Building Your Travel Bucket List: Things Everyone Should Try At Least Once in Your Lifetime

As the saying goes, ‘life is not measured by the breaths that you take, but the times that take your breath away.’ And travelling the world, getting yourself out there and doing new things really will do this. When you’re working the nine to five, looking after children and running a home- there aren’t too many occasions on a day to day basis where you can truly say that you’re mind is blown by something spectacular. So when you get the chance, why not hop on a plane and surround yourself with incredible opportunities to see and do new things? Whether it’s a week out of the year, a month or six months- if you get the chance to escape the daily grind for a while, go out of your way to build memories that will last a lifetime. The world is an enormous place, don’t miss out by staying in one spot for your whole existence. Some sights and activities are so special, they’re the kind of things that we should all aim to do. If you’re building your travel bucket list and are thinking of some of the most incredible things to do on the planet- here are some ideas.

See A Natural Wonder of the World – There are seven natural wonders of the world. These include the Aurora Borealis, the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, Paricutin and Victoria Falls. The Aurora Borealis is often referred to as the ‘Northern Lights.’ These can be viewed from many places in the world, including Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, even Scotland. Charged particles in solar winds mean that you can see a breathtaking view of lights in the sky. If you’re already going to a country which gives clear views of this phenomenon then why not work it into the itinerary of your trip? You do need a clear day, but if you’re in the country for a number of days or weeks you should have plenty of chance to see them. The Harbour of Rio de Janeiro is an oceanic bay surrounded by mountains, mangrove forests, rivers and incredible wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest living structure on earth, it can even be seen from space! Paricutin and Everest- the volcano and the mountain are some of the most spectacular natural formations on earth, and of course Victoria Falls is the biggest waterfall in the world. Each of these phenomenon or structures are special in their own ways- all of us should aim to see as many of them as possible. But if time and funds are limited, you should definitely try to see at least one of them in your lifetime.

Travel in a Jet, Helicopter or Hot Air Balloon – There are few things more breathtaking than seeing a destination from a birds eye view. Whether you want to travel in style on a jet charter, fly over New York or the Grand Canyon in a helicopter or fly in a hot air balloon- these are all things that will take your breath away and create a lifetime of memories. It’s a different way to see some of your favorite destinations, so next time you’re away it’s worth finding out what’s on offer.

Get Up Close to Incredible Animals – We’ve all seen large animals in zoos and sea life centers, but there’s something so special and exciting about getting up close and personal especially in their natural surroundings. Seeing big cats, hippos, elephants, rhinos and giraffes on safari can be one of the most thrilling moment in your life. Swimming with wild dolphins in the warm waters of Florida or the Caribbean can be equally special. In places like Hawaii you can even swim with manta rays- while enormous these creatures have no bite or sting so are one of the safest animal encounters you can have. Whether you want to cuddle a koala or go cage diving with a great white shark, seeing some of the magnificent animals we share the earth with is definitely a moment that you will ever remember.

No matter what your personal interests are or where you like to travel to, these kinds of things would benefit anyone’s life. If you want to do interesting things and really find out what the planet has to offer, it’s well worth giving one of them a go.

Which thing on this list would you most like to do?

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