Making Your California Adventure a Dream

It’s no secret that many people feel that nothing comes close to the golden coast, and they’re referring to California. The vast and varied state in the US, is a magnet for travelers of all ages, wanting a variety of things from their adventure. So, if California is on your bucket list, and you plan to head there soon, you’re in for a treat; you will not be stuck for things to do, experience, and most importantly, enjoy. However, most trips tend to have a time limit, and if you’re only going for a matter of weeks (on your first trip anyway), it’s worth having a clear idea of the destinations that you want to travel to the most.

Now is the time to do a little planning ahead so that your itinerary is jam-packed with your future magical memories. The following are some ideas and inspiration for travelers who are off to the sunny state, and want a clear idea of where they’re heading, and what to do once they’ve arrived.

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Somewhere A Little Bit Different

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to see all the famous tourist attractions that are in abundance in California, and, you’ll definitely squeeze plenty in. However, California offers so much more than what you’re used to seeing in the movies. Less-known places, like Central Valley can be a calm escape from the bright lights of Hollywood Boulevard. Considered to be California’s heartland, Central Valley offers visitors a feast for their senses. Quiet country roads will lead you to farms full of fresh produce, and you’ll be sure to try a peach or two (yum). Once you’ve had enough peace and quiet, you can head out to Lemoore; book a hotel near Tachi Casino so that you can enjoy an evening of entertainment, dinner, and drinks, before heading back to rest your head.

Palm Springs is growing in popularity with Instagram aficionados, because of the beautiful desert scenery, and the cool vibes in the buildings and atmosphere. Alongside the dreamy, mid-century modern accommodation on offer; you’ll discover an abundance of food with influence from north and south of the border. Therefore, it’s well-worth making a pitstop for a hot tamale and a dip in a pool.

Don’t Forget The Coast

California’s coastline is incredibly impressive, and it boasts some of the best beaches in the world. And your trip wouldn’t be complete without at least some time spent on the sand and by the sea (not forgetting an obligatory picture buy a palm tree). For plenty of fun, head to Santa Monica State beach; here you’ll find fairground rides and plenty of candy as you listen to the waves hit the pier. With plenty of restaurants, you’ll be able to get your savoury fix, after all those sweet treats. If you’re after a little luxury, white sands, and crystal clear waters; Carmel City Beach has all you need. The locals are extremely wealthy, as it’s a place full of million dollar homes, but they’re happy about it, so you’ll always find someone friendly to talk to.

Wherever you choose to go on your California adventure, you’ll be sure to want to head back as soon as you can; it really is a state that benefits from an endless list of things to do for any traveler.

My Favorite Travel Accessories Part 1: JORD Watches

My Favorite New Travel  Accessory | A Unique Wood Watch by JORD

Of all the items we pack for a holiday, accessories are my favorite. They’re light weight and don’t tip your checked back over that dreaded weight limit mark. Actually, accessories are small and compact which means if you really know how to pack, you will not even  have to check a bag. One more bonus of accessories, they are versatile enough to make the same outfit perfect for day or night, work or play, casual or dressy.

My Jord watch fits the bill perfectly. If you just read that like JORDan, try again and think of Yode, like Yoda with the “uh.” I love this watch more than my traditional metal watch for a couple of reasons. These reasons are why this watch is numero uno in this series on my favorite travel accessories.

Reason 1 – It’s made from  wood, not plastic. I’d be silly to think that some of you aren’t thinking hello! deforestation! Yea, I think the same thing. But here is the deal, while we need more trees and plants in the world, we really need less plastic! So, my choice when buying products from plates to toothbrushes to watches is a company that makes products using natural materials – like wood. Jord is that company for watches. There are other wooden watch companies but the design and craftsmanship of Jord Watches stuck out to me. We must be smarter with our purchases to reduce the amount of plastic and cheaply made junk we consume. I’ve actually even talked with someone on their staff about how they should plant a tree for every watch sale; companies who give back are the way of the future for sure!

