Budget Beating Vacation Destinations For Your New Holiday Home

Are you thinking about buying a holiday home this year? A holiday home can be a great source of a second income, boosting your finances dramatically. Of course, you need to make the right decision. You need to choose a place that you want to visit fairly often, and that will be a fantastic investment for you, perhaps growing in value. At the same time, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on your new holiday home. So, what are the best options on the market today?

Make Room For Malaga

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First up, there’s Malaga. If you haven’t heard of Malaga, it’s probably because it’s usually overshadowed by more popular resorts like Costa Del Sol. Still, Malaga could be a fantastic opportunity for a future investment or maybe even for your future as an expat. The benefit of this location is that while house prices are rising, they are growing at a fairly reasonable amount. As such, it’s possible to get your hands on a great property for a budget price by using companies like Malaga Property If you’re not looking to spend a fortune on your slice of paradise, this is the destination for you. It’s not too far to travel each year for checkups on the property, and it could be very popular with tourists.

Though, it’s not always seen as the most popular place to visit in Spain that could be a benefit. It might be the ideal option for someone looking for a tropical holiday away from the crowds.

Orlando, We Love You

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Alternatively, you might choose to buy a property in a place where the crowds are infamous for reaching insane levels. Orlando, Florida isn’t just a great location for beaches. It has Universal Studios and the little-known family theme park: Walt Disney World. Millions of tourists come here every year, and many are looking for a budget-friendly option that beats the insane prices of hotels on the Disney property. That’s where you can help. By purchasing a home here, you’ll have the perfect alternative to offer excited, easily targeted tourists. Of course, first you’ll need to get your hands on a property, and they certainly don’t come cheap. It’s also quite competitive with lots of people looking to buy up a part of Florida. Disney has even started offering their own alternative for investors.

However, the popularity of this location could be an advantage. It means you’ll easily be able to find services to look after the property, keeping it well maintained when you’re not there.

Beautiful Bulgaria

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If you’re looking to invest on a tight budget the place to beat is Bulgaria. I know what you’re thinking. Is Bulgaria really a popular holiday destination? Oh, it’s growing that’s for sure, and the cost is undeniably budget friendly. On average a second home in Bulgaria will cost you just 100K. That’s nearly one-third of what you’ll need to pay for a home the same size in Florida. Will it attract tourists? With its stunning golden beaches and gorgeous scenery, you bet it will.

I hope this helps you choose the perfect place for your new holiday home.

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