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The Top Three Places in Australia to Visit

Everyone who is travelling to Australia has no doubt heard of the beautiful Sydney with the stunning icons of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. However, there is so much more to Australia than this bustling metropolis. As the sixth largest country in the world by landmass, you’re going to get a bit of everything when travelling; from outback country Australia to glistening waters of the reefs to the tree-lined streets of country towns. If you’re still not convinced check out my personal picks for top 3 places in Australia to visit!

NINGALOO REEF – You’ve probably heard of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, however very few travellers have heard of Ningaloo Reef on the other side – Western Australia. Ningaloo is just as beautiful as the Great Barrier and is home to a wide array of marine life, but just doesn’t draw the crowds like the Great Barrier. If you’re lucky to be visiting during March to July, you can have a once in a lifetime experience of swimming up close and personal with whale sharks, dugongs, manta rays, and dolphins as it’s part of their migratory path!

The 14 hour drive from Perth to Ningaloo is a road trippers dream with beautiful stops along the way. However, for those that don’t love the idea of the 14 hour drive, you can find flights to Exmouth from Perth!


WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS – If you’re looking for heaven on Earth, it doesn’t get better than the Whitsunday Islands with their crystal clear turquoise waters and white sands! Home to Australia’s best beach by TripAdvisor – Whitehaven Beach, the Whitsunday Islands are a must see when travelling Australia. The islands boast average water temperatures of 26°C during the warmer months, and that in itself warrants enough reason to visit right? Spend your stay snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, or simply laying on the beach with a good read! The best way of getting to The Whitsundays is to catch a flight to Proserpine.


ULURU – Not very many people would travel to see just a rock. However, Uluru is so much more than just a rock. Uluru is located in the heart of Australia, with significant ties to Aboriginal Australians. As an Australian, there is something so beautiful and almost ethereal about seeing Uluru at sunrise. To see the sun rise over Uluru, and to see it so clearly standing out among the Australian outback scenery is awe-inspiring. If you’re not looking forward to driving through the Australian outback in scorching temperatures, you have the choice of booking flights to Uluru.


Hopefully, now that you’ve got a glimpse at what else Australia has to offer you’ll want to explore more of this scenic country. However like I previously mentioned, Australia is a big country and with 80% of the population living on the coast line. So get out there and explore this great big nation!

While this post was not written by me, Diane, I loved the content so much that we decided to publish it here. A big shout out to Alex for such a great article on Australia. Alex is a 23-year-old lover of life, interior design & adventure. After moving to Sydney upon finishing a journalism degree, he began his blog Inspire A Better Life to positively influence others to get out there and see all life has to offer. Join Alex as he discovers this life one day at a time, documenting his thoughts along the way!

Beyond the Grand Canyon: Arizona’s Other Awe-Inspiring Attractions

A trip to Arizona is usually defined by a single attraction: the Grand Canyon. And while there is no doubt that this is a place that you have to see at least once in your life, there are a host of other attractions which get overshadowed in Arizona. It is those that we are going to talk about in this article to give you some inspiration if you are planning a trip out to this part of the world.

Monument Valley – On the border between Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park has a landscape that feels like it has been lifted directly from the Wild West. In fact, it has been used as the primary location in a number of western movies. Towering sandstone buttes and jagged rock formations loom all around. You can either take a guided tour or simply drive your way around the area.

Havasu Falls – The 100-foot Havasu Falls is another special natural wonder in Arizona, but one that fewer people know about. The water has a turquoise-look and when the river is flowing at full force, it appears that there are two falls due to the fork in it. Some basins have been carved out by the local Havasupai Indians to form some picturesque bathing pools.

Hoover Dam – One of the world’s greatest feats of engineering, the Hoover Dam links Nevada and Arizona via the Colorado River. The largest artificial lake in the world (an incredible 110 miles long), Lake Mead is held back by the Hoover Dam and contains as much as two years flow of the Colorado River.


Sedona – The beautiful town of Sedona is set against some classic Arizona rugged scenery. Stop on any street corner and you are sure to enjoy some fabulous views. The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Scottsdale North – Airpark provides a good base if you want to stay close to the nearest airport. Hiking and mountain biking are two of the most popular activities to enjoy while you are staying here, but you can also take a jeep tour if you prefer to sit back and enjoy the landscape.