Reason 2 – They’re customer support is awesome. I must confess, I am all for job creation with brick and mortar stores, but I also appreciate online retailers with a clear website, helpful FAQ pages and service and warranty statements. Jord’s website has a chat option too which gives you the ability to chat with someone before and during your order; way handy! As you shop on their site you can see the details of each wood option, the brilliant colors of the watch faces and even get help with sizing the watch prior to purchase. You will definitely want to do this if you are unsure.

Reason 3 – The watch is stylish enough to wear out to dinner with a cute Noonday Collection arm party or paired with my Fair Trade necklaces and worn to work but it is also rugged enough to wear on a hike and jet setting around the world. Seriously, you guys know that we do not travel year round; we are not digital nomads so I need accessories for more than just travel. I need a watch to wear day in and day out from work, home, running errands and travel. But hey! If you do carry all of your possessions on your back, don’t worry, this one just goes on your wrist! This Jord watch fits my everyday style as well as my travel style. I love its versatility.

What else can I tell you about one of my favorite travel accessories, my Jord watch? Do they ship internationally? Yes! Can you engrave them? You bet! Was I paid for this post? Kind of! Here’s how this blogging thing works. Sometimes I am paid in cash, sometimes in product. This post is a post I wrote in response to an offer for a free watch and review. Luckily, the review is honest, and I would get to keep the watch even if my review of the watch was less than lovey-dovey. Plus, and here is the best part, Jord is not giving me money, they are giving you money! That’s right! Just use this link to enter and then watch my social media (@wifewithbaggage), pun intended, for more information on how you can win money towards your own watch. XO, Diane

Wooden Wrist Watch

The Best Day Out – 10 Incredible Things You Need to See When Visiting Colorado

The state of Colorado is endowed with a diversity of eye-catching attractions that will make your travelling experience worthwhile. Regardless of the time of the year, tourists are guaranteed a great time visiting this destination.

The amazing fascinations available in Colorado range from impressive events to stunning landscapes. Simply put, this destination should be on top of your list when planning for your next adventure.

The following are the standout locations that you must visit if you decide to take an escapade in the state of Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park –Colorado aside, the Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular natural wildlife habitats in the entire United States. It is renowned for its numerous mountain peaks, most of which exceed 10,000 feet. The highest point in the park is the towering Longs Peak, standing at an estimated 14,300 feet.

Visitors have the option to choose between driving and walking.  If you choose to walk, you can come across deer, elks, and bighorn sheep. On the other hand, drivers can experience the Trail Ridge Road which is the main highway across the Rocky Mountain National Park.

This park is open throughout the year. During summer, you can go on hiking adventures, fishing, climbing, camping, and wildlife viewing. In winter, the park is open for snowshoeing and skiing.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve –If you want to catch a view of the tallest sand dunes in North America, the Great Sand Dunes National Park is the place to visit. The mountains in the background of the dunes make the setting picturesque.

The dunes are surrounded by a forest which provides the ideal setting for campers and hikers. Specifically, this site permits both tent and RV camping.

Breckenridge –Breckenridge is among the top-rated ski resorts in the United States. The hype is totally justifiable, as is the experience you are likely to undergo when you visit the town bordering the resort. The town boasts of a rich variety of arts as well as cultural diversity. Moreover, there is the option of guided tours by locals covering the Gold Mines, the Haunted Town and so on.

Obviously, most tourists visit Breckenridge in the winter to enjoy the highest ski lift in America. Activities that take place in the summer include fishing, rafting, biking, and hiking.   

Denver – Denver is the seat of the Colorado State government. It is the embodiment of the region’s diversity and has an array of attractions covering multiple areas of interests. Art lovers will find joy in the city’s two biggest museums, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Denver Art Museum. In addition, there are several art districts across the metropolis.

Alternatively, you can take a walk or bike through the iconic Greenway Trail that boasts of multiple sports parks and gardens. If you love wildlife, the Denver Zoo provides an opportunity to see animals from a close range.

Black Canyon in the Gunnison National Park –Though it is located in the remotest of places, the Black Canyon is certainly startling. In-between the 2000-foot deep canyon is the Gunnison River.

For most people, the sight of this amazing canyon is enough. However, if you have an adventurous spirit you can walk through the canyon. Notably, there are no guided tours in this destination and you are entirely on your own.

