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Kauai kicked my butt. We hiked for 6 hours one day, paddled up-stream and against the wind on another day and snorkeled in choppy waters, still the following day. So, you might question why we even worked out at two great CrossFit boxes while on the island? The answer is easy. Dropping-in to CrossFit boxes while on vacation is the best way to meet locals and makes you feel like a local – even if just for an hour.

There is a strange camaraderie knowing that you are all suffering together. If you CrossFit, you know what I mean. If you do not, I hope this post inspires you try a class soon! Plus, I am pretty sure my abs looked better leaving the island than they did when I got there! No complaints here!

CrossFit Poipu in Kauai Drop In Info

We spent the 4th of July on the island and worked out with CrossFit Poipu that morning. This particular day was a beach WOD – perfect for vacation! Michael and I worked as a team to complete the workout and we did not even sweat, but I did swallow a lot of salt water.

Pricing: A+
CrossFit Poipu holds class at the harbor on the first Saturday of each month. This is good for lots of reasons. One, it is fun. Two, it is free! Otherwise, drop-in fees are $20 or $40 with a shirt.

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A
Two coaches worked out with us during the WOD, but made sure to demonstrate all of the moves in the day’s workout. Good thing too because I had no clue what “head cutters” were until their demonstration. None of the movements were super technical, so there was not much to coach in the way of technique. However, they were cheering everyone one during the workout and once they finished – which was way before me and Mike.

Croppin In at CrossFit Poipu

Intensity of the WOD: A
Truth: my first time swimming in Kauai was during this WOD. The waters at the beaches were rougher than anticipated, so swimming was not something I wanted to do. However, the water in the harbor was calmer, making the workout less sweaty and way more fun!

With a partner, complete:

100 Kettle Bell head cutters (55/35)
Sandbag carry, same bag (around 200 meters total)
Swim to first boat (around 100 meters total)

100 KB Swings
Sandbag carry, same bag
Swim to first boat

100 Burpees (in the sand)
Sandbag carry, same bag
Swim to first boat

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+

We lucked out. The harbor is beautiful and you cannot ask for a better place to work out. However, we did drop by their facility to sign waivers and they’ve got a cool space. I was partial the graffiti style Bible verses on the wall; always a good thing in my book.

Harbor WODs with CrossFit Poipu

Overall Impressions:
During dinner the night before flying home, I asked Mike what his “highs” and “lows” of the vacation were. His “low” was an argument we got in (It happens – we are far from perfect!) and his “high” was our workout with CrossFit Poipu. It was a great workout in paradise, but the people were incredibly gracious and welcoming. I think that speaks volumes about this gym!

CrossFit Poipu Drop In Information

Photo Credit: CrossFit Poipu

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