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CrossFit 9 Drop In Review

Even a quick weekend away can wreak havoc on my diet and exercise routine. I am not fanatical, but I like eating a certain way and maintaining an active lifestyle because I feel better when I do. I sleep better. I have more energy. My skin is brighter. I’ll stop; you get it. And, if you’re reading this post, I’m likely preaching to the choir!

CrossFit 9 Drop In Review Nice Facility

We spent this 4th of July with friends and family in St. Petersburg, Florida. We ate, drank, swam and laughed. Finley and I also worked up quite the sweat at CrossFit 9. He laid there, I did muscle ups and snatches and loved the whole vibe of the gym!

Pricing: A+
$15 dollars gets you a class here. Phenomenal value!

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+
I, personally, love when a chick (ahem! lady) kicks ass as a coach. That was the case during the class at CrossFit 9. Despite being sore she walked us through a warm up, barbell movement specifics , technical movement requirements and modifications for a very varied class. Not many coaches can coach a muscle up or snatch, well. She did.

CrossFit 9 is Dog Friendly

Intensity of the WOD: A+
I am not sure if it was the noon time July heat, but holy heck! CrossFit 9’s WOD kicked. my. butt. In the best possible way. I totally went for it and did RX … 3 rounds in I questioned my choice. But, I appreciated the weight and the toughness of the workout – especially as I downed my fair share of margaritas and chips later that weekend!

10 Minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute):
ODD: 5 Muscle-up (2:1 Dips)
EVEN: 20 Pistols (10/10)

12 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible):
30 Double Unders
5 Squat Snatch
RX: 105/75

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
As with most CrossFit gyms, from the outside they are nothing special. CrossFit 9 has a large sign outside, so you know you’re in the right place, but the real magic is inside. Lots of rigs, open space, and “toys” for everyone. There were over a dozen people in the class I attended, but we all seemed to have plenty of space. CrossFit 9 and their community take care of their space and equipment and it shows.

CrossFit 9 in St Petersburg florida drop in

Overall Impressions: A+
Clearly with perfect scores across the board, you can tell that I am a fan of CrossFit 9. I think my favorite aspects of this gym are 1.) they are dog friendly and loved on Finley! and 2.) they are close to family, so returning for another workout in the future is a good possibility. I also recommended the gym to a fellow Gardens CrossFit member who will be in St. Pete for work. Not that I am the end-all-be-all for recommendations, but if you feel strongly enough to recommend a box, you must be impressed. And I am!

CrossFit 9 Drop In Dog Friendly

CrossFit in Kauai

Kauai kicked my butt. We hiked for 6 hours one day, paddled up-stream and against the wind on another day and snorkeled in choppy waters, still the following day. So, you might question why we even worked out at two great CrossFit boxes while on the island? The answer is easy. Dropping-in to CrossFit boxes while on vacation is the best way to meet locals and makes you feel like a local – even if just for an hour.

There is a strange camaraderie knowing that you are all suffering together. If you CrossFit, you know what I mean. If you do not, I hope this post inspires you try a class soon! Plus, I am pretty sure my abs looked better leaving the island than they did when I got there! No complaints here!

CrossFit Poipu in Kauai Drop In Info

We spent the 4th of July on the island and worked out with CrossFit Poipu that morning. This particular day was a beach WOD – perfect for vacation! Michael and I worked as a team to complete the workout and we did not even sweat, but I did swallow a lot of salt water.

Pricing: A+
CrossFit Poipu holds class at the harbor on the first Saturday of each month. This is good for lots of reasons. One, it is fun. Two, it is free! Otherwise, drop-in fees are $20 or $40 with a shirt.

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A
Two coaches worked out with us during the WOD, but made sure to demonstrate all of the moves in the day’s workout. Good thing too because I had no clue what “head cutters” were until their demonstration. None of the movements were super technical, so there was not much to coach in the way of technique. However, they were cheering everyone one during the workout and once they finished – which was way before me and Mike.

Croppin In at CrossFit Poipu

Intensity of the WOD: A
Truth: my first time swimming in Kauai was during this WOD. The waters at the beaches were rougher than anticipated, so swimming was not something I wanted to do. However, the water in the harbor was calmer, making the workout less sweaty and way more fun!