Garden of the Gods –The Garden of Gods is a recognized as one the US’s National Natural Landmarks. This attraction site features several towers of rock rising over 300 feet. You can get a close-up view of the magnificent pile of rock by taking a walk through the designated trails which span 15 miles. Otherwise, you can engage in rock climbing, biking, and horse riding.

Additionally, there is a Visitor & Nature Center that provides the history as well as the geology of the Garden of Gods. If hiking is not your thing, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the garden from this centre which also offers snacks and refreshments.

Mesa Verde National Park –For an unrivaled experience of cliff dwellings, you should definitely visit the Mesa Verde. At the Cliff Palace, visitors have the first-hand interaction with ancient yet well-preserved ruins. In summer, you can climb up the dwellings using ladders under the guidance of the ever-present rangers. If you don’t find this fanciful, you can just gaze at the site’s beauty.

The Mesa Verde was supposedly built in 600 AD. It houses numerous archaeological sites and also has many hiking trails.

Colorado Springs –Colorado Springs is located on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. The area has an altitude of 6,000 feet and is a hub for a host of outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and white water rafting.

Historians and culture enthusiast will enjoy trips to Cripple Creek heritage and Colorado Springs Pioneers museums. Also, if you love art, you can check out marvellous pieces at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center.

The Million Dollar Highway –The driveway from Silverton to Ouray is nothing but spectacular, hence the name ‘million dollar highway.’ This road is constructed by the mountainside and gives road users a fabulous view of valleys below and mountain peaks on the far side.

The town of Silverton is usually busy in the summer but deserted in winter. In fact, most of the town’s dwellers during the snowy season are advanced skiers skiing at the local ski resort. On its part, Ouray is known for its hot springs.

Glenwood Springs –Located at the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the Glenwood Springs comprise several hot springs and gushing rivers. There are two options for tourists on this site; walking or taking a tramway to take you through the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

At the rivers, you can choose among paddling, fishing or kayaking. In winter, the resorts offer a variety of snow sports for visitors. The hot springs also serve as natural spas for tourists who want to recuperate their bodies.

The Ultimate Travel Beauty Kit

If you are a frequent traveller, you are probably used to grabbing your stuff and heading off without much thought. You might even have experience of surviving out of a small backpack with just a few bits and bobs to help you to look and feel your best. It’s not easy knowing what to take, and before your travels, you might think that you won’t be bothered about how you look, you’ll be happy just to relax and enjoy yourself. The reality is often a little different, and most of us like to look nice and like to have options if we fancy a change or want to go somewhere a little nicer for dinner one night.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a travel beauty kit in your case ready to go at the drop of a hat. A kit that never needs unpacking and is always prepared for you when you want to head off on your next great adventure. Whether you are staying somewhere nice like this hotel in Augusta, Georgia or sleeping in a tent, here are some of the things to put in your travel beauty kit.

A Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Do you buy a new toothbrush for every trip? A shocking amount of us do, even though we don’t replace our home toothbrush nearly often enough. Keep your travel brush in a sealed case and rinse it in boiling water and it will be good for more than one trip.

Dry Shampoo – It’s worth noting that aerosols like dry shampoo canisters might have to go in hold luggage. But, if you are travelling with only hand luggage, baby powder can do a pretty good job at refreshing greasy hair. Use lightly, and make sure you rub it in well to avoid greys.

Baby Wipes – It would be lovely to stick to your usual cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. But, most of us don’t when we’re away. Certainly not every day. Baby wipes are a must. They’ll remove makeup, help you to freshen up after a long flight and wake you up in the morning. They’re also great for wiping sticky fingers and cleaning up spills.

Moisturizer – Busy days, less sleep, poor diet and lots of sun all lead to dry and unhealthy skin, so a good moisturiser is a must. If you are short on space, get a gentle moisturizer like cocoa butter and use on your body and face. If you’ve got a little extra space, a tinted moisturiser can be a great alternative to thicker foundation in hot weather. It’ll give you a nice healthy glow and help to cover blemishes, without clogging pores and drying your skin.

Lip Balm – Dry lips can become very uncomfortable, especially in warm or dry conditions. A simple lip balm can help you to look refreshed and feel better.

