Getting Hopped Up on Balinese Coffees and Teas

For many, there are fewer simple pleasures than a great cup of Joe. Mike and I are no exception to this rule. In fact, as we speak I am enjoying a home-brewed, deliciously strong cup of coffee now. I’ve almost completely weaned myself off cream and only need a hint of sugar to find the right sweetness. I’ve been told my coffee and husband are similar – strong, dark and sweet!

Too much information?

Balinese Coffee and Teas

There are regions and countries known for their coffee production. Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Columbia all top most list I come across. Bali, Indonesia is not exactly world-renowned for their coffee products. None the less, this did not stop us from sampling their finest! While on a tour of temples and rice terraces near Ubud, we stopped for a mid-day lesson on coffee production and a jolt of caffeine at a coffee plantation.

The guide at the plantation walked us through a forest of coffee plants and continued the tour with information on the harvesting process and the drying process.

Bali Coffee

Drying Coffee Beans Bali

Our guide stressed the importance of roasting and grinding coffee well as these two steps impact the taste and freshness of the coffee greatly. In fact, the heat and pressure turn the multi-hued dried beans to the dark beans that we buy at the grocery store.

Roasting Coffee Beans in BaliGrinding Coffee on Coffee PlantationGround Coffee Bali

Finally, the best part of the tour … the tasting! We ended up buying the coffee infused with Ginseng and sugar because it was insanely delicious!

Bali Coffee Tasting

Great Bali Coffee

There are a number of coffee and tea tasting tours in Bali. We suggest you look for a tour that works with local farmers, not a “Big Agriculture” farm, to support small businesses in the area and get personalized service.

A lot of the tours we found were a part of a longer tour. We liked this set up as there is so much to see in Bali that you will more than likely have to see as much as possible each day.

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