Travel Bucket List

Everyone needs dreams. Goals. A plan. Here is our ever-changing bucket list of things we’d like to see, do or experience while on-the-go:

Shark Diving South Africa Bucketlist

  • Stay in an over-water bungalow
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Drink Champagne in the Champagne region of France
  • Go deep-sea fishing
  • See these animals in the wild – shark, anteater, sloth, lion, tiger, panda, koala, gorilla, penguin, kangaroo

Young Male Lion Etosha

  • Drive from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in America
  • See at least 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (8 down, 17 to go)
  • See all 7 continents (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America) We’re so close!

15 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

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  2. Sonia

    Hey …That’s a neat list….We have a few elements in common…Do drop a line on our blog if you plan any destination that we have been to!
    Good luck ticking off all the items….do add a few more as you go along the road.

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      I love using other travel blogs to plan our adventures, so thank you for stopping by to say hello!

      1. Sonia

        Sure thing! Btw…Maldives is a really nice place to stay in a water bunglow….Lots of tips to make the trip affordable on my blog!

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  6. RoarLoud

    Kilimanjaro is a great hike and life changing experience! I highly recommend it. I have a few of the same left on my list- Northern Lights are high on my list. I need to visit many more continents, you are doing great!

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      Kilimanjaro seems like it would be life -changing. The mental and physical exertion seem so challenging and worthwhile! Thank you for the sweet comment!

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