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Mike and I are a part of the crazy cool, sometimes misunderstood, community of CrossFit athletes. While we are in love with CrossFit (the results, the people, and the FUN), we are not elite athletes. It is just our pick of exercise routines while at home and while on the road.

The beauty of CrossFit is that there are boxes, or gyms, almost everywhere. While it is true that we love to stay active when we travel by kayaking, hiking and snorkeling, we also like to drop-in at other CrossFit gyms in the area we stay.

In order to give you our honest opinion, you should probably know that we love our home gym. Gardens CrossFit is our baseline for all other CrossFit boxes. So, read up and consider dropping in at Gardens CrossFit if you’re ever in the South Florida area – they are kinda amazing!

Gardens CrossFit

To make the comparisons equal we’ll give ratings or grades in four main categories – pricing*, depth of knowledge and quality of coaching, intensity of the WOD (workout of the day) and facility function and appearance. (*Pricing is subject to change and you should contact each individual box for up-to-date pricing, scheduling and location info!)

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Want us to drop-in to your gym when we are in town? Leave us your info below in the comments or contact us through social media! We’ll do our best to come and visit!

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  4. Tim

    Hi – recently created a free travel WOD generator that you may find helpful:

    It’s a free web page – no app to install, no ads, and nothing to download. Just click and you’ll get one of hundreds of hotel and travel friendly CrossFit style workouts. It’s even got a built in timer, so it’s “one stop” for your workout needs when traveling. I like to use it when I’m too busy to get to a local gym.

    I created this page for the CrossFit community after the demise of the old “the traveling wod” website – which went offline about a year ago and doesn’t look to be coming back.

    If you find it useful, would you mind sharing with your readers?

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      Excellent! We love the option of doing a WOD in a hotel if we can’t drop in. Thanks for sharing!!


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