CrossFit Reykjavik Drop In Review

We spent 8 days in Iceland during the summer of 2014 and were blown away by the rugged beauty of Iceland’s rural and desolate landscapes. We tried to stay active with outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing glaciers and swimming, but we did do a lot of driving and sitting. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a WOD at CrossFit Reykjavik to keep our energy levels up.

CrossFit Reykjavik is known for its premier coaching that produces champion athletes. Literally, Annie Thorisdottir, a two-time champion of the CrossFit Games (the equivalent to the World Championship or Olympics), is affliated with this box. Nice resume huh? So, did the box live up to the hype? Read on to see.

Dropping in at CrossFit Reykjavik

Registration for a drop-in was painless and as easy as checking their schedule online prior to arriving and shooting over a quick email to let them know we were planning on stopping by. We showed up 10 minutes before the class to sign the waiver and then walked in. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Pricing: A+
Your first two drop-in classes are free and every class after two is $15/WOD. There is no shirt purchase needed either! (That is a great pricing schedule!)

Depth of Knowledge and Quality of Coaching: A+
The coach for our wod was Annie Thorisdottir herself. After swallowing some of my awestruck, I actually got a little attitude and thought “She better be a good coach!” (I can be a little stinker sometimes!) Well, as you would imagine, Annie is a phe.nom.e.nol coach. Hands down. Let’s put it this way. We “understood” her coaching even though she spoke Icelandic over half the time. She modeled all of the movements, gave quick and clear technique advice (in English and in Icelandic) and was constantly circulating to watch and coach everyone in the room. She walked the class through a thorough warm-up, gave solid tips during the Olympic Lifting segment of the class and motivated everyone during the WOD. Not to mention that her coaching very closely mimicked our coach’s style from our box at home; which we think is pretty darn stellar!

CrossFit Coach Annie Thorisdottir

Intensity of the WOD: A+
5×3 Front Squat at 65-75%
Then, 8 min AMRAP
5 Power Cleans RX 50/35kg (or roughly 110/75 lbs)
10 Hand Release Push-ups
15 Air Squats

With a cardio-heavy warm up of rowing, this wod was a great mixture of strength work and body weight movements. Plus, the movements targeted upper and lower body. No complaints here! I even worked up a sweat – which is saying a lot because it was in the 50’s that day!

CrossFit Reykjavik Drop In Wod

Appearance and Function of the Facility: A+
Reebok is a sponsor of Annie Thorisdottir and this gym. While I do not know their exact relationship, it is obvious that Reebok is the main provider for a lot of their equipment. Most of it is new and in great shape. There is also a great stretching area/room where you can go to work on mobility without getting in the way of anyone else working out.

Drop In Wod at Crossfit Reykjavik

Overall Impressions:
I want to go back to Iceland for so many reasons. I want to see the northern lights! I want to see whales migrating. I want to “touch” the arctic circle. And, I want to drop in at CrossFit Reykjavik again. Seriously.

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  1. Jordan Knoll

    Do you have a contact email for them? I will be visiting them soon, but want to ask them a few questions first.


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