Choosing Your Baggage for International Travel

Wife with Baggage was carefully chosen as the name for this website as the double meaning is not lost on me. I believe everyone has the proverbial “baggage,” and I’m so thankful that Mr. Wife with Baggage accept me as is. I’m also thankful he likes to pack his baggage and jet set around the world with me! We have rolling suitcase, weekend bags and rough and ready backpacks. We use them all. The baggage we choose depends on the location. I teamed up with another writer to give you insight on how they chose their baggage for their trip to India, a place I’ve yet to travel through. So, while this content was not written by me, Diane, I hope you find it educational, empowering and engaging.

India is a beautiful country and you must be excited to visit it. With so many cultures and religions, even 10 days wouldn’t be enough to know India to the core. You must be well aware about the numerous spiritual places located in India and it has been known for yoga and meditation. Along with it, there is Taj Mahal and other beautiful tourist sites which people all around the world love to visit. But, India is also a country of unpredictable weather and a large population. Some areas and markets can get too crowded. In most areas, it can rain at times you weren’t expecting. Which is why, when you are traveling to India, you should take care what you pack and in which luggage you pack. There are different kinds of luggage available online and you should keep in mind the essential requirement.

Make sure the luggage is of good quality – Since, you would need to travel in taxis and trains, you must make sure that our luggage is strong enough to survive the haphazard railway stations. You know how in airplanes as well the baggage handlers don’t always respect the luggage. It could be kicked, dragged and what not. Your bag should be durable enough so you are able to carry the same bag, your entire trip.

It should be waterproof – Even your small backpack that you would carry around should be waterproof. You might be on your feet in the markets when it suddenly starts to rain. In that case, you need to carry extra clothing and a bag that doesn’t let the water get inside.

Wheels are important – There are many muddy roads in India, filled with dust. You would require rolling the bag on rough areas. Two wheel bags are easier to maneuver when you are on uneven paths. Make one bag from my travel luggage that you would carry with you at all times a bit smaller as you might hop into vehicles which don’t have a big storage space. You might want to shop a lot from India as the local stores supply clothing and other items at such affordable rates. The styles are different and in no time you might have your hands full. If you had a carry bag, it would be so much easier to roam around the streets. A small sling wouldn’t do. Don’t leave everything in your hotel room.

Caution –  Unfortunately, when you would be travelling to different cities via train, you would need to be very careful about your luggage. It could get stolen. Don’t trust any strangers who say they would help carry your baggage as they aren’t reliable. Other than that, people in general would love to help you and you are going to have an experience which you never had in any other part of the world. It is not about the cities in India, it is about the people.

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