With a partner, complete:

100 Kettle Bell head cutters (55/35)
Sandbag carry, same bag (around 200 meters total)
Swim to first boat (around 100 meters total)

100 KB Swings
Sandbag carry, same bag
Swim to first boat

100 Burpees (in the sand)
Sandbag carry, same bag
Swim to first boat

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+

We lucked out. The harbor is beautiful and you cannot ask for a better place to work out. However, we did drop by their facility to sign waivers and they’ve got a cool space. I was partial the graffiti style Bible verses on the wall; always a good thing in my book.

Harbor WODs with CrossFit Poipu

Overall Impressions:
During dinner the night before flying home, I asked Mike what his “highs” and “lows” of the vacation were. His “low” was an argument we got in (It happens – we are far from perfect!) and his “high” was our workout with CrossFit Poipu. It was a great workout in paradise, but the people were incredibly gracious and welcoming. I think that speaks volumes about this gym!

CrossFit Poipu Drop In Information

Photo Credit: CrossFit Poipu

CrossFit 2120 Drop In Review

When in Southern California you have to go wine tasting in Temecula, watch the seals in La Jolla and work out at CrossFit 2120 in Del Mar. Not necessarily in that order.

CrossFit 2120 Del Mar California Reviews

Guess which tape line was mine?! 🙂

Pricing: A
$20 for a class, $25 for class and t-shirt. Weekly pricing is available too. I should’ve asked how much the weekly rate is, but I didn’t. Sorry y’all!

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+
This place is in business because of its coaching. Dan, the head coach and owner co-coached with their newest coach. Even though the newest edition to their staff has had her CrossFit coaching creds for a while, she was new to CrossFit 2120 and Dan still co-coached with her. This is sound business and sound CrossFit. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the depth of knowledge or quality of coaching; they were both spot on.

My favorite moment of the day was 10 minutes into the class when two guys showed up late and wanted to jump in. Dan said “No” to joining the class, but told them to stick around and he would give them something to do. I so appreciate this “tough love” approach to CrossFit, but to life in general. Dan wasn’t not rude, but his sarcasm definitely made it clear that he wants likes and expects punctuality. (Note: Do not be late to class or you will have a nasty little WOD to complete. He gave these guys thrusters, burpees and pull-ups. Eeeek!)

Del Mar CrossFit Box

Intensity of the WOD: A+
You know you are at a great box when the warm-up is better than some workouts you did while at the big box gyms! The WOD was an Open workout, so the gym did not program it, but they helped everyone modify it as needed. Myself included as I was nursing an injury and they helped me set up the safest, most effective workout for me on that day. Again, it goes back to depth of knowledge or quality of coaching.

CrossFit Open Workout 15.4
Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
3 handstand push-ups
3 cleans (185/125)
6 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
9 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
12 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
15 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
18 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
21 handstand push-ups
9 cleans
Etc., adding 3 reps to the handstand push-up each round, and 3 reps to the clean every 3 rounds.

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
CrossFit 2120 was clean and functional. While small, the space is well-utilized. There were 8 or 9 of us in class on the day I visited and we all had plenty of room.

Reviews of Del Mar CrossFit 2120

Overall Impressions:
I love this box – the friendly members and the adept staff are what make CrossFit great. I know that if Michael and I lived in the Del Mar area, this would be our home away from home and I know its members feel this way based on all of the photos from BBQ, parties and fun WODS posts on their Facebook page. You have choices when dropping in to workout in Del Mar, but CrossFit 2120 is the right one!

CrossFit Del Mar Drop In Review

You know you have done something right when you have a great salary and a spring break after the age of 30. What can I say? It was one part luck, one part passion and many parts determination. So … what does one do as a 30+ year-old spring breaker? Travel of course. No scummy cruises or crowded beach parties. No. Now  we go for something a little more cleaner, quieter and scenic.

We spent this spring break in Southern California. We drank wine in Santa Ynez, hiked in Poway and soaked up the sunshine in La Jolla. I also had time to drop in, twice. The first was CrossFit Del Mar. While not actually in Del Mar, it was close enough.

CrossFit Del Mar Review California

Pricing: A+
$15 per class.

