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Wife with Baggage broke onto the travel blogging scene in May 2013 and has quickly become a travel resource for working professionals who make the choice to travel the United States and world-wide! Our readers come to us for destination inspiration, travel advice, money- and time-saving tips and ideas on how to incorporate travel into their everyday lives.

Who is Wife with Baggage? My name is Diane. I am the creator of Wife with Baggage but you’ll notice that I write “we” and “us” most of the time. That is because my husband, Michael, is the “behind the scenes” supporter of this website. He is, after all, my favorite travel partner. There is no Wife with Baggage without Michael. So, even though I do the writing, photo editing and posting, Michael is my ever-present other half. Since 2004 we have traveled to 6 continents, 13 countries, 11 U.S. states and countless cities, collecting photos, stories, memories and life lessons along the way.

While my full-time career as a pediatric speech therapist is fun and gratifying, the large part of my heart belongs to travel. Created with the goal of helping other working professionals, Wife with Baggage has quickly morphed from a hobby to a n income earning side gig.

Desert in Dubai

Our Demographics Wife with Baggage readers are highly educated, career-focused adults who have limited time to travel. Therefore, our readership has a strong desire to make the most of their vacation days and budgets. Our readers seek varied information. Our readers are single, married and working parents. They want and need information on weekend getaways, adventure travel and luxury travel. Readers hail from over 70 countries with the majority of our readers between 25 and 55 years of age.

Influence We have an active following despite the fact that we are a “young” blog and our social media influence is growing each and every day.

What we can offer your brand:

Exposure: Wife with Baggage offers full coverage of your product, services, ideas or the like in the form of articles/posts and photos/videos on our blog. We also provide extensive coverage via our social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter (including a unique #hashtag for your brand, idea, product or location), Instagram and Pinterest.

Professionalism: From well-written articles and high quality photos to availability and strong communication skills, Wife with Baggage ensures a partnership built on trust, ethical business standards and attention to details. You are our partners, our customers and life line; we will strive to treat you as such!

How can Wife with Baggage collaborate with YOU?
We really would LOVE to work with and for you!*

Freelance Writing: Writing is fun and guests posts are one of my favorite ways to partner with others! Do you have a parenting blog?  How about a “traveling with kids” post? Do you health & fitness blog? How about an article on how to eat right and exercise while on the go? Let’s work together!

Sponsored Posts: Do you have an article that you would like to see get extra readership and viewing? I am more than happy to post and promote your work on Wife with Baggage.

Product Reviews: Give you product or service more exposure to travel-minded people by letting us experience, own or borrow your finest. We will use it, write about it and post for all to see. We base all of product reviews on our honest opinions and experiences. We value the trust we’ve built with our readers and will not jeopardize this in the name of making every product that we review seem perfectly wonderful. We believe in being upfront and therefore acknowledge all sponsored product reviews as such. All product review posts are between 200 and 600 words, include pictures and promoted on social media.

Press Trips:  We blog because we love to travel and are always grateful for opportunities to travel more. Wife with Baggage accepts press trips. No press trip is like the next, so please connect with us regarding your ideas, desires, destination information, products and/or services.  We always reserve the right to report our honest feelings, experiences and thoughts.

Speaking Engagements: We love to connect face to face with people. Wife with Baggage  prides itself on providing organized presentations that are engaging and informational/educational to listeners. We (I) would love to present/speak at your next conference, travel event or motivational seminar!

Travel Planning: Having a hard time finding the time or desire to plan your vacation? Wife with Baggage offers customized travel planning for every type of traveler.

*Fees apply. Prices are available upon request. We accept payment via Pay Pal when applicable and appropriate. Please contact us (wifewithbaggage[@]gmail[.]com) if you do not use Pay Pal in order to set up an alternative payment method.

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We look forward to hearing from you! Please email us at wifewithbaggage[@]gmail[.]com for pricing info, more information or just to say hello!

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