Petrified Forest National Park – In the heart of the Painted Desert, this national park gets its name from the large pieces of petrified wood, and fossilized plants, fish and reptiles which have been discovered in high quantities. You can drive past many of the main attractions yourself, while the visitors centre gives you a good starting point to discover the history of the park. 

In the great state of Arizona, these are just five of the other places that you can visit beyond the Grand Canyon. While the aforementioned natural wonder obviously takes centre stage, each one of the other places we have mentioned is well worth a visit. Each state in the US has its own identity, and if you visit everywhere that we have mentioned above, you will be able to appreciate Arizona on a much deeper level.

Don’t Miss These Underrated States in the USA

There are plenty of reasons to make the USA the location of your next trip. Whether you’re going for the weather, the food, the landscapes, or the people, there’s something in America for just about everyone. However, a lot of people have the habit of only ever going to the same old places time and time again. And sure, the really popular destinations in the USA are great. New York and California have huge amounts to offer just about anyone who wants to get a taste of what America is like. But if you only ever visit these obvious places then you’re only ever going to get a limited image of what the US really has to offer. To help you get more out of your next trip, why not visit one of these criminally underrated states.

There’s a weird attitude that a lot of people have towards Florida. It’s kind of seen as a bit of a joke by a lot of people within the USA thanks to things like the legendary “Florida Man” meme that was going around a few years ago. But the sunshine state has a lot more to offer than just that. For one thing, the clue is in the name. The weather in Florida is simply amazing! If you’re the type for sunbathing, then you really can’t do better. Not only that but there are plenty of great places to stay, like the Sleep Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale which allows you to go straight from arriving at the airport to settling down into a comfy bed. Plus, if you’re in the mood for nature, the Everglades has more wild and wonderful wildlife than you could possibly imagine.

Out of all of the states in the American midwest, Missouri often gets forgotten about, and that’s a real shame because it really does have a lot to offer. For one thing, if you’re looking for a good time out on the town, where better than Kansas City where you can get some incredible food, and there is almost certainly some music pouring out of one of the many bars that line the streets. Or if you want to see some amazing sights then check out the legendary “Gateway To The West” in St. Louis.

New Jersey
There’s a good chance that New Jersey wouldn’t be considered “underrated” if it wasn’t for the state that it’s right next to. It can be tough to compete with any other state but having to be compared to New York must sting a little bit. And the real shame is that New Jersey has plenty to offer on its own merits. From the nightlife of the Jersey Shore to Six Flags Great Adventure, the world’s biggest amusement park!

Of course, these aren’t America’s only hidden gems. The reality is that America is such a large and diverse country that, across all fifty of the country’s great states, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something new and exciting to see and do.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

A One Week Road Trip through Portugal

Portugal is relatively small in a world of huge countries like Australia, China, Russia and the United States. However, what it lacks in square miles it makes up for with cuisine, coastline, historic architectural details and scenic roadways.

We traversed those scenic byways and highways for in a week in December and explored hidden coastal towns with a relaxed atmosphere as well as international metropolises that buzzed with Christmas energy. Here is an overview of our week in Portugal.

Day 1 Like most flights from the US to Europe, we flew over night and landed in Lisbon first thing in the morning. We took care of the usual post flight business of getting our rental car, checking in to the hotel and then started exploring Lisbon’s squares, parks and cobblestone streets and ate dinner at the Time Out Market. However, the magic really began when the sun set and the Christmas lights came on!

Day 2 Our road trip began by driving south to Portimao. The highway to these southern coastal towns was wide and paved. The towns themselves were sleepy little towns that experience their crowds during the summers. After checking in to our 5-star, waterfront room (yes!) that was the price of a 2 or 3 star hotel because we were staying during the off season, we hiked through Praia da Marinha and then ate our weight in seafood and fresh bread at a quite corner table overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 3 Back on the road and this time we headed north, way north. We ended up in Porto for the night, but not before walking through Aveiro and snapping photos of more Christmas lights and cute little homes and businesses on the canal lined streets. Dinner at Traça, the first taste of how much we would love Porto’s food scene and vibes.