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: D
I have to start by saying that the class I dropped in at CrossFit Del Mar was this specific coach’s very first class as a CrossFit coach. When I heard this I kept waiting for another, more seasoned coach to join him. It never happened. Then, when coupled with the Olympic lifts programmed for the day and the intensity of the WOD, I was even more shocked.

First impressions of the coach were great; he was polite and punctual, but what followed just was not up to my standards (and you guys know that they are high!). I hate to say anything negative, but I know this these posts are about honesty. In my humble opinion, the coach was just not ready to be on his own. He had trouble setting the clock and managing the time of the class. Another no-no was the barely there warm-up, even with a tough WOD scheduled. Yikes! The other coaches at CrossFit Del Mar could be top-notch, but you are only as strong as your weakest link.

CrossFit Del Mar Reviews

Intensity of the WOD: B
While I anticipate a tough day at the gym, this specific WOD was the right intensity, but just needed a time cap or one less strength EMOM at the beginning of the class. It was too much to fit in to a 60-minute class, literally. The following class started warming up while four people, including myself, tried to finish the WOD after the hour-long class finished. If you factor in a warm up, technique coaching for the Cleans and Snatches, time to set up your bar(s) for the WOD and then the actual work, it was just too much. The new coach factor might have had something to do with it too. I am not a fan of changing weights on a barbell in a “For Time” workout either – but that is just me being a complainer!

Every 90 seconds x5: Power Clean @65% x3
Every 60 seconds x5: Hang Snatch @60% x2
Row 500 m
10 Power Clean (155/115)
20 T2B
Run 400 m
15 Power Squat (135/95)
30 T2B
Row 500 m
20 S2O (115/75)
40 Box Jumps
Run 400 m
25 Burpees
50 Ring Dips

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
I loved the physical space at CrossFit Del Mar. The gym was bright, clean, big and well-stocked. There was even a great room for kids to hang out in while waiting for the parents to get the WOD on.

Drop In CrossFit Del Mar

Overall Impressions: I was still at CrossFit Del Mar for the beginning of the next class. I hoped beyond hope that another coach would show up and say “Man, I am so sorry I missed the previous class. I got stuck in traffic!” or anything else to explain why this brand new coach was alone. But, it did not happen. I drove away thinking, “I’ve got to find another CrossFit in this town so that I can recommend a box for anyone vacationing in Del Mar/ La Jolla.” Luckily, I did. Stay tuned for my next review!

CrossFit 229 Drop In Review

You know that feeling after the holidays when your clothes are too tight, you are sluggish and you do not want bikini season to come? I cannot stand that feeling. I decided to do something about it this year. During a brief trip to see my parents before the holidays, I dropped in at CrossFit Manatee and then again during a week in New York.

Not only did we eat too much in New York, we were a little too sedentary because to low temperature outside. In order to combat that “yucky” feeling, I looked up local CrossFit gyms and dropped in ASAP.

New Paltz CrossFit Box

CrossFit 229 fit the bill as it was nearby and in this funky little town that I like to visit when in the area. If you have not wandered the eclectic shops and yoga studios of New Paltz, New York, you should. Tie dye and coffee are around every corner as are stores that sell everything from rock climbing gear to healing rocks and crystals. But I was there to work on my rock hard abs! (Which are still a work in progress!)

Pricing: B

The drop-in fee was realistic at 20 bucks, 25 with a shirt purchase. However, the shirt was crap. Cheap, rough material. I did like the logo, which paid homage to a local land mark, but I think CrossFit 229 should up their swag game, IMO.

Dropping in at CrossFit 229 New Paltz NY

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+

Joe, coach and owner, coached the small class and was excellent. He offered suggestions for me and the dreaded dead lifts programmed into the strength session for the day and encouraged and pushed each athlete. He has extensive athletic experience, but the key, for me to his coaching education are his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Endurance certifications.

