Your Guide to Wine Tastings in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Our great B&B set up this wine tasting day for us and we could not have enjoyed ourselves more. Plus, the tour  supplied a designated driver, an obvious detail you cannot neglect when planning your trip to Stellenbosch.

Wine Tasting in Stellbosch Near Cape Town, South Africa

Our first stop was Fairview Wineries. Besides a warm, friendly staff and well groomed grounds, the tasting room was beautiful and spacious. I am not a wine “expert” – I just know what I like. Therefore, I’ll spare you an in-depth thesis on the finer points of each wine we tried. Let’s just say we thoroughly enjoy wine, and therefore, we loved this place. A fabulous bonus to this winery is the fact that they make goat’s milk cheeses on site and samples with your wine tasting is included.

Fairview Tasting Room StellenboschFairview Winery Tasting Room

Fairview Wine Barrels StellenboschFairview Winery Grounds

The next winery of the day was Boshendal. Their vineyards are some of the oldest in the valley and their wines are very highly regarded, worldwide. We had the huge tasting room to ourselves and the staff left us alone – which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it wasn’t bad either.

Boschendal Awards Boschendal Wiines

Wine Tasting Boschendal

Our final stop on our rainy, wine tasting day was at Tokara. This winery was my favorite because of their insanely delicious restaurant, great gift shop (that sells great chocolates), stunning views of the vineyards, interesting artwork/sculptures on the ground and (of course) their yummy wine!

Delicatessen at Tokara

Tokara EntranceTokara Wines Stellenbosch

South Africa Wine CountyStellenbosch Vineyards

Wine Tasting near Cape Town

Blooming Vineyards Stellenbosch South Africa

Winter in Stellenbosch

Tokara Winery Chocolate

3 thoughts on “Your Guide to Wine Tastings in Stellenbosch, South Africa

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  2. Karla

    Thank you. This brought back memories. The Stellenbosch area is really wonderful for wine and just the general atmosphere.


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