Framed Shell Art

Finding shells along beaches is entertaining (think treasure hunt!) and relaxing (think a nice stroll along the shoreline!). I can’t tell you how many shells I have collected over the years; let’s just say it is too many to count. We have bowls of shells, vases of shells and now shells on our walls. Yes, that is right. I turned my countless strolls along the water’s edge into wall art for our home. It was a simple project and very inexpensive. The best part is that this travel inspired home decor project reminds me of the ocean on a daily basis!

Travel Inspiration: Marco Island, Florida

Seashell Art DIY Beach Cottage Decor

Here are the materials you will need:

  • Picture frames of choice design, size and quantity
  • small to medium sizes shells
  • super glue
  • 3-4 pages of pretty paper (I used scrap-booking paper, but you could also try high quality printer paper, wrapping paper, etc.)

The process is an easy and quick one:

  • Remove the glass from the picture frames.

Framed Shell Art

  • Cut the (scrapbook) paper a bit bigger than the size of opening on the frame.
  • Layout shells out on paper to find the design you like most.
  • Use super glue to adhere shells to paper. (Be generous, but neat. The glue will dry shiny, so don’t be messy.)
  • Place glass-less frame over the dried page of shells.
  • Close the frame by attaching the back.
  • Hang or display the frames in desired location.

DIY Framed Shell Art

How to make shell art DIY

Beach Cottage Decor Framed Shell Art

Hint: I also soaked my shells in warm soapy water for a few hours prior to this project. It cleans the sand, dirt and slight salty smell.

Now the only thing left to do is to dream of turquoise waters and sea shells by the seashore each time you pass your artwork!

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