Applying Heat

On our tour of a coffee plantation in Bali we learned about each step of coffee production from planting, harvesting and the ever important step of roasting the beans. The amount of heat applied and the continuous stirring of the beans during roasting is crucial in releasing the flavors we taste after the coffee is brewed.

This got me thinking. How do pressure and discomfort in our own lives help bring out the best in each of us? The brutal truth? “Being under fire” can bring about good changes and positive results in our own lives.

Travel Inspiration:

Roasting Coffee in Bali

Lesson Learned: Roasting coffee converts the dried bean into the dark, deliciously aromatic bean we buy at the store.

Life Application: Being uncomfortable can bring about positive results.

“No pain. No gain.” is a common saying in America. Albeit it is viewed by some as too harsh or cruel. Maybe so, but it’s true! What Olympian has ever made it to the podium without a little (a lot!) of discomfort and pain? How many doctors graduate medical school without at least a few sleepless nights studying? How many married couples push through arguments to follow through with their vows? Pain is physical, mental and emotional, but all “flavors” of pain are necessary evils. Are you willing to withstand a little pain or pressure to grow?

Diamonds form only after intense geothermal pressure. Muscles develop by lifting heavy weights as often as possible. Roses are their most beautiful after a good pruning. A good marriage is made great after sacrificing your own agenda for you spouses’. Life long friendships only happen when you push past a few fights. A successful travel blog requires many (many) long hours of reading, writing, editing and energy. (Lord! Don’t I know this. We all need these reminders at times.)

There is no way around it, most gains require pain. It is not about being “harsh” – it’s about being real. Life is not always easy. Instead of shying away from discomfort or taking the easy way out, take on the pain, knowing that heat and suffering can spur change. Seeing hardships, mistakes and struggles as a chance to grow will help you get through the situation and see the value in being uncomfortable. When you withstand the heat you will come through the situation a better person, employee, spouse, friend and human because just like coffee, being under pressure can bring out the best in all of us.

Bali Coffee Tasting

 Who knew COFFEE could be so deep and thought-provoking?

7 thoughts on “Applying Heat

  1. Our Global Adventure

    Great post! You’ve made some really good points here. Often it is the moments of pressure in our lives that bring about the best in us. After all, if everything was going along honky dory we’d probably just stay with the status quo. People do grow and change through pressure, even if we don’t always see the reason for it at the time… Oh and of course, coffee wisdom is great wisdom in my book! 😉

    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      Thank you! I am glad that you agree – it’s nice to know that I am not along.

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    1. Wife with Baggage Post author

      Thank you so much! I love writing these “Lessons Learned” posts as I find they’re helpful to me and others!


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