Day 4 A morning walking the hills of Porto was rewarded with an indescribably delicious breakfast. Seriously, I won’t even try. But, when you are in town you just have to eat at Dama Pe de Cabra for strong coffee, perfectly fluffy eggs, fresh baked goods and friendly service that rivals your grandma’s house! We walked the clean streets of Porto and even got a birds eye view of the tile rooftops from the top of Clerigos Tower before driving to the Douro River Valley wine region. The drive was along curvy mountain roads, but the roads were well-paved and very modern. We arrived in the town of Barrios expecting tasting rooms and wine! We were met with one open restaurant, fog so thick it was scary to drive and a B&B that had exactly one guest room filled, ours! Looking back now it was comical, but we had two nights here and we just were not having it!

Day 5 Instead of wine tastings and vineyard tours, we adjusted our plans and headed back to Porto in the morning. We like sleepy little towns, but Barrios was beyond sleepy. Besides, we loved Porto so much the first night, we anticipated more great adventures there. We learned a great lesson on this trip and that is, not all wine regions have tasting rooms. Douro River Valley, at least in the winter, is one of those regions. Instead, we sipped port and ate chocolate overlooking the Douro River in Porto, where we began!

Day 6 We drove south, back to Lisbon for our last night in the country. On our way we stopped along the coast again, but this time in Aveiro. Aveiro boats of beaches and the cutest candy striped houses and business known to man. Literally, the cutest. You can’t persuade me otherwise! When we finally arrived in Lisbon we had our heart set on eating at Sala de Corte – the restaurant that we couldn’t get in to when we first arrived a week prior. We are so happy we were a) persistent and went back and b) lined up to get a table about 15 minutes before the restaurant opened. Yes, there was line! It’s that good!

Day 7 After driving and eating until our heart’s content, we boarded a plane bound for Miami. As always, I am happy to come home, but Portugal certainly made an impact on us. Going during their slow season, winter, was a success and highly recommended.

Pitch Perfect – Don’t Make These Beginner Camping Mistakes

Going camping? It’s proving to be very popular right now as it is a cheap alternative to hotels and gives travelers the chance to get out and experience the best of nature. Some can’t wait to get outside, pitch their tent, and forget everything about their manic professional life back in the big city.

It’s important that you don’t make any common camping mistakes when you are out in your tent, though. If you do, you will find that your stay out under the starry night sky comes with some uncomfortable problems. Many beginners frequently make mistakes, but that’s no reason you should as well. Here are some that you should try not to make.

Taking Faulty Equipment On The Trip
One of the worst mistakes you can make is taking faulty equipment with you. Even if you have bought everything you might need brand new for your trip, it’s important that you test everything before you pack it so that you know that it definitely works. After all, you might have bought something faulty that needs returning. Taking it back or buying a replacement is a better option that only realizing that something doesn’t work once you are out in the wild!

Taking The Wrong Bedding
Don’t fancy being kept awake at night because of the cold? Then it is crucial that you buy the right kind of bedding. You need to figure out whether you are a cold or warm sleeper, and also research what the weather conditions are going to be like while you are away. You can then use this information to pick out the best sleeping bag and bedding for your tent. If you aren’t entirely sure, you can ask the shop assistants at your local camping shop.

Arriving At The Campsite Late
If you arrive at the campsite late, you might struggle to find an unoccupied space for your tent, and you might end up squished in the corner far away from the toilets and other important facilities. Plus, you will have to start putting up your tent in the dark, which can be very tricky, even for seasoned campers. So, it’s a good idea to arrive early. That way, if the site is full, you can drive to the next one and pitch your tent in the daylight.

Leaving Food Accessible To Wildlife
You will no doubt want to take a lot of food with you, even if you do plan on eating out in restaurants some nights. It’s important that you keep all of your food in your tent all the time and sealed in bags or tins. This is so that it doesn’t attract any animals into your tent. Leaving it outside will also attract the local wildlife to it, and all the critters will end up eating all of your snacks.

Hopefully, this guide can help you steer clear of all of these beginner camping mistakes. And your trip will be all the better for it.Have a fun time!

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

The Privilege Of Spontaneity

We understand why people get the urge to plan out their travels. It is just the most effective way to get the most out of your trip, both in terms of time and money. The days you are away will be precious and your budget is limited, and that is where a bit of planning can do you wonders, especially given planning is easier than ever.

