Ghosts in Savannah

Before spending a long weekend in Savannah, Georgia, I thought the city was known for park squares, Paula Dean, fried okra and grits. But, much to my surprise, the city is also known for ghosts?

Savannah Georgia Ghost Tours

That’s right. There are stories, folklore and even tours that will tell you all about this rich “ghost” history … and we took one such tour. The two-hour tour is jam-packed with multiple stops, goosebumps and plenty of funny memories, eerie stories and eye rolling.

The first stop on the tour was The Pirate House. The Pirate House is now a restaurant. However, when first built it was home to a bar and brothel. Sailors frequented the establishment, but many never returned to their employers ships to set sail. Dun! Dun! Duuun! Trap doors and hidden tunnels are just the beginning of the interesting tidbits learned during the tour!

Savannah, Georgia Ghost ToursSavannah, Georgia Ghost Tours

Savannah, Georgia Ghost Tours

The tour continues through the neighborhoods of Savannah, stopping at a few homes believed to currently be home to ghosts. If you look carefully at the pictures, you can see “orbs” or round, light specs. According to our guide, the ghosts show themselves in photos as these orbs! Creeeepy!




Last, but certainly no least, there is a stop at a cemetery. A cemetery might seem obvious, cheesy or even melodramatic. I am not one to think twice about a plot of land with head stones. But, for whatever reason this cemetery scared me. I did not want to get out of the trolley. Mike on the other hand was feeling fearless and walked up to the gate. What can I say? I am a chicken!

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