Waterproof Mascara – You might not want a full face of makeup every day of your travels. Lip balm, tinted moisturiser or a light foundation with SPF and a good waterproof mascara can be enough.

Hair Ties – If you’ve got long hair, you’ll want to be able to keep it out of your face on hot days, or when you are busy, and the air is humid. Pack plenty of hair ties and bobby pins if you’ve got bangs or shorter hair. A small hairbrush is another essential.

Six Unforgettable Camping Experiences

If it is going to be another long weekend, you are probably thinking of having a new adventure.  You have grown tired of the usual: shopping, trips to the zoo, going to the beach, or zip lining. You love your new above ground swimming pool that is in your backyard, but you want to explore some more.  Then, an idea hits you: Camping!

Well, why not? Camping is a great way to bond with family and friends.  You learn to look out for each other whilst connecting with nature itself.  Camping is also a great way to stay healthy: you move a lot, you get fresh air, you absorb ample Vitamin D from the sun, and it simply improves your mood.

You are well-aware that you need a lot of planning when going out camping, and it should start with where to go and what to do. Naturally, you would want it to be an awesome experience. If you are a first-time camper and wondering what to do there, here are some of the unforgettable experiences you can have whilst camping:

Exploring the great outdoors – For most people, the biggest reason for camping is to explore nature. Being away from the city from time to time obviously has great health benefits. Do you love birds? If so, go bird-watching at Waychinicup Park. Other picture-perfect sites abound with unspoiled coastline views, exotic animals, and diverse wildflowers. Try searching for big lizards and ring-tailed possums. If you are a bit on the artistic side, this is your chance to sketch nature as your subject. At night, fall asleep staring at the stars whilst being wrapped by the moonlight and the sound of the waves in your background. The city does not provide you with all these luxurious experiences.

Fun with water activities – A lot of campsites have lakes or rivers nearby. If you are looking to just relax and spend a lot of time in a serene environment, try fishing. It is great for bonding with the entire family and teaches your kids the value of patience. Whether you actually catch a fish is not the point of this activity. By the end of it, you would feel invigorated and refreshed. Swimming, boating, or water skiing are always fun for everyone.

Driving a 4-Wheeler – If you are looking for some heavier action, go 4 Wheel Driving (4WD). It is always a great way to see Australia in its purest form. If you do not have your own 4WD, you can join tours if you want it to be hassle-free.  Behold some beautiful Australian flora and fauna, explore forests, enjoy great bush walks, see exotic wildlife, or simply just enjoy the ride. Some tours even include tea and snacks.  Young or old, you cannot go wrong with 4WD-ing!

Playing sports – You may not have the time for exercise during the week, so this is the best chance for some physical activities. You can play baseball, volleyball, football, biking, or play catch. Just remember to play for fun, and do not be overly competitive because you are there to relax.

Riding a boat – Sandy Cape is a favorite spot among many campers. Boating is popular here, and you can spot dolphins and whales amidst the clear waters. Play the role of an explorer and discover for yourself inlets, cliffs, and islands all over Australia. Leave your cares on the shore, and sail the great waters with family and friends!


Trying the Lunar Eclipse Moonwalk – A truly superb experience awaits you when you go for the Lunar Eclipse Moonwalk. Try moon walking through the Royal National Park in the evening with the moon as your guide.  To make the experience more fun, use glow sticks and LED lights. You can later set up camp at Wattamolla Cove and relax under the stars.

These are just a few of the things that you can do in Australia, and a myriad of activities still await, depending on where you want to go.  Of course, careful preparation is a part of the awesome experience. Before heading out to that great adventure, create a checklist so you would know what to bring.  Remember, if you forget something, you could probably be miles away by the time you realize it.

If you desire the luxury of convenience, you may want to bring along some appliances like a fridge, oven, music player, laptop, and phone chargers.  With a load of these gears and gadgets, the best way to maximize their use is to bring along a portable inverter generator. If you want to be more cost-efficient, a 160W solar panel can help you. It is so portable that you would have no problem carrying it along.  

Do you need quality camping gear for your next trip? Check out OutbaxCamping for all your camping needs. They are at the ready to serve you, so hurry up and get in touch with them now.

