Exuma Excitement – Pigs, Iguanas and Fish

You already know that we were (are) spell-bound with Exuma. The intense colors, flavors and experiences of Exuma blew our socks off – as if you need socks in Exuma – and left us loving the small Bahamian island.

Everyday in Exuma was memorable, but our day swimming with pigs, hiking cliffs, snorkeling the barrier reefs and feeding iguanas was my favorite. If you read our post of swimming pigs (yes, swimming), then you will know that we packed lots of fun into that day. Seriously, a LOT.

Exuma Tours Pigs, Iguanas and Fish

Swimming with pigs during our tour with Exuma Water Sports was only the beginning of our half day tour. From the pigs, we cruised the turquoise waters of the Bahamas to a small island. We climbed off the boat and hiked with our guide for about ten minutes to look out point. From our vantage point we could see the Caribbean Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The contrast between the two feuding waters was interesting – the cool, calm and collected of the Caribbean versus the churning, angry and dark of the Atlantic. The differences were beautiful!

Exuma Caribbean Ocean

Exuma Alantic Ocean

From here we continued our boat ride to a small reef system. Mike and I were some of the first in the water, ready with our own masks and flippers. Our water-proof camera was out of commission on this trip so you’ll have to settle on my descriptions. We all know that there are no words suitable for such beauty; but I’ll try by telling you that swaying fan coral, shiny barracuda, bright red fire coral, striped snapper and opaque jellyfish were just a few sites.

Our last stop on our half day tour with Exuma Water Sports was a small island teeming with iguanas. Do you remember how eager I was to jump in with the swimming pigs earlier in the day? Hmmm, yea, I was not as eager for this stop. I have an irrational fear/hatred/repulsion of iguanas. Actually, I do not discriminate again iguanas only; it is all lizards. I was very content to watch the other people in our tour shriek and squeal from the boat until Mike reminded that traveling, and life, are about trying new things and facing fears – no matter how trivial. I just love when he’s right!

Feeding Iguanas Exuma

Exuma Iguanas

I tip-toed off the boat as if the lizards were everywhere, until I looked around to see that they were everywhere. They stared at me, pleading for me to feed them with one of the grapes in my hand. It occurred to me that I might be attacked and eaten at any moment. My imagination is too imaginative at times.

I lobbed a few grapes toward the beasts and handed the rest of my grapes to Mike. There, I did it. I felt brave. Mike, however, was not impressed with my half-assed effort.

Iguana Island Exuma

He convinced me that if I “pet” an iguana that then, and only then, I would face my fear and he’d consider me “brave”. My skin crawls even now thinking about it. But I did it. I bent down, and touched a ginormous lizard monster. I retreated quickly to the safety of the boat. Hey! He said nothing about hanging around and becoming friends with the beasts.

Touching an Iguana Exuma

So, in summary – we swam with cute, cuddly (albeit hungry!) pigs, colorful, graceful fish and fed disgusting, over-grown, finger biting lizard monsters. I’d say that is a good day!

Exuma is one of those places that you can enjoy by doing absolutely nothing at all. The sea breezes and crashing waves can certainly lull you into an intense relaxation. But, if you want to get out and try something completely different – take this tour! There are other tour companies that I’m sure give great tours as well. Mike and I were not compensated or even comped this tour. It might seem like it because I’m speaking so highly of it. But, this one was on our own dime, and I’m OK with it!

6 thoughts on “Exuma Excitement – Pigs, Iguanas and Fish

  1. tamwarner

    Did Raymond take you out? Aren’t they the best? I LOVE the Exumas, and had a great time touring with Exuma Water Sports.

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    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      We did a half day tour, but most tours from Georgetown are full days as only this company goes to the island of pigs that is close. The full day tour is a longer boat ride, so if you would like to be out on the water longer, go with the full. We liked the shorter day, which is still 5 hours long!

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