Drop in CrossFit 229 New Paltz New York

Intensity of WOD: A+

Awesome. Just what I needed. Hard, but not ridiculous.
3-5 Handstand Push ups (Strict)
7-10 Ring Dips
15 Good Morning (PVC or Unloaded Bar)
Five sets of: Deadlift x 3 reps
Rest 3 minutes between sets
24 Minute EMOM:
1st minute – 5 Thrusters
2nd minute – 10 Pull-Ups
3rd minute – 10 Box  Jumps

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+

Working out without air conditioning is something I am painfully used too. However, working out without heat caught me off guard. I slowly shed my layers of clothing though, until I actually worked up a sweat. My complaint here is not really about their facilities, they are great. My complaint stems from my dislike of cold weather! I think part of the CrossFit experience is working out in the elements though; I think I would have been disappointed if they had their central heating on. The box had plenty of room and all the equipment one would expect and count on in a CrossFit box.

CrossFit 229 Drop In New Paltz NY

Overall Impressions: I liked this box. It was in a college town, so I am guessing that had a big impact on the fact there were only two people, myself included, in the class. I am sure a lot of the members are college students and away from the campus due to the holidays. Joe’s dog, Oly, is a furry heap of excitement and I love that the box is pet friendly. If you are ever in the Catskills Mountains, look up CrossFit 229 and have a go!

CrossFit Manatee Drop In Review

Michael and I spent Christmas in New York this year. So, a few days before we flew out to the bitter cold of the Northeast, I drove three hours to see my parents and have a little R&R before the hectic rush of holiday travel. My parents were actually staying at condo on the beach when I came to see them (Hmm, wonder where I get my travel bug from?), so our R&R was that much better!

I packed my sneakers and researched local CrossFit boxes in their area and picked CrossFit Manatee because of its proximity to Anna Maria Island, its easy-to-navigate website and member quotes/testimonials up on their site. I also really liked their mascot!

Dropping In at CrossFit Manatee

Pricing: A-
Twenty bucks gets you a drop in at CrossFit Manatee. Another $20 and you can get a shirt with a buff manatee on it. It is still one of my favorite shirts from the gyms I have visited! It is soft too! I do wish they would have decreased the drop-in price with the purchase of the shirt, but only because I think it is a nice gesture. But, to each their own.

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: B
By definition, all CrossFit coaches are certified through CrossFit or they are not CrossFit coaches, just coaches. All three coaches are certified at Manatee CrossFit. I met Lucas, the owner the day I dropped in. He helped me with the (incredibly easy) drop in process of signing a waiver and paying. Rob was our coach and his sense of humor was silly, but welcome! The day’s workout (listed in entirety below) began with Snatches, heavy snatches. Rob worked with an athlete to modify his snatch due to limited flexibility and he also worked with another to keep the path of her bar closer to her before dropping under the bar. His coaching for them was solid. However, I gave a B as I did not receive much coaching myself. I got some “atta girls” which I definitely appreciate, but snatches are complicated and technical feedback is crucial to improving. I will chalk it up to the fact I have some of the best coaches in the CrossFit world, so my form is pretty good to begin with. 🙂 But there is always, always room for improvement.

Intensity of the WOD: A
I loved the Snatch work at the beginning of the day and even though the WOD was quick, it definitely got my heart rate up! I wanted to rate this WOD lower than an ‘A’, but only because of my own intense dislike of double unders, not because of the intensity.  I also liked that there was a cool down and mobility options programmed in and written up for the last few minutes of class time. On another good note: Unlike my drop in at Arena Ready CrossFit in San Fran, I had my own jump rope! Yay!

CrossFit Manatee WOD Drop In

Appearance and Function of the Facility: B
There were three people in the class that I dropped in on. With a small group, the space was just fine. However, with any more than 19 or 10 people, especially with barbells out, I can see how the space would be too small. There are two rooms to use, but the space is divided up. They have rigs in both rooms, and make the most of their space. The paintings on the wall were a cool mixture of humor and inspiration – both of which are important to CrossFit training! They also have a huge white board where members get a space to write their own goals and PRs. It struck me as a great place to showcase their sense of community and hard work. The gym was clean and the equipment was new or gently used and very functional.

Dropping in at CrossFit Manatee Bradenton

Overall Impressions:
Overall, I really liked the coaches I met while working out and I think CrossFit Manatee has huge potential with Lucas at the helm. Their cute mascot may or may not have persuaded my decision to drop in, but my time there assured that I’ll drop in again if I ever find myself back out of Anna Maria Island.