Preparing for a Long Trip Abroad

If you love to travel, you are probably keen on the idea of a long trip abroad too, and that is something which a lot of people like to do from time to time. Of course, a long trip is likely to be harder to do for most people and to get right, but as long as you are aware of how to prepare for it you should find that you can make it much easier on yourself on the whole. If you are thinking of having a long trip abroad, you will want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible in a number of ways, and that is what we are going to take a look at in this article. As long as you pay attention to the following, you should find that you can make the process of a long trip much easier indeed.

Find Decent Accommodation – One of the challenges of this kind of travelling is that you need to find accommodation which is going to set you up for a long period of time, or you need to alternatively find many different accommodation options so you can always have somewhere to stay. This is especially true if you are staying in one place for a while, which you might well be if you want to see a lot of a specific place. But apart from being able to find the occasional extended stay hotel, what else can you do to ensure that you can always have somewhere to stay? You might want to consider using hostels, as they generally offer longer stays too, and likewise you could think about camping in some places too.

Get Financially Prepared – The biggest concern for most people is having enough money to actually be able to afford it, and this is something you will want to look into as early as you can too. The sooner you start to plan, the more likely it is that you will be able to afford the whole trip, so this is definitely something to think about as best as you can. By preparing financially for as long a trip as you can, you will find that it is much easier to make it work, so make sure to do whatever is necessary to make this come true for you.

Check Your Documents – You will need a few kinds of travel documents generally for most kinds of travel, and when you are to be travelling for a long time you will need to make sure that you are aware of what changes to these documents might be necessary. You will also need to make sure that they are going to remain in date for the duration of your trip and a little beyond – the general advice is that passports are valid for up to six months after travel, and that visas are valid for the maximum amount of time you are staying somewhere. Getting this wrong could mean that you are going to end up in trouble, so it’s best to make sure that you check these early on.

24 Hours in Columbus!

The city of Columbus in Ohio is one of those places that is chock full of history, culture, and fun. In fact, you could easily spend a week there and not run out of activities to keep you amused. Of course, not everyone can stay that long, and that is why I have come up with the ultimate short stay guide for the area. One that will make sure you can get the absolute most out of your time. Read on to find out more.

Visit The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – First off anyone in the vicinity of Columbus, no matter how short their stay needs to head on over to West Powell Rd, so they can visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Of course, if your time is limited you will want just to take in the highlights,  one of which is the tide pool in the aquarium section that provides access to fascinating creatures such as the cownose ray. It’s even possible to pet the animals in the tide pool, an experience that should not be missed, even if you are in a rush!

Also, don’t forget that there are plenty of amazing creatures to see in the zoo side of things as well. There are even shows put on by the rangers and animals together including the serval cats who are remarkably intelligent and able to perform tricks. Get the show time here to ensure you plan your visit efficiently.

Visit The Hollywood Casino – If its a night of thrills and spills you are after, then the place to go is the Hollywood Casino on Beville road. There you can try your luck at their blackjack and poker tables, and they even have a dedicated poker room for the more serious player.

Then there is the 5 restaurants and numerous shows that they put on too! Something you can find more about here.

You can even bed down for the night in a hotel near Ohio State University which is also a site worth visiting. Also, remember that choosing an accommodation location close to the casino means you can stay as late as you like and really make the most of every second you have there!  

Visit COSI – Another site that you will not want to miss is the center know as COSI. There you will find an interactive science museum full of exhibits that not only teach you things but that you can get involved with as well.

Highlights that are unmissable include The Power or Position, and Energy Explores exhibitions. Oh, and if you can squeeze it in a visit to their in-house planetarium is well worth your time too!

Visit the German Village – Lastly, no matter how short your stay you need to head over to the fabulous German Village that is close to the Brewery District. There you can expect a charming few streets of old-fashioned bookstores, sweet, and coffee shops, and while it’s better if you have time to explore, even popping in for an hour on the way back to the airport will be time well spent!

Saving Money as a Solo Traveller

Life as a solo traveler can be financially tough, as the majority of travel expenses such as hotels and car rental are much cheaper when travelling as a couple, whether this is with a partner or a friend… yet, there are certain things you can do that can save you money as a solo traveler which is what this article is going to look at.

