Key West – No Boat Needed

Mike and I are lucky enough to live in Florida. We frequent the Florida Keys as often as possible both because of our short drive time and all of the fun we have.

Now, logic tells us that since water surrounds all islands and boats make the water fun then you must need a boat in Key West to have fun. This makes sense, right?

What to do in Key West without a Boat

Wrong! Key West is (in my opinion) the only island in the Florida Keys that a boat is not necessary. There is plenty to do on dry land. Here are our favorite activities in Key West that do not require a boat.

1. Duval Street – The ever popular Duval Street is full of  shopping, office buildings, restaurants and, most-notably, an active night-life scene. It is fun for the family, until a certain time of night. Consider yourself warned. There are a variety of bars and restaurants to fit your budget, lifestyle and nightlife needs on Duval Street.

Irish Kevin's Bar Key West

*It should also be mentioned that a lot of great, great dining and drinking establishments are not directly on Duval Street. These are our favorites:

2. Dante’s Pool – If you stay at a hotel with a pool, there is no need for Dante’s. However, many visitors to Key West have accommodations without a pool. Dante’s is your solution. There is (usually) a DJ, or at the very least, music playing. There is also a full bar and restaurant with plenty of seating around the pool. It’s a fun place to spend an afternoon if you need a break from the salt water and sand.

Dante's Pool Key West

3. Shopping – There is shopping for anyone in Key West. Whether you want a kitschy, beachy tie-dye shirt as a souvenir, a cute top to wear out that night or high-end designer duds or jewelry, there is a store for you! There are also tons of “surf shops” with bathing suits and beach wear and stores that sell key lime goodies – a staple in The Keys!

4. Sunset at Mallory Square –  As the sun sinks down into the ocean, Key West kicks it up a notch and Mallory Square is ground zero for entertainment at sunset. Mallory Square is known for its street vendors, artists, acrobatics, musicians and a variety of other unique entertainers. But, be careful not to miss the fun. The party and entertainment leave with the sunlight.

Sunset at Mallory Square

5. Historical Buildings and Sites – There is at least one full day worth of sights to see around the city of Key West. From the Truman House to the Southernmost Point to Hemingway House – there is a lot to see! Make sure to plan a day of paid tours or walking the sidewalks to see the beauty of Old Key West.

Key West MusuemsKey West Homes

2 thoughts on “Key West – No Boat Needed

  1. Carolyn

    We have visited Key West several times. You don’t need to own a boat, but getting on the water is a wonderful way to experience the island life. We recommend a sunset cruise or a jet ski tour.


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