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The problem is, something special is lost when you know what you will be doing and when. Anticipation just has a way of numbing the most wonderful part of traveling, which is that chance to go off script – something most people’s everyday lives don’t allow. Wake up, get dressed, commute to work, do your job, go home, sleep, repeat. Yeah, the perfect antidote to this mundane routine is shooting off on a wildly unpredictable trip, the privilege of spontaneity running rife.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips for enjoying a much more spontaneous adventure:

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Book Somewhere Central And Forget The Rest
The greatest thing about staying somewhere central is you then having a plethora of opportunities to follow your heart. You have all the attractions you could possibly need and all the transport options at your fingertips, which means you are fully prepped for an unplanned adventure. It is all there. Whether you go north, south, east or west, it is all there.

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Drive Without A Destination
It can be much harder to wing it when getting from one place to the next is done on someone else’s time, which is where car rental changes the game completely. You won’t need to know what time the ferry leaves from which port and then plan how you will get there, or know what platform your train to such and such leaves from. Instead, you can just drive. You can follow the sun or just circle somewhere on your map and then drive. That is spontaneity at its best.

Try Not To Have An Unplanned Day
Resisting the urge to plan just one thing every day is even harder than resisting the urge to lick a dripping ice cream. However, it is usually the most spontaneous days that live longest in our memories. Sure, visiting Buckingham Palace – one of the most celebrated tourist spots in the world – will be up there with the best day outs imaginable, but playing a game of tag in Brockwell Park and the back streets of Brixton will make your smile more in hindsight. So, if it is possible, try and enjoy at least one day where you plan nothing and see where the world takes you.

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Use Locals Not Apps
Approaching a bona fide local and asking them what their favorite place nearby is the best way to stumble across hidden gems, and without ruining any of the surprises either. When you use an app or a review site you instantly see pictures of all the things you can do, and that dulls some of the magic. But asking a local and then stumbling around the corner only to have your mind blown by the beauty of something is like nothing else. So, yeah, next time you’re hoping to enjoy a spontaneous trip, just stop a local and ask them what they think.

Camping in the Caucasus Mountains

The South Caucasus is the cradle of the oldest civilizations, the region of high mountain ranges and snow-capped peaks. The Caucasian mountains have long become a popular destination for hikers and camping enthusiasts. So, today we’d like to tell you about the most attractive places for the camping in Armenia and Georgia – two hospitable countries of the South Caucasus.

Camping in Armenia
Your trip to Armenia will be undoubtedly full of new impressions. In the Armenian mountains you will find beautiful valleys and dense forests, mountain rivers and lakes. The palette of the sunset in an isolated place and the mountain air in the morning will be the most unforgettable moments of your camping. The large national parks of Armenia are the best choices for camping, the flora and fauna there are kept pristine and strictly protected.

Camping on Lake Sevan
Lake Sevan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Armenia. The largest freshwater lake in the CIS is located in the national park with natural and historical sites. Camping at the lake attracts ecotourism lovers. Here you can enjoy the most delicious fish, Ishkhan, stroll through ancient fortresses and monasteries, and of course, enjoy the colors of the sunset on the lake. In the park, you can find wild beaches, where you will be in a complete harmony with nature.

Camping in Dilijan National Park
Dilijan national park is the largest in Armenia with rich in flora and fauna. The national park includes forest landscapes and mountain ranges, the lakes Parz, Gosh, Bachnilich, Zhangotlich, as well as historical monuments of Haghartsin, Goshavank, Matosavank and ancient burial places, which are very important for the country’s history and culture.

Camping in Lastiver
Another popular destination for camping is Lastiver. In a small territory there are several unique natural attractions that should be definitely included in “must visit” list. Here is one of the most interesting caves inhabited in the Mesolithic Age. The entrance and walls of the caves have preserved traces of humans who lived on the territory more than 10,000 years ago. Below the caves, in dense forests, there is a cascade of waterfalls.

Camping in Georgia
Georgia amazes with alpine meadows, boundless forests, gurgling rivers, crystal lakes and celestial peaks of mountain ranges. Caucasian mountains in Georgia offer many popular places for camping with unique natural beauty as well as the mild climate for most of the year. Trips to Georgia are mostly organized in the places listed below.

Camping in Adjara
Do you want to combine two great activities in just one place? Camping in Adjara is an unforgettable experience on the seashore of the Black Sea. There are several places for camping on the shores of the Black Sea. Mtirala Park in Adjara is a small corner of the subtropical forest in a mountainous country. Camping in the area can be combined with trekking about the sights. Leave the tourist centers behind and head to the region of Guria. Here the subtropical climate changes to tropical with dense palm groves. One thing that will capture attention is the black color of historical monuments. Black is not only the color of temples and monasteries but also the color of national clothes and modern buildings. You can organize camping both in the Kolkheti national park and on the beach.

