Travel Inspired Home Decor

We are part time travelers. We do not live out of suitcases. We do not carry our belonging with us every time we leave. It is for some; it is not for us. We love our careers. We like seeing good friends and feeling comfortable.

A few years ago we made the plunge into home ownership and now have a house we call home. I love our house – the security, comfort and memories. So, as with all things I love, I care for and love-on our home as much as possible. But, since I’d rather spend our money on travel, I do my best to decorate on a budget. My favorite way to decorate (surprise! surprise!) is with travel-inspired decor that is fun, budget-friendly and inspires me to think of our trips. I hope they inspire you to do the same – and maybe even inspire you to travel more!

DIY Framed Shell Art

Patio Table From Reclaimed Wood

Blooming Bougainvillea on Patio

DIY Travel Photo Gallery

Desert Succulent Indoors

Travel Inspired Wrought Iron Wall Hangings

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