Find Your Winter Wonderland: Choose From 4 Fantastic Ski Destinations

If you’re thinking about booking or planning a holiday this year, you might be considering something other than a few weeks with the sun and surf. Instead, you could book a holiday in a winter wonderland. There are no prizes for guessing the main item on the agenda for these types of vacations: skiing! But, taking to the slopes and doing your best not to fall over while sliding down them is certainly not the only reason to book a vacation in a chilly paradise. There are also beautiful chalets to stay in, warm fires to sit by and a vacation package that could be fun for the family. Or, the perfect getaway if the kids aren’t getting an invite for this trip.

With so many places to go in the world, you might be wondering what the best destination is for a winter wonderland vacation. While we can’t answer this question for you, we’ll certainly be happy to give you some choices that you can and definitely should consider.

The Cheapest Option – Recently, we posted about the best way to go out skiing on a shoestring budget. Well, now you can think about heading to a cheap resort too and keeping that budget under control. For that, we’d suggest taking a trip to Les Houches in France. Here you’ll see that a day on the slopes is less than fifty and the transfers aren’t too bad at all travelling to the location. Though, it will always depend on where you’re coming from.

For the low price, you get a wonderful choice of slopes to ski down from the hill for the amateur to the near vertical mountain for the expert. It’s not the largest resort in the world so during popular seasons you might find this place a tad crowded. But there is certainly a lot of fun to be had if you know where to look.

If you are heading away without the kids, be sure to traipse down into town for happy hour between five and seven pm.

The Luxury Selection – Of course, if you have the money to spend you can treat yourself to a little more luxury and head to Meribel in the alps instead. A panoramic view of the resort makes it look like it’s ripped straight from a picture book or perhaps one of those old-fashioned romance movies. It is absolutely picturesque, and the weather certainly helps. As well as a regular fresh powder coating on the slopes, you will also be able to rely on beautiful spots of sunshine, making it the perfect paradise. Once you have had enough fun jetting around the slopes, you can then retreat inside to lavish in luxury, curling up in four-poster beds by roaring fireplaces.

The best time to checkout this resort is actually right about now! A resort like Chalet La Varappe in Meribel won’t disappoint, and during this time the crowds are greatly reduced. Kids are also still stuck in school if you fancy a holiday without the sound of screaming children.

For Pure Skiing – You might be less interested in the slops and more interested in how you will be treated by the staff at the ski resort that you choose to stay in. If so, then you could take a trip to Deer Valley in Utah. This beautiful location is well-known for brilliant staff who treat the skiers who are visiting as nothing short of royalty. While you might have to be coaxed to come out of the hotels here, you won’t be disappointed when you do. Beautiful slopes are available on six different mountains each one more challenging than the last.

Although, the biggest benefit of this is resort is that snowboarding is completely banned. That’s right, only skiing is allowed on this slopes which is beneficial if you are tired of being hit by accident as an over-enthusiastic border whizzes past. Of course, if you have kids who are eager to learn how to snowboard then you will have to look elsewhere.

For The Adventurer – Or, if you are feeling like a dare-devil and want to test your skills as a super spy, you can head to Mt-Hutt in New Zealand. Here you will be about to try heli-skiing which is just like regular skiing accept you’ll be dropped out a helicopter first. It’s not the only benefit of this location. It’s one of the least crowded resorts in the world and has slopes that stretch for miles.

We hope that at least one of these turns out to be your new winter wonderland and the perfect destination for a skiing holiday.

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