This is no zoo – Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is no joke. Its raw beauty is around every corner, at every watering hole, during every sunset.

Etosha National Park No Zoo

We booked our trip through Namibia with Cardboard Box, a company specializing in travel reservations in Namibia. We did not travel with a group or guide (we don’t really like that kind of travel), but we did use this company to help us plan … since Africa intimidated just us a bit!

As our itinerary noted, we drove from Windhoek, Namibia in our rental car to the Etosha National Park. We were speechless upon arrival. This was no zoo! Within minutes we spotted giraffe, ostrich, oryx and zebra. We knew the next three days and nights were sure to unforgettable.

Etosha National Park during the day is teaming with animals, large and small. We visited in the winter which meant warmer days, but little humidity. Winter is definitely the dry season. This worked in our favor as fewer rain showers equal fewer watering holes. This helps narrow down the places animals congregate greatly. Our rule of thumb throughout our trip was “where there is water, there are animals.” We were almost always right because as you can see with your pictures, we saw a lot! Enjoy these photos of the wildest animals and place we’ve ever seen.Springbok in Etosha

Ostrich Etosha

Birds of Etosha

Zebras Etosha

Giraffe Etosha

Grazing Elephants Etosha National Park

Oryx Etosha

Fighting Elephants Etosha

Okaukejo Watering Hold Etosha

Hiding Lion Etosha

Views in Etosha National Park

Herd of Elephants Etosha

Watering Hole Etosha

And unlike a zoo, there is no closing time. With the cover of darkness, the African prairies come alive in a new way with nocturnal animals and the mysterious sounds and sights of the night.

Check out the wildlife we saw on our night-drive.

Night Owl Namibia

Hyena Etosha

Night Drive in Etosha National Park

Pride of Lions Etosha

Eating Lioness Etosha National Park

Young Male Lion Etosha

Just in case you thought we might have “roughed it” while staying in the park. Think again! The “camps” were nothing short of excellent! We spent two nights in the Halali Camp and one in the Okaukuejo Camp. Both camps have watering holes where animals gathered 24 hours a day. Both camps also have pools, beautiful rooms and helpful staff. Just remember that there are fences and gates around the camps that close at sun down and open at sun up. Plan your self-drives accordingly!

Halali Room Etosha

Okaukejo Camp Etosha

I hope this story inspires you to plan a trip to see these “zoo animals” in their natural habitat and splendor! Warning: you may never appreciate or want to pay for a zoo again after this experience!

5 thoughts on “This is no zoo – Etosha National Park

  1. bisbocciabroad

    So true! Etosha is one of the wildest and most beautiful places I’ve been. And it certainly is no zoo…

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      I love that you love Etosha as much as we do. I do not usually like to travel to the same place over and over, but Etosha is an exception, it’s that incredible!

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