Camping in Borjomi National Park
The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is not only the most popular resort region, but also the largest national park in the Caucasus and Europe. This is a great place for trekking, horse riding and camping. Here you can enjoy the clean mountain air and coniferous forests.

Camping in Javakheti
Samtskhe-Javakheti is waiting for those whose hearts are in the mountains. Here are located the largest lakes of Georgia – Parvana, Kartsakhi, Madatapa. Khanchali, Samago and Tabatskuri. Camping in Javakheti will take place along the shores of lakes, through forests and mountain passes. While camping, you can go fishing or take a bike ride.

This post was a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I loved the content enough to publish it here, on Wife with Baggage. I hope you are as inspired, intrigued and interested in this content as I am!

Traveling Around The World On A Budget

Traveling the world is the dream. Of course, it’s easy to tell yourself that it’s a pipe dream when you consider the costs of such a venture, right? Well, maybe you don’t have to make do with lounging around on a sunbed in your back garden next time the summer break swings around. Traveling doesn’t have to be quite as expensive as you might imagine if you do your research. And that doesn’t just include budget vacations to seaside resorts. There are ways to see incredible places around the world without crippling your bank account.

So, next time your friend asks if you’ve been traveling lately, you don’t have to respond with the typical, “I don’t have enough money for that.” If you’ve been dying to see the world for a long time now then here are some pieces of advice that should help you see all the great sights you’ve only ever seen in pictures for a very reasonable price.

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This is one of the most fascinating continents in the world when it comes to diverse and influential cultures. North America boasts a wide variety of culture across its many states (which are essentially miniature countries in their own right). Still, traveling to the Northern part of this continent might set you back a little bit with your bank balance. Of course, if you want to see something different (perhaps you already live in the United States so you’d like to venture further out into the world), then Central America might be a part of the world that you’d much rather visit.

For the explorer who’s on a mission to experience some of the most culture-soaked spots in the world, you’ll definitely find a lot of that in the center of this continent. Smaller Central American countries such as El Salvador and Nicaragua are fantastically low-budget with regards to accommodation and meals. Most importantly, however, you’ll be seeing fantastic sights for these low prices. Jungles, surfs, ancient ruins, and barely any tourists to ruin your sightseeing experience; this is the perfect part of the world to visit on your travels.


Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. Again, much like every other continent, its countries are diverse and proud of their individual heritages. Nonetheless, there’s some semblance of a bond and connection between all the countries in this part of the world. If you’re looking for a budget traveling experience, however, then Far Eastern Europe is definitely the part of this continent that you need to visit. Not only do you pay far less in countries such as Ukraine and Bulgaria than you would in western European places such as France or Germany but you get just as much charm. They’re definitely stunning countries with far more to their culture and story than people might assume from the surface of things.

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Asia is a vast and sprawling continent boasting many diverse cultures. It’s hard to suggest any single place to begin but Indonesia is definitely a fantastic place to see if you’re on a budget. However, a low cost of living by western standards does not, by any means, detract from the sheer wonder of the country in itself. A full dinner may cost the equivalent of 1 dollar but the meals you can get for such a small amount of money are absolutely delicious. Chili spices, coconut milk, fish, and chicken are just a few of the staples that you’ll find in most Indonesian cuisine and you can’t beat the taste of their local, fresh delicacies. In terms of history and heritage, there are many beautiful and fascinating temples in the heart of Indonesia. The Prambanan and Borobudur temples, Toraja and Bali, are well worth a visit if you want an insight into Hinduism. Most tours come at incredibly reasonable prices too.

You could also look into a cheap room for rent in Singapore if you’re interested in the area of Southeast Asia. This city-state truly is a beautiful combination of modern city landscapes and ancient cultural heritage. If you want to see the world on a budget then this is definitely one of the places you should include on your journey; it’s low-cost and high-reward in terms of the experiences you’ll have. The ‘Lion City’, as it’s often called, is also a very unique place because it’s the only island city-state in the world. Of course, claims to fame such as this aren’t the things that make Singapore such a wonderful place to visit. It has wonderful sights such as Merlion Park to thank for that; home to the Merlion statue, with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, this park is just one of many jaw-dropping sights in this great place. The Macritchie Nature Trail, often notable for its incredible elevated walkway towering above the biodiversity of Singapore below, is another fantastic sight that you need to see.


