Exploring Little Exuma

Great Exuma is biggest island in the archipelago that makes up Exuma. It is all relative though, because the island is still only 97 square miles. Little Exuma is the little island just south. A tiny bridge connects the two islands and adventureres who drive south will discover colorful seafood, pristine beaches and even a little history.

Driving on Little Exuma Bahamas

The drive from Great Exuma to Little Exuma is easy, it is not like a ton of traffic is on the islands. (I hope this is still the case by the time we make it back.) The roads are paved and take you the length of the island.

Little Exuma Tropic of Cancer Beach Driving Directions Map

We drove from our vacation rental in Harstwell all the way to the very southern tip of Little Exuma, just to explore and see what we could find. Mangrove trees, small green pastures and small residential buildings were all we discovered.

Turning around at the end of the road, we made a bee line for Santana’s.

If you are on the island of Exuma, you will more than likely hear about Santana’s. It is the kind of food your cardiologist warns you about but is so. damn. good.

Little Exuma Santana's Seafood Restaurant

Seafood at Santana's Little Exuma Island

The view from Santana’s does not stink either!

Santana's Exuma

Outdoor Oceanfront dining Santanas Little Exuma

Bellies full and satisfied we began driving north once again and stopped in Williams’ Town and learned that the Salt Pond of the island was a big source of revenue for explorers and settlers alike and a piece of the island’s history.

Williams Town

Salt Markers Little Exuma

Salt Marker on Little Exuma Island

Lookout from Salt Marker Little Exuma Island

Who else wants that sweet little beachfront cottage down there?!

Our next, and final, stop of the day was the slightly elusive Tropic of Cancer Beach. There are no big signs or line of cars to follow when navigating to this beach. This is probably a good thing though, as it is still a bit of a hidden treasure. I guess all of Exuma is a hidden treasure if I think about it. For as beautiful as the island and its surrounding waters are, there were very few people on the island. We love Exuma!

Stop reading this right now and forget I told you about such a place. Just kidding.

 Kind of.

Before arriving on the island, I researched the Tropic of Cancer beach some.There were a few posts on another really big trip planning site (that shall remain nameless) that helped us get in the vicinity of the beach. But the landmarks these advice posts included, and I am not making this up, “an old abandoned child’s car seat” and “a blue reflector on a light pole”. Needless to say, we made more than one wrong turn. I want to make it easier for you guys. So here you go.

(You’re welcome!)

From the main road look for:

Landmarks for Finding Tropic of Cancer Beach

andDriving Landmarks for Finding Tropic of Cancer Beach

Turn east and follow the road east and then south.

Driving Directions for Tropic of Cancer Beach

Unlike the main road, this road is a bit more rustic. If dry, drive slowly and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Then, look for:

House Rental on Tropic of Cancer Beach

You will know when you have made it!

Finding Tropic of Cancer Beach

Santana’s and Williams’ Town were quick stops, but we lingered at Tropic of Cancer Beach all afternoon. We played paddle board, built a sand man and just soaked up the sunshine.

Exuma Island Tropic of Cancer Beach

Tropic of Cancer Beach

Sandman Exuma

Where is Tropic of Cancer Beach Exuma

Little Exuma might be small, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in fun. You know, people say that I am a lot like Little Exuma. (You guys love my humor, don’t you!?)

Do not stay cooped up in your all-inclusive resort. The islands are small and you really can see “everything” on Little Exuma in one day. If you did not rent a car for your entire stay, rent a car for the day and drive! Explore! You will be so happy that you did.

7 thoughts on “Exploring Little Exuma

  1. tamwarner

    I love the Exumas. And you are so right: don’t stay cooped up in an all inclusive! For anyone interested in the actual place you are going you have to get out and explore!

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      I see the draw of an all-inclusive resort, but you should still explore! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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  3. Brandy

    We where in exuma in June and really couldn’t believe the lack of people! It was wonderful! Why people would go to such a beautiful place and stay locked up in their all inclusive prison is beyond me! Oh well the peace and solitude where just what my family was looking for and we’re already planning our return for summer 2017.

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      We couldn’t believe it either! I’m glad you experienced the real Exuma! I’m jealous of your plans to go back; it is on our “return to” list too!

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      Oh goodness! I bet other home owners might have some advice. But there are so many great places to stay already – why develop it? Just enjoy the nature! 🙂


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