TRAVEL OFF SEASON – One of the most significant benefits of being a solo traveler is that you only have to work around your schedule; you don’t have to worry about taking kids out of school, or the time constraints of your partner’s work schedule.  You are free to work exclusively around what works best for you… and in this sense, you are often more able to travel out of season – which will make the cost of travel a lot cheaper.

Consider the fact that most popular holiday destinations raise their prices significantly during the summer holidays, to the point that some hotels will even triple their room rates, as a result of supply and demand – you’ll quickly see just how much cheaper it can be, when you are on the more positive side of the supply and demand see-saw.

STAY IN HOSTELS – Whilst the majority of people prefer to stay in budget friendly hotels, such as this hotel in Montrose, Colorado, the benefit of staying in a hostel extends beyond that of saving a few dollars.  It opens you up to a new social network of like minded travelers that are all in the same position.  

Few people enjoy solo travel if they are literally travelling solo.  Most people hope to meet other travelers and make new friends on the road, as an experience shared with someone else is often more enhanced than doing everything alone.  Therefore, staying in hostels can be a good way to save a little money whilst also meeting new people that you can socialize with and become friends with.

BOOK THINGS IN ADVANCE – Once upon a time, you could rock up to an airport and hope to get a standby flight for next to nothing.  Today, however, the revenue model of most airlines has changed in that they will tend to sell off seats in bands of prices, with the lowest priced band being furthest away from the travel date.  In this sense, a short hop trip could be $10 several months prior to the flight and shoot up to $150 the night before departure… unless, the flight is practically empty, when you can find a few cheap tickets around 3-5 days before departure, but airlines tend to hike up their prices the day before the flight as they understand someone looking for a last minute flight will pay the price, as their travel must be urgent.

In summary, travelling as a solo person can be more expensive than travelling as a couple when it comes to items like car rental or hotel rooms, yet on the flip side, you are only having to pay for one of you, and travelling with children can be a much more expensive way to travel.

In any event, there are ways you can save money whilst on vacation, as well as before you go by travelling out of season and booking flights in advance.

5 Ways That Will Help You Save Money For Your Next RV Road Trip

RV travel is an appealing way to hit the road on your next trip. Not only does it offer convenience and flexibility, but the low costs offer peace of mind for the budget traveller. Some advance planning is required and that also provides a chance to tailor the trip to exactly what you want to see and do.

There are many ways that you can save money for your next RV road trip. First and foremost, decide on your budget. This way you can really start to analyse where you can and can’t cut down the price tag. Find out what steps you can take to save money and maximize fun for the whole family.

Rent an RV – RVing on a budget is made so much easier with the option of renting. You can pick your RV based on price, style or practicality. This will save you a tonne of money upfront and works out cheaper than renting out rooms in every single city. It also makes for a much better experience.
Make sure that you rent from a trustworthy, reputable company. You don’t want your trip ruined by an unmaintained RV. Many RVs will also come with all necessities included, so you only have to pack your clothes. Another benefit; the RV dealers will probably have a lot of travel tips and tricks up their sleeves.

Pack all your food – Just one takeaway there, one restaurant here and breakfast out again…it all adds up. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds on fast food, that you could have been making in your kitchen. So many backpackers and travellers would be envious of your ample kitchen. Make the most of it. Pack everything from snacks, canned and dried food to all the items you need for your favorite meal. A lot of veteran RVers have started taking slow cookers on their travels. This way they can explore whilst their food cooks, have some for leftovers and make the minimal amount of mess. Genius.

Save gas and take it slow – Why are you rushing through those amazing locations? Why not slow down, take everything in and save yourself a bit of money at the same time. 55mph is the recommended speed for saving gas and you have the benefit of viewing some spectacular scenery and wildlife, not just speeding by. The same also applies to those who refuse to use a GPS. If you get lost, think about all that gas you wasted, when you could have just invested in a useful GPS.

Plan everything ahead – RV life doesn’t have to be spontaneous to be exciting. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll have to budget a little bit. Prior planning will allow you to find the cheapest possible camping grounds, search for deals, avoid roads that don’t take RVs, find the best routes and time everything at the cheapest season.
Just take the time to dive into a bit of research, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You won’t regret it.

