Destination: Florida – Plan That Romantic Getaway With Your Other Half

When another travel writer pitched this post as an idea I immediately said YES! For one, I am a Florida girl and love sharing my state with other travelers. Secondly, I wholeheartedly, totally, and truly believe in the power of getting away when it comes to relationships – whether romantic ones or friendships and family bonding.  So, while I did not write this post, I hope it inspires you, informs you and encourages you to explore Florida, and your loved ones.

From time to time it is important to get away from everything that surrounds you and your partner and take a romantic trip to a romantic and tropical destination.  You have been looking after the kids and making sure your husband has enough food on his plate for as long as you can remember this year. He has been busy with work and you can’t recall when the last time was that you took some time off together and went away for a few days on your own.

Whilst spending time alone and by yourself in a relationship is incredibly healthy, it is also advisable that you and your partner spend time alone elsewhere, away from your everyday routines and in the company of one another. If you feel like you have seen very little of each other this year, It is time to plan the romantic getaway you always wished for!

Cuddle at the beach – With over 1,000 miles of coastline, Florida is one of the most visited beach destinations in the world. Its sunny skies and sandy beaches will make you fall in love with this southernmost state in the US and with the warm climate being present all year round (you guessed! It’s a tropical climate spot), you will want to spend days and evenings at the beach doing very little. That is okay, though, because this is the getaway you have been dreaming of for a very long time.

Relax at the suite – With your days being filled with sunset-watching and beach-laying, there really isn’t space for anything that causes stress around here. Florida is visited by millions of tourists every year, and they all want the same: great weather in a perfect location. The beautiful scenery is already there; why not top this off with a stay at one of the peninsula’s most fabulous hotels? The SpringHill Suites Pensacola Beach hotel is in a remarkable spot, being just minutes away from Pensacola Beach and located in the Gulf of Mexico. Fort Pickens National Park is also conveniently close. If you would like your holiday to take place amongst luxurious bedding and enjoy a free breakfast buffet served daily, then look no further. This hotel will be your perfect romantic nest for the duration of your holiday.

Dine with candlelight – Aside from the beautiful weather and splendid hotels, Florida also offers a great culinary experience. Fine dining can be found everywhere and if you and your other half are in need of some culinary pampering, then the myriad restaurants in the county will offer you great peace of mind. Shrimp and Grits is a popular delicacy in Florida, and like any other seafood dishes, this can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are looking for something more high-end, visit Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. Its succulent seafood platters will make your mouth water and you will be wanting to come back for more. The price tag is not a cheap one, but the experience is worth the money, with this restaurant being amongst the best in the region.

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