To be more specific, you need to see South Africa. Many Northern African countries are worth visiting if you want an eye-opening experience and have some time or resources available to help people who are struggling in places such as Nigeria and elsewhere. Still, if you’re looking simply to travel and spend as little money as possible whilst still having an enlightening and awe-inspiring experience then South Africa is definitely somewhere you need to visit.

It’s unbelievable that you can have a safari experience here that takes you through some of the most stunning locations in that part of the world at a ridiculously low-budget price. Gems such as Hluhluwe-Imfolozi are the perfect place to see creatures such as the white rhino; it’s a humbling and thought-provoking experience which might just inspire you to do more to protect these endangered species. Of course, you’ll also want to visit famous tourist hotspots such as Cape Town. Yes, some top tourist locations can be infuriatingly crowded but this one is definitely worth the visit.

This post was a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I loved the content enough to publish it here, on Wife with Baggage. I hope you are as inspired, intrigued and interested in this content as I am!

Top 8 Must-See Places in Colorado

So, you’re planning to take a trip to Colorado and looking for suggestions on the must-see places in the Centennial State? Perhaps you want to visit the National Parks or spend a few days exploring Denver. There are plenty of beautiful cabins for rent in Colorado nestled away to give you comfort and luxury on your trip. Here are some things you should consider when you’re in Colorado.

1# Try the Longest and Fastest Zipline in Colorado:

Located in the Rocky Mountains National Park, challenge yourself to try out this extreme activity. The Zipline is open all year round, so there’s no excuse for missing out on this thrilling experience. Tour packages are available online where you can choose from four to eight rides. Or why not combine them all if you have extra time and feeling more adventurous in this spectacular national park? Take the opportunity and book this fantastic experience.

2# Experience the Durango and Silverton Train Ride:

For a more relaxed trip, head to Durango in the southwest. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge and Railroad Museum is an excellent place to visit on a day trip. There are a few packages to choose from depending on what suits your time and budget. Visit the museum and take the train ride from Durango to Silverton and back again while listening to the historical narration to learn about this famous railway.

3# Visit the Garden of Gods:

The Garden of Gods is renowned for its red rocks and geological formations. This is a great place to enjoy with the whole family especially if you have young kids who love the outdoors. A vast park with beautiful views, museums and dinosaur exhibits appeal to the younger ones.

You can also join an open-air jeep or a Segway tour to have a more up-close experience. For the more adventurous, hike the trails or go rock climbing. The park offers a free 20-minute nature talk and a 30-minute guided tour each day at 10.00am or 2.00pm. If this still isn’t enough, they have a 5 km fun run every Thursday evening from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. You can easily spend an entire day here with the whole family without getting bored.

4# Go Mountain Biking in Fruita:

Mountain biking trails in Fruita are probably the best in all of Colorado. This is a haven for bike enthusiasts with the many paths to choose from depending on your time and ability. There are quick and shorter paths on 18 roads, which typically take between one to two hours. For more extended and challenging trails, try the Kokopelli Loops with more obstacles and scenic views. Expect to spend up to four hours to do the harder routes.

5# Visit the Dinosaur National Monument:

Another national park worth visiting in Colorado is the Dinosaur National Monument. You can see Dinosaur fossils from the Deinonychus, Abydosaurus and Allosaurus. With more than 800 paleontological sites, it makes a fun historical day trip. The Monument is near the border with Utah, a few hours from Denver. When you get to the visitor centre, take a scenic drive along the Tour of Tilted Rocks and Harpers Corner. If you’re up for this desert adventure, be sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection.

6# Visit Aspen:

Famous for its mountains and ski resort, Aspen is also home to local breweries, the Silver Queen Gondola, and mesmerising views. Aspen is a great place to relax in the summer where you can find a beautiful spot to have a picnic and just soak up the green and calming view from the top of the mountains. If you want to visit any of the museums or ride the Gondola, it’s a good idea to book tickets online for discounts and priority passes.

