A Lobsta’ Bake in a Fishing Town

Gloucester is a quiet, picturesque fishing town about an hour north of Boston, MA. It’s roads are paved with history and pride and it’s beauty is matched only by it’s outstanding seafood industry.

Gloucester Massachusets Lobster Bake

The best time to visit Gloucester in during the summer. When warm weather arrives both locals and visitors are out and about exploring the land and sea. While there, you can ride bikes around as an easy way to see the streets of this little town and find places to stop and smell the roses – literally and figuratively!

Bike Ride in Gloucester

Hydrangea in Gloucester

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Gloucester MA Beach

You’ll quickly discover that this town lives and breathes fishing. In fact, camera crews invade the town regularly  to film TV and movies based on these courageous and outspoken fishermen and women. (Wicked Tuna, Deadliest Catch and The Perfect Storm were all filmed here and are based on actual fisherman and families who live(d) in Gloucester.) To say fishing is important to this town would be an understatement. Visitors can get a glimpse into their past by walking the fishing docks or visiting one of the many museums, statues and memorials dedicated to the men and women of the town.

Now, here I go again about cooking while on vacation. What can I say, I love to cook. So, while in Gloucester, we experienced a real Lobsta’ Bake – Gloucester Style! We bought enough tails for our entire group and cooked it ourselves! Delicious!

Lobster Bake in GloucesterLobster Bake in Gloucester

Lobster Boil

Cooking LobsterCooking LobsterNautical Table SettingMaine Lobster

But, if you don’t want to cook while on vacation, have no fear! The town is overflowing with fun and local places to eat, drink and be merry! Some of our favorites are Sugar Magnolia’s for breakfast, Losta Land for (the best!) lobster chowder and Rudder Restaurant for a seafood lunch or dinner with a great view.

Don’t let the sun set on another summer before visiting this small town that is big on charm and history!

Sunset in Gloucester

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