CrossFit 229 Drop In Review

You know that feeling after the holidays when your clothes are too tight, you are sluggish and you do not want bikini season to come? I cannot stand that feeling. I decided to do something about it this year. During a brief trip to see my parents before the holidays, I dropped in at CrossFit Manatee and then again during a week in New York.

Not only did we eat too much in New York, we were a little too sedentary because to low temperature outside. In order to combat that “yucky” feeling, I looked up local CrossFit gyms and dropped in ASAP.

New Paltz CrossFit Box

CrossFit 229 fit the bill as it was nearby and in this funky little town that I like to visit when in the area. If you have not wandered the eclectic shops and yoga studios of New Paltz, New York, you should. Tie dye and coffee are around every corner as are stores that sell everything from rock climbing gear to healing rocks and crystals. But I was there to work on my rock hard abs! (Which are still a work in progress!)

Pricing: B

The drop-in fee was realistic at 20 bucks, 25 with a shirt purchase. However, the shirt was crap. Cheap, rough material. I did like the logo, which paid homage to a local land mark, but I think CrossFit 229 should up their swag game, IMO.

Dropping in at CrossFit 229 New Paltz NY

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+

Joe, coach and owner, coached the small class and was excellent. He offered suggestions for me and the dreaded dead lifts programmed into the strength session for the day and encouraged and pushed each athlete. He has extensive athletic experience, but the key, for me to his coaching education are his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Endurance certifications.

Drop in CrossFit 229 New Paltz New York

Intensity of WOD: A+

Awesome. Just what I needed. Hard, but not ridiculous.
3-5 Handstand Push ups (Strict)
7-10 Ring Dips
15 Good Morning (PVC or Unloaded Bar)
Five sets of: Deadlift x 3 reps
Rest 3 minutes between sets
24 Minute EMOM:
1st minute – 5 Thrusters
2nd minute – 10 Pull-Ups
3rd minute – 10 Box  Jumps

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+

Working out without air conditioning is something I am painfully used too. However, working out without heat caught me off guard. I slowly shed my layers of clothing though, until I actually worked up a sweat. My complaint here is not really about their facilities, they are great. My complaint stems from my dislike of cold weather! I think part of the CrossFit experience is working out in the elements though; I think I would have been disappointed if they had their central heating on. The box had plenty of room and all the equipment one would expect and count on in a CrossFit box.

CrossFit 229 Drop In New Paltz NY

Overall Impressions: I liked this box. It was in a college town, so I am guessing that had a big impact on the fact there were only two people, myself included, in the class. I am sure a lot of the members are college students and away from the campus due to the holidays. Joe’s dog, Oly, is a furry heap of excitement and I love that the box is pet friendly. If you are ever in the Catskills Mountains, look up CrossFit 229 and have a go!

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