Budgeting Help for People Planning a Wedding and Honeymoon – Part 2

The date is set, the flowers picked and the dress bought. Have you started planning the honeymoon? If not, start now! Start with this post. I gave suggestions on how to save money on your wedding in Part 1 of this series, but this post is all about how to save money on your actual honeymoon. Part two is meant to offer planning ideas on how to plan a honeymoon on a budget.

A honeymoon does not have to be an over the top, lavish, once in a lifetime trip; you just need to go. The purpose of a honeymoon is to be alone with your new spouse, not to drain your savings account. In light of that, I put together a list of ideas. These ideas might be the dream honeymoon you’ve always wanted, for others, they might be a fun idea to try. Either way, your honeymoon with your new spouse will be fun – it is YOUR honeymoon after all!

1. Take a Road Trip – Road trips are a fun and inexpensive honeymoon idea because you do not have purchase airfare to two. Use a map and choose a destination that interests you. There might be a beach to relax at nearby, a big city to explore or an idyllic bed and breakfast you have been dying to stay at. Your drive to and from will be a great time to relive all of the best moments from your wedding the day before and your R&R together will jump start your marriage for sure!

Road Trip Honeymoons

2. Go Camping – OK, while this option is not for everyone (for example – me!), I can totally see how camping is an ideal honeymoon for some. I mean, there is something very romantic about a campfire, listening to nature and being alone with your new spouse. Camping at a state park can start for as little as $10/night. I have never stayed in a hotel that was that inexpensive. Load your vehicle before your wedding night so that you can get up and get outta town the next day. Let the fun begin!

3. House Sitting Who wouldn’t love free accommodations? Yep, that’s right; there are people who will let you stay in their home for free while they’re gone. Here are some sites that will help you get started: Trusted House Sitters and Suitcase Stories. (*Note: We’ve never used any of these companies/services. This is not an endorsement. I am not claiming the legitimacy, efficacy or quality of any of these sites or services.) So, pick a destination, find a house and go!

House Sitting Honeymoon

4. Beg and Borrow – Do you know anyone (even a friend or a friend) who owns a vacation home or second home somewhere great? If so, ask to use the property. The hope here is that you can borrow this property at a drastically discounted price (or maybe even for free) because you know the owner and they (hopefully) trust you. Unlike house sitting, your honeymoon destination is a bit more confined to the location of this particular residence, but still! Finding cheap accommodations means you have more money for dinners out, excursions and tours!

Tim Cahill once said “A journey is measured by friends, rather than miles.” This wisdom applies perfectly to your honeymoon. If you can afford a faraway destination, by all means go! But, the number of miles you fly or drive is certainly NOT important. Stay close to home or go far, but just go! A honeymoon is about exploring, learning and investigating – both your destination and your new best friend – your spouse.

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