Don’t Miss These Underrated States in the USA

There are plenty of reasons to make the USA the location of your next trip. Whether you’re going for the weather, the food, the landscapes, or the people, there’s something in America for just about everyone. However, a lot of people have the habit of only ever going to the same old places time and time again. And sure, the really popular destinations in the USA are great. New York and California have huge amounts to offer just about anyone who wants to get a taste of what America is like. But if you only ever visit these obvious places then you’re only ever going to get a limited image of what the US really has to offer. To help you get more out of your next trip, why not visit one of these criminally underrated states.

There’s a weird attitude that a lot of people have towards Florida. It’s kind of seen as a bit of a joke by a lot of people within the USA thanks to things like the legendary “Florida Man” meme that was going around a few years ago. But the sunshine state has a lot more to offer than just that. For one thing, the clue is in the name. The weather in Florida is simply amazing! If you’re the type for sunbathing, then you really can’t do better. Not only that but there are plenty of great places to stay, like the Sleep Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale which allows you to go straight from arriving at the airport to settling down into a comfy bed. Plus, if you’re in the mood for nature, the Everglades has more wild and wonderful wildlife than you could possibly imagine.

Out of all of the states in the American midwest, Missouri often gets forgotten about, and that’s a real shame because it really does have a lot to offer. For one thing, if you’re looking for a good time out on the town, where better than Kansas City where you can get some incredible food, and there is almost certainly some music pouring out of one of the many bars that line the streets. Or if you want to see some amazing sights then check out the legendary “Gateway To The West” in St. Louis.

New Jersey
There’s a good chance that New Jersey wouldn’t be considered “underrated” if it wasn’t for the state that it’s right next to. It can be tough to compete with any other state but having to be compared to New York must sting a little bit. And the real shame is that New Jersey has plenty to offer on its own merits. From the nightlife of the Jersey Shore to Six Flags Great Adventure, the world’s biggest amusement park!

Of course, these aren’t America’s only hidden gems. The reality is that America is such a large and diverse country that, across all fifty of the country’s great states, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something new and exciting to see and do.

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

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