Five Scenic Road Trips to Take When You’re In Georgia

If you are planning visiting Georgia this summer, you will find plenty of scenic road trips to choose from. The state boasts with natural beauty and history, and there’s something for everyone to discover. Before you pack your bags, check out the below suggestions for a Georgia road trip, so you can plan your itinerary and make the most out of your time.

Around Savannah – Just 3-4 hours from Atlanta, Savannah is a place you must visit. Full of Southern charm and history, it has traditional architecture, great street parties, programs, green spaces, and plenty of history. Plan your road trip through the Sweet South, explore the city and take one of the tours to get introduced to the city’s history.You can visit the Oatland Island Wildlife Center where kids can see snakes and even armadillo. If you are planning on staying for a few days, check out the offers on hotel rooms & suites in Savannah, Georgia before you travel.

Charleston – Drop down to Charleston to walk on the seaside and visit the Waterfront Park, and don’t forget to check out the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. If you’re interested in the history of the colonial times, visit the Boone Hall Plantation where you can see the former slaves’ homes and learn more about the life on the plantation and running a busy estate.

Golden Isles – When you are visiting Georgia, you must check out at least one of the islands: St Simons, Jekyll Island, Little St. Simon’s Island, or Sea Island. If you are looking for a quiet beach and tranquility, book a tour to one of these places and have a picnic in the Clam Creek Picnic Area. One of the highest rated beaches of the isles is Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, and check out the amazing driftwood art on the shores.

US Coastal Highway 17 – In case you would like to visit Georgia for the scenery, this highway is the best to follow around the coast. The historic Dixie Highway will lead you through Richmond Hill, Butler Island, and you can stop for a hike to follow the Colonial Coast Birding Trail. The best time to visit the area is during the nesting season, but make sure that you keep the dogs on a leash.

Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway – This 56-mile road will take you through magical scenery. You can drive through small traditional towns, as well as the Chattahoochee National Forest. Consider stopping for some attractions nearby, such as Dalton where you will find Prater’s Mill, and Chatsworth, housing the Chief Vann House Historic Site when you plan your road trip in this wonderful part of Georgia.



Georgia offers a lot of scenic routes and traditional towns to discover for travelers. Plan your day trips or extend your stay by booking friendly accommodation in the historical center of some of the picturesque towns of Georgia. You will find nature reserves, scenic routes, and plenty of history on the way.

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