Would I Go Back?

There are places like Bali, Boston, and Bangkok that we’ve traveled to, explored and enjoyed, but, to be honest, we do not necessarily long to go back. Sure, we loved our time there, but our brains are not on over drive trying to think of all we would do when we return one day.

Then, there are places that piqued our interest, drew us in and continue to call our names. Our appetite to explore these places was not satiated by one mere trip. A week is not enough. This post is about those places. The places that make your heart skip a beat, your stomach flip flop and your pulse race. The places that make us say ” I want to go back there.”

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1. Iceland – There is no city in particular that we would return to – the whole damn island is incredible!. We would want to explore some of the same places we found during our first trip, while also see new, uncharted territory as well. However, the biggest reason for wanting to return to Iceland is the Northern Lights. The timing of our summer visit was perfect for our road trip around the country, but not so much for seeing the Aurora Borealis. Next time. Next. Time.

2. Dubai – If I’m honest, Dubai is not really in my top 5 of places we’ve traveled. It was hot and while I respect their religion and culture, I did not like (maybe I should say, understand) some of the ways men treated women while there. That being said, Dubai is still fascinating. The rate of their changing skyline is lightning. For this reason, I would love to return to compare the skyline from when we visited. I would also want to explore more of their beautiful desert and visit Hatta – an area we missed during our first trip to Dubai.

3. The Swiss Alps – These mountains are famous for a reason! Their height brings drama to an already beautiful landscape and the hiking and skiing are next to none. Matterhorn is aptly named and the town nestled in her shadow, Zermatt, is as picture-perfect as it gets. Not to mention the almost continuous diet of cheese and chocolate.

4. Exuma – Exuma is my idea of paradise. It is warm. It is beautiful. It is relaxing. Everything I love. I think Exuma is also so enticing as a “go back” destination because it is close to us. Flights are not ridiculously expensive or long. It is cheap(er) to get to and close enough for even a long weekend. These are important factors when you only a few weeks off every year to travel. Besides, I do not think I would ever get sick of staring at crystal clear water while kayaking and drinking a frozen concoction. Ever.

5. Namibia – Earlier in the post I stated that my favorite “go back” destinations are in random order. That was a teeny tiny lie. Namibia is my number one. Hands down. Michael and I have said that we will return to this incredibly diverse and wild country again. Ideally, we will return with our (future) children. Namibia is a zoo without cages. Namibia is a crazy juxtaposition of water and desert. Namibia is raw and unexpected. Namibia is my ultimate “go back.” I mean, where else in Africa can you drive around by yourself? OK, scratch that. I just thought of a few. But you get my drift. There is so much to see and learn and do in Namibia that I feel like every man, woman and child should see this place; it is that “go back” worthy!

You know that Michael and I are part time travelers. We have wonderful careers, but those careers put a dent into our travel time; returning to a place might not always sound appealing when you have a growing bucketlist to accomplish. So, what do you think? Can you name 5 destinations that you love so much you would return?

Allison from Foodie in Europe inspired my list and now I’d like to challenge a few part-time travelers and bloggers to do the same! Do you accept this fun, and thought-provoking challenge: A Working Mom Travels, NYC Jet Setter, Lales Wanderlust, The Travel Sisters and Roaming Required ?

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4 thoughts on “Would I Go Back?

  1. Our Global Adventure

    Love this idea for a post! You’re right some places fall into the glad-I-went-don’t-need-to-go-back category, (Sicily comes to mind) whilst others are definitely more return worthy. One place that I would really like to return to is Scotland. It might be tiny, but one week was not long enough to explore this insanely beautiful, historical wonderland… one day I will return

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      So glad you can relate! I’ve yet to explore Scotland, but I’ll remember your opinion when deciding how much time to spend there!

  2. Wendy @ PintSize Gourmets

    This is a great post idea! Can’t wait to write it out.
    I’m curious as to how you saw the women being treated in Dubai? I was an expat in Dubai for close to 10 years (met the hubby there!), and compared to the rest of the Middle East, it’s an extremely progressive city, especially in regards to the status of women. In addition to Hatta, you should also check out Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain- stunning!

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      I’m glad you liked the post; it was fun to write! Dubai was one of the most interesting places we’ve visited, but I just wasn’t able to wrap my brain around the idea of women being covered up, while men didn’t or men having more than one wife. It was just so different than my western, Christian upbringing, not wrong, just very different and one that I can’t identify with.


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