats. This isn’t always the case, so you should use websites like SeatGuru to view the plane features before you decide who to fly with. This site will show you the seat map of a plane and tell you where the best and worst seats are. It will also let you know if the plane has wifi, power sockets, and if there are TV’s in the seats, etc. Well worth checking so you ensure you get on a plane that can keep you happy for the whole flight.

I’ve been using these tips for many years, and it’s led me to have many successful long-haul flights. I’d also add that you should try and get up as much as possible for a brief stretch, and always try to sleep for a bit. Now, you can book a flight across the world and explore a completely new country!

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

Pitch Perfect – Don’t Make These Beginner Camping Mistakes

Going camping? It’s proving to be very popular right now as it is a cheap alternative to hotels and gives travelers the chance to get out and experience the best of nature. Some can’t wait to get outside, pitch their tent, and forget everything about their manic professional life back in the big city.

It’s important that you don’t make any common camping mistakes when you are out in your tent, though. If you do, you will find that your stay out under the starry night sky comes with some uncomfortable problems. Many beginners frequently make mistakes, but that’s no reason you should as well. Here are some that you should try not to make.

Taking Faulty Equipment On The Trip
One of the worst mistakes you can make is taking faulty equipment with you. Even if you have bought everything you might need brand new for your trip, it’s important that you test everything before you pack it so that you know that it definitely works. After all, you might have bought something faulty that needs returning. Taking it back or buying a replacement is a better option that only realizing that something doesn’t work once you are out in the wild!

Taking The Wrong Bedding
Don’t fancy being kept awake at night because of the cold? Then it is crucial that you buy the right kind of bedding. You need to figure out whether you are a cold or warm sleeper, and also research what the weather conditions are going to be like while you are away. You can then use this information to pick out the best sleeping bag and bedding for your tent. If you aren’t entirely sure, you can ask the shop assistants at your local camping shop.

Arriving At The Campsite Late
If you arrive at the campsite late, you might struggle to find an unoccupied space for your tent, and you might end up squished in the corner far away from the toilets and other important facilities. Plus, you will have to start putting up your tent in the dark, which can be very tricky, even for seasoned campers. So, it’s a good idea to arrive early. That way, if the site is full, you can drive to the next one and pitch your tent in the daylight.

Leaving Food Accessible To Wildlife
You will no doubt want to take a lot of food with you, even if you do plan on eating out in restaurants some nights. It’s important that you keep all of your food in your tent all the time and sealed in bags or tins. This is so that it doesn’t attract any animals into your tent. Leaving it outside will also attract the local wildlife to it, and all the critters will end up eating all of your snacks.

Hopefully, this guide can help you steer clear of all of these beginner camping mistakes. And your trip will be all the better for it.Have a fun time!

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!