Halloween in Wichita

If you haven’t yet been looking for an online tutorial to give your pumpkin carving a new style this year, there’s still plenty of time to make the most of Halloween. In fact, if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary – or if you’re worried that your neighborhood can’t cope with your ghost and zombie costumes –, you might want to plan a Halloween trip out of town. Indeed, there are plenty of exciting ‘haunted’ spots all over the USA. It’s not uncommon for last minute holidaymakers to book a tour of the most haunted sites in North America around Halloween time. However, if you want to feel the thrill, you might want to stay away from crowded sites – such as the Eastern State Penitentiary of Philadelphia which receives several thousands of visitors every year, for instance. Instead, try to luck in lesser-known sites that are guaranteed to give you all the fear factor you need! Wichita is a top choice if you happen to be around Kansas.

Getting there – The  easiest way to get to Wichita is to fly to the Dwight D. Eisenhower airport, which is the largest airport in Kansas. You’d better be looking for a hotel near the Wichita Airport, so that you can leave your bag before heading to town. What do you need to pack? A good camera – Wichita offers plenty of haunted sites you want to capture –, a warm jumper for outdoor explorations, and maybe your best zombie costumes for the night of Halloween! If you choose to come by road, you can plan a bit of a scenic journey by taking the Route 66 which goes through Kansas. However, if you’re driving to Wichita, do plan a few days off to make the most of the trip!  

What to do? – Wichita is one of those towns that have many locations which are genuinely haunted – or rumored to be so, which is practically the same thing when you’re walking around in your best Halloween gear! However, if this is a little more adventurous than you’d like, you can find plenty of safe, scary houses and sites in town. The Pumpkins at the Park attraction is located in the wildlife park and takes you on a haunted maze alongside some of the scariest creatures of the park. If you prefer more diversity in your frightening evening, try the Wicked Island attractions. The Wicked Island Haunted Forest takes you through a path of mutants, clowns, spiders, and snakes. If you love to combine fear and brains, you should try their horror-themed escape room where you have 30 minutes to solve the puzzle and escape. Finally, conclude your day out with a sweet pumpkin treat to recharge your batteries – you’ll need it after all those emotions! Try one of the delicious pumpkin donuts from the Donut Whole and Hurts Donut. Want something more grown-up? Head to the Brewing Company to taste the Yumpkin Pumpkin Ale! Many reports they’ve seen real ghosts after their first pint!

For a little bit of scary fun this Halloween, Wichita offers the perfect balance of real haunted sites, haunted attractions and plenty of yummy pumpkinissimo treats to keep you going. For anyone in Kansas or around, it’s the perfect ground to stretch your ghost spandex.

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