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You know you have done something right when you have a great salary and a spring break after the age of 30. What can I say? It was one part luck, one part passion and many parts determination. So … what does one do as a 30+ year-old spring breaker? Travel of course. No scummy cruises or crowded beach parties. No. Now  we go for something a little more cleaner, quieter and scenic.

We spent this spring break in Southern California. We drank wine in Santa Ynez, hiked in Poway and soaked up the sunshine in La Jolla. I also had time to drop in, twice. The first was CrossFit Del Mar. While not actually in Del Mar, it was close enough.

CrossFit Del Mar Review California

Pricing: A+
$15 per class.

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: D
I have to start by saying that the class I dropped in at CrossFit Del Mar was this specific coach’s very first class as a CrossFit coach. When I heard this I kept waiting for another, more seasoned coach to join him. It never happened. Then, when coupled with the Olympic lifts programmed for the day and the intensity of the WOD, I was even more shocked.

First impressions of the coach were great; he was polite and punctual, but what followed just was not up to my standards (and you guys know that they are high!). I hate to say anything negative, but I know this these posts are about honesty. In my humble opinion, the coach was just not ready to be on his own. He had trouble setting the clock and managing the time of the class. Another no-no was the barely there warm-up, even with a tough WOD scheduled. Yikes! The other coaches at CrossFit Del Mar could be top-notch, but you are only as strong as your weakest link.

CrossFit Del Mar Reviews

Intensity of the WOD: B
While I anticipate a tough day at the gym, this specific WOD was the right intensity, but just needed a time cap or one less strength EMOM at the beginning of the class. It was too much to fit in to a 60-minute class, literally. The following class started warming up while four people, including myself, tried to finish the WOD after the hour-long class finished. If you factor in a warm up, technique coaching for the Cleans and Snatches, time to set up your bar(s) for the WOD and then the actual work, it was just too much. The new coach factor might have had something to do with it too. I am not a fan of changing weights on a barbell in a “For Time” workout either – but that is just me being a complainer!

Every 90 seconds x5: Power Clean @65% x3
Every 60 seconds x5: Hang Snatch @60% x2
Row 500 m
10 Power Clean (155/115)
20 T2B
Run 400 m
15 Power Squat (135/95)
30 T2B
Row 500 m
20 S2O (115/75)
40 Box Jumps
Run 400 m
25 Burpees
50 Ring Dips

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
I loved the physical space at CrossFit Del Mar. The gym was bright, clean, big and well-stocked. There was even a great room for kids to hang out in while waiting for the parents to get the WOD on.

Drop In CrossFit Del Mar

Overall Impressions: I was still at CrossFit Del Mar for the beginning of the next class. I hoped beyond hope that another coach would show up and say “Man, I am so sorry I missed the previous class. I got stuck in traffic!” or anything else to explain why this brand new coach was alone. But, it did not happen. I drove away thinking, “I’ve got to find another CrossFit in this town so that I can recommend a box for anyone vacationing in Del Mar/ La Jolla.” Luckily, I did. Stay tuned for my next review!

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