Find a Home Away from Home on Your Travels

We collaborated with other travel writers to bring you this post. So, while I, Diane, did not write this post I hope it educates you, encourages you and empowers you to travel more!

There was a switch that occurred for me and Mike. We began our travels on a smaller budget and even less world knowledge. But then, the more we made in our careers, the more we traveled, the more loyalty points we earned and then BOOOM! We were hotel snobs.

And then, another shift happened. We realized that there was more to travel that fancy resorts, chain hotels and points. While we are still lovers of nice amenities, we realize that we didn’t have to sacrifice comfort and quality for unique, local, unique accommodations.

Furnished Apartments – Furnished apartments are the best thing for families away from home. Like hotels, they have sufficient and comfortable places to sleep. They are warm, often with heating or air conditioning options. They have working electrics for things like hairdryers, radios and other appliances. They will also have a bathroom, most likely with a shower or bath so that you can keep on top of your toilette too! But as well as the comforts of a hotel, you get extra benefits with furnished apartments, such as a kitchen space to prepare meals in and a living space to lounge about in.

Campervans and Mobile Homes – If you’re staying closer to home and just fancy a simple weekend getaway to the seaside or another city, why not try out a campervan or motorhome? This solves two of your problems in one. You have a means of getting about, but you also have somewhere to stay overnight. While this may not be the ideal solution for a lengthy trip (space is limited, and you may feel a little overwhelmed stopping in a van for extended periods of time), it’s great for shorter breaks. You can make these vehicles super comfortable with cosy mattresses, curtains to block out the light (and for privacy), and even kettles or microwaves in the kitchen space.

Cottages and Log Cabins –If you’re considering a more rural getaway, far from the sights, sounds, and chaos of the city, you should take a look at different cottages and log cabins that may be available. Much like furnished apartments, these supply you with all of the essentials for a comfortable retreat. However, they are a little more isolated. This is great for those who are looking for quality time together without distractions or complaints from nearby neighbours.

So, get searching and give your family the getaway that they deserve. These different options will allow you to stray from your home turf without sacrificing any essentials or home comforts.

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