These are all simple steps that you can take, just a couple weeks in advance. The plan ahead type of RVers save so much more money than the just go road trippers. You never know, you might find yourself in a situation where how much you save shocks you.

Safety Guide for Solo Travelers

Heading off on a solo adventure can be really inspiring and fun. You get to do whatever you feel like without having to take everyone else into consideration – and you have time to really get to know yourself.

Yet, being on your own in a distant land can also seem a bit intimidating to those who haven’t done it before and, if this is your first time as a solo traveler, you should try to stick to these basic safety rules.

While it’s impossible to safeguard yourself completely from everything that might happen, you can certainly make those unfortunate or even dangerous situations a lot less likely. Here is a handy guide to first-time solo travelers so that you are able to stay a bit safer and enjoy the journey.

First: Don’t dress to impress – The number one rule to being out and about on your own as a tourist is to stay street smart. It’s not to say that you have yourself to blame if you get robbed, though, as this can happen to anyone – but if you manage to stay smart, you’re making it a bit less likely.

Dress in casual and comfortable clothes and try to avoid looking fancy, so to speak. It’s no point putting on your nicest outfit when you’re traveling, in any way, as you’d want your clothes to be comfortable and durable.

With that being said, you can dress smart without actually acting smart when you’re out and about. Since there are so many distractions and a lot to look at all the time, we tend to get a bit caught up in it – and may forget to check out belongings or our bag.

Keep your valuables close to your body, even in one of those beloved fanny packs, and try not to flash your phone around all the time. Especially not when you’re on public transport as you never know if someone jumps you, grabs your phone, and heads for the door in a split second.

Next: Look smart – Being street smart is about more than just dressing in comfortable and non-flashy outfits, though, as those who are looking to take advantage of people are more likely to approach you if you’re wandering around all confused.

If you do get lost, ask someone for directions and head off with your head held high. Seeming confused, uncertain, and lost are great ways to get targeted by those who are looking for vulnerable tourists; you want to give off the impression that you know exactly where you’re going and what’s going on.

The same goes for when you’re handling your money at the ATM. Thieves know very well that tourists, in general, need to use these machines and they tend to hang around, ready to ‘help you out’ in case you should need it.

Needless to say, you should never accept help at the ATM – not even if the person seems genuinely nice and helpful. The risk is way too high and you’re better off going straight to the bank for help instead.

A classic way of targeting you while you’re fumbling around at the ATM, sending out more tourist-vibes than a middle-aged German man in sandals and a sun hat, is to work in pairs.

One will stand behind you and make a note of your PIN while the other one will offer you some friendly help.

This is, of course, just to snatch your card so fast you simply assume the machine ate it – and, by the time you call the bank to block your card, they’ve already withdrawn your cash at the ATM around the corner.

Look smart, pretend like you know what you’re doing, and keep a strict eye on your belongings at all times. It’s not the end of the world if something like this should happen, but it’s definitely annoying and highly avoidable.

Have some backup funds ready – Since you never know if you should lose your belongings, if they get stolen, or if you suddenly need to get back home ASAP, it’s a good idea to have a decent amount of backup cash ready at hand. Even if you don’t plan on using it, the money will give you a sense of comfort and confidence while trotting the globe on your own.

If this is impossible, you should at least try to have a plan B and even a plan C up your sleeve. Find a few options online in terms of short-term loans to help you out if you’re in a pinch; even if you’ll never need it, this kind of backup gives you the confidence you need when traveling.

Have a look at this option, for example, which offers no credit check loans online instant approval so that you’re able to get home instantly if the situation should call for it. That way, you don’t have to call your friends and family for a short-term loan and can stay independent no matter what.

Know when to ask for help – Finally, one of the most important things you can do for yourself while traveling is to trust your gut feeling. If someone feels off or if you don’t feel safe, in general, approach a member of the staff wherever you are for help.

When it comes to judging people’s character, your instinct tends to get things right. Don’t stay in the dorm if you and a creepy someone are the only ones staying there, and keep in mind that it’s way better to be a bit too cautious than to end up in a dangerous situation.

Look after yourself, ask the staff for help if you think you need it, and trust your gut feeling no matter what.