CrossFit near Anna Maria Island

Arena Ready CrossFit Drop In Review

Michael and I are falling hard for a certain city in Northern California. Every time we find ourselves in the city we marvel at its hills, scenery and nice people. We love its proximity to the ocean, great wine and great skiing. Now, we have another reason to like (who am I kidding – LOVE) San Fran, we found a great CrossFit box to drop-in to when visiting!

San Fransisco CrossFit Drop In Arena Ready CrossFit

You would think that all the hills we walked up and down would count as workouts for us. Truth – they probably would have if weren’t for the fact that Mike and I like to eat (a lot) while on vacation. So, a few too many lattes, platters of cheese and a few glasses of wine later, we found ourselves at the doorstep of Arena Ready CrossFit.

If you’ve dropped in, you know the feeling before walking in; you get a little nervous. Will the people be nice? Will the coaching be up to par (especially when you love your own gym so much!)? Will the workout be a nice mix of butt-kicking and I-can-do-this movements? Luckily, the answer to all three of these questions for Arena Ready CrossFit was “yes.” Here’s the full review:

Pricing: B+
Drop fees are $30 per person per wod. While it’s not the highest, it’s certainly not the best we’ve paid.Prices are posted here; check before you go as prices are subject to change over the course of months and years. Quality coaching and facilities are not cheap. I can’t fault Arena Ready for charging what they feel they’re worth.

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+
Absolutely no quips with the coaching. The class was a mixture of old and young, experienced and kind-of beginners and the coach scaffolded movements and made modifications as needed for each athlete. Our coach, Rob, explained the reason and purpose for a lot of the warm-up movements (Education is key if you want to stay safe in CrossFit.) and gave me some great tips for my double-unders. Who else hates those? Jumping rope is supposed to be easy! Rob is one of the head coaches, and if he leads by example, I’m sure the rest of the staff is stellar as well!


A sweaty, post-wod picture with Coach Rob

Intensity of the WOD: A+
Every 90 Seconds for 6 Rounds:
2 Front Squat (at a “moderately heavy” weight)

For Time:
30 Toes-to-Bar
40 Burpee
50 Wall Ball @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft
60 Double-Unders

Oh wall balls! How I hate thee. Heaving a 14 pound ball nine feet into the air and catching it, with a tad bit of grace, is just so frustratingly difficult! But, I still loved the wod. Walking up and down those stupid hills in San Francisco afterwards? No so much!


Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
Real estate in San Fran comes at a premium, so I am impressed with how much space Arena Ready CrossFit has. True to form in San Fran, their property goes up, as in, there are two stories. The bottom floor is the work out area, which is well equipped and clean. The upstairs is home to their offices and a really great locker room (minus the gym sock smell) and a cool hang out area.


Overall Impressions:
If I’m honest, Mike and I originally wanted to drop in at a different, very large and well-known CrossFit gym in the area. But, ultimately, we did not want to drive from San Fran to San José for a workout. I am so happy with our choice to stay in the city limits. Arena Ready CrossFit seems like a really great community of people who love to workout and have fun. I’d absolutely recommend joining this box if you live in San Francisco and definitely suggest you drop-in when you are in the area for work or fun!

Psst! By the way – they did not have any shirts available for purchase when we dropped in. So when you make it in, pick me up an Arena Ready CrossFit shirt, size XS. I’ll pay you back in Twitter mentions and brownies. Paleo brownies of course! 😉

CrossFit Reykjavik Drop In Review

We spent 8 days in Iceland during the summer of 2014 and were blown away by the rugged beauty of Iceland’s rural and desolate landscapes. We tried to stay active with outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing glaciers and swimming, but we did do a lot of driving and sitting. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a WOD at CrossFit Reykjavik to keep our energy levels up.

CrossFit Reykjavik is known for its premier coaching that produces champion athletes. Literally, Annie Thorisdottir, a two-time champion of the CrossFit Games (the equivalent to the World Championship or Olympics), is affliated with this box. Nice resume huh? So, did the box live up to the hype? Read on to see.

Dropping in at CrossFit Reykjavik

Registration for a drop-in was painless and as easy as checking their schedule online prior to arriving and shooting over a quick email to let them know we were planning on stopping by. We showed up 10 minutes before the class to sign the waiver and then walked in. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Pricing: A+
Your first two drop-in classes are free and every class after two is $15/WOD. There is no shirt purchase needed either! (That is a great pricing schedule!)

