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Freelancers on the Road BeachIf not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?

We are full-time freelance translators and work from home. We founded our translation business in 2011 after pursuing careers in marketing and finance. Our home base is Tyrol, Austria, where we own a little apartment. We generally travel about 4 months per year with additional day or weekend trips around Europe. When we are not traveling we focus on work (reliable internet, yay!), try out new (mostly vegetarian) recipes, go skiing in winter, grow veggies in our garden and cuddle the neighbor’s cat.

Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?

We have both been traveling from a young age with our families. Irene’s first international trip was to the Greek island of Rhodes, while Stefano visited Vienna (talk about a sign – he now lives in Austria). Travel has been part of our lives ever since we can remember, as we both grew up in Europe, where other countries are never far away.

How have you changed your life to travel more?

We actually changed careers! We were both working in 9-5 jobs when we decided to take 6 months off to travel the world in 2009. As soon as we returned, we started to look for options to work location independently, however it took us 1.5 years to figure out what we wanted to do – that is when we founded our translation company. In addition, we generally prioritize travel and don’t spend much on clothes, gadgets or furniture.

How has travel changed your life?

Travel educates and surprises us every day. There is never a dull moment when we are traveling and we enjoy getting to know other cultures and customs. We love to visit well-known sights, figuring out where to go, communicating using our hands and feet and dealing with (inevitable) mishaps. Travel makes us feel alive and provides life-long learning opportunities.

What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?

We aim to provide helpful tips and tangible information about the places we visit. As we get a lot of questions about freelancing (a concept that is not yet widespread in Europe) we also try to present our lifestyle and show how to make money while traveling regularly. And of course we also aim to inspire people to create the lifestyle they dream of.

This or That:
Backpack or Rolling Suitcase? Irene & Stefano: Backpack
Cities or Open Spaces? Irene & Stefano: Cities
Salty or sweet? Irene: Sweet, Stefano: Salty
Sandals or Snow Boots? Irene & Stefano: Sandals
Comedy or Drama? Irene & Stefano: Comedy

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