7# Walk Over the Royal Gorge Bridge Park:

The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in Colorado located an hour away from Colorado Springs. This famous tourist attraction near Cañon City is another thrilling experience for visitors. You can walk the 268-metre bridge from one tower to the next while admiring the view of the gorge below. If the bridge is one of the main highlights of your trip, try the Skycoaster at the nearby theme park. For a more relaxed alternative, ride the gondolas and admire the views from 670 meters in the air. More information is available online, and you can buy tickets from their website at better rates than on the day.

8# Experience the City of Denver:

Most tourists travel to Denver to visit the museums, see the parks and go shopping. Whether you’re here with friends, your partner or the family, Denver has everything you need for a remarkable trip. For shoppers, there are famous malls to choose from on 16th Street, Larimer Square and Cherry Creek. If you prefer a sightseeing trip, sign up for the Free Walking Tour to get a better insight into the city’s famous landmarks and history from a local guide. A range of other paid tours will take you around the city and to nearby attractions.

Have a Fun Trip to Exciting Colorado:

There’s a lot of things to do and see in Colorado, from experiencing the city life to hiking the trails in famous national parks whilst enjoying the surreal views. Whether you’re here for a weekend trip with friends or on an extended vacation with your family, Colorado will have something for everyone. Plan your trip and book your tickets in advance so you can have a much more satisfying and memorable holiday.

This post was a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I loved the content enough to publish it here, on Wife with Baggage. I hope you are as inspired, intrigued and interested in this content as I am!

Get That Lone Star State Of Mind: The Ultimate Texas Bucket List

Whether you already live in Texas, or you plan on stopping by for a vacation of a lifetime, there are loads of experiences we think you should add to your bucket list. This is the second largest state in the US and is seriously gigantic, so you need to do a little bit of planning if you want to do everything on this list. Book yourself a place in top-notch hotels, such as Quality Inn & Suites NRG Park, and load up your car with all your travel essentials. You are sure to have a fantastic time whatever you do, but if you are stuck for choice, we think you should stick the following on your bucket list. Enjoy!

Seek out the greatest thrills and spills


Thrill junkies won’t be in short supply of incredible, death-defying things to do in the state. Want some examples? Well, why not tube down one of the many rivers in Texas, including the Guadalupe which is slap bang in the middle of the famous Horseshoe Loop. Experienced cave divers should take a cliff-jump into the bottomless black hole of Jacob’s Well. Mountain bike through ‘the Grand Canyon of Texas,’ Palo Duro Canyon, which is the second largest of its kind in the United States. Then channel your inner Indiana Jones, and discover some of the greatest caves in existence, including the Caverns of Sonora which date back to the Cretaceous-period. Unlike Jones, you may choose to brave the ‘snake pit,’ which is lying within. Don’t worry; it’s perfectly safe!

Eat your way through Texas


There are some fantastic places to eat, and you need to add some of these food choices to your bucket list. Dare yourself to eat the ‘burger from Hell’ at Coyote Bluff Cafe. Vanquish the ‘Texan King,’ 72 ounces of pure Texas beef, at the The Big Texan State Ranch. Slurp on the wood-fire roasted oysters at Gilhooley’s, the ultimate seafood dive bar. Savour deep-fried anything at the Texas State Fair, including, we kid you not, deep-fried beer! Then, for those of you with a sweet tooth, stop off at Buc-ees, the convenience store of the Gods, and stock up on some of the finest candy around, including the incredible cinnamon roll crunch popcorn. They may not be the healthiest foods around, but this is your bucket list, so diet plans be damned!

Live and breath Texas


There are some things Texas is particularly famous for, so you need to add some of the following to your list if you really want to get that Lone Star state of mind. For starters, take a step back in history and remember the Alamo, by visiting the site where the struggle for independence took place. Walk in the boots of a real cowboy and visit one of the many rodeos scattered around Texas, including the Stockyards Championship Rodeo which is held every Friday and Saturday night throughout the year. Then, live out one of the greatest tv shows ever made, Friday Night Lights, and go and see the Permian Panthers in Odessa, the inspiration behind the show, and see them play. Heck, you might even want to throw a ball or two around yourself.

Is that enough?

They are just some of the highlights Texas has to offer. There is so much more, so pick up a travel guide, take a look online, and prepare yourself for an incredible adventure in the southern state.

This post was a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I loved the content enough to publish it here, on Wife with Baggage. I hope you are as inspired, intrigued and interested in this content as I am!