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+
The coach for our wod was Annie Thorisdottir herself. After swallowing some of my awestruck, I actually got a little attitude and thought “She better be a good coach!” (I can be a little stinker sometimes!) Well, as you would imagine, Annie is a phe.nom.e.nol coach. Hands down. Let’s put it this way. We “understood” her coaching even though she spoke Icelandic over half the time. She modeled all of the movements, gave quick and clear technique advice (in English and in Icelandic) and was constantly circulating to watch and coach everyone in the room. She walked the class through a thorough warm-up, gave solid tips during the Olympic Lifting segment of the class and motivated everyone during the WOD. Not to mention that her coaching very closely mimicked our coach’s style from our box at home; which we think is pretty darn stellar!

CrossFit Coach Annie Thorisdottir

Intensity of the WOD: A+
5×3 Front Squat at 65-75%
Then, 8 min AMRAP
5 Power Cleans RX 50/35kg (or roughly 110/75 lbs)
10 Hand Release Push-ups
15 Air Squats

With a cardio-heavy warm up of rowing, this wod was a great mixture of strength work and body weight movements. Plus, the movements targeted upper and lower body. No complaints here! I even worked up a sweat – which is saying a lot because it was in the 50’s that day!

CrossFit Reykjavik Drop In Wod

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
Reebok is a sponsor of Annie Thorisdottir and this gym. While I do not know their exact relationship, it is obvious that Reebok is the main provider for a lot of their equipment. Most of it is new and in great shape. There is also a great stretching area/room where you can go to work on mobility without getting in the way of anyone else working out.

Drop In Wod at Crossfit Reykjavik

Overall Impressions:
I want to go back to Iceland for so many reasons. I want to see the northern lights! I want to see whales migrating. I want to “touch” the arctic circle. And, I want to drop in at CrossFit Reykjavik again. Seriously.

Gardens CrossFit Drop In Review

When I begin speech therapy with a kiddo I start by taking baseline data. Baselines are crucial to comparing where a client starts and where they end up; they help to quantify the rate and scope of progress.  So, if I’m writing reviews of other CrossFit gyms, I think it would be helpful for you to know what my baseline is. What my “normal” is. What my expectations are. (And believe me, they are high!)

GCF Logo

So, here you are – Gardens CrossFit, our baseline, our homebox. This post is a cross between drop-in information for you, the reader, and my thoughts and opinions on each area I consider when writing reviews of other gyms.

Pricing: A+
$20 for one class or the purchase of a Gardens CrossFit shirt is well worth your money! Plus, if you are in town longer than one day, they’ll drop the fee to $10 per class. Another awesome perk for you CrossFit box owners: your drop-in fees are completely waived! Talk about community! Email for more information and to let them know when you are coming!

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+
As their Instagram profile boasts Gardens CrossFit owners and coaches are “certified, educated and experienced.” I can’t stress the importance to certification, training, knowledge and experience when it comes to CrossFit. It is one of those non-negotiable features of any gym we work out at, and I am sure you are no different. One of our gym rules is “Our workouts are tough. The weight is heavy. If you need to pull back, or aren’t comfortable, tell the coach, and do so. This is being smart, not weak.” They’ll push you to your limits, but never passed them. Isn’t that what all good coaches do?

Gardens Crossfit DropIn

Intensity of the WOD: A+
The programming is varied and smart. I do not say this as someone who understands programming (but you know my curious-self asks about the rationale of certain cycles or workouts every once in a while). Instead, I say this because the coaches are (as I said above) “certified, educated and experienced.” They’re trainers, nurses and athletes who understand the body and fitness. Mobility, cardio, Olympic Lifting, strength, gymnastics, speed and agility – they always mix it up!

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
Bring a towel because there is no air conditioner. This probably does not surprise you though. Just know that it is South Florida and it is hot 99.9% of the time. There is plenty of room to stretch, lift and even shower and change, if you need to. But you know you will just head to the beach after you drop-in anyway – so who cares!

Overall Impressions:
One of my favorite things that GCF coaches do at the beginning of class is point out any new athletes or those that are dropping in. I, personally, love this because it is a way to make that person feel welcomed. And you will be. Come see for yourself!