Hiking in Sossusvlei, Namibia

We love hiking. Steep and strenuous or flat and scenic – both are fantastic for exercise and seeing nature where ever you travel. Hiking in sand, though? It is definitely not easy – but worth it with views like those in the Sossussvlei National Park in Namibia.

Hiking in the Sands of Sossusvlei

There are two great hikes we can recommend in the park:

Deadvlei You have two options for this hike. First, you can walk the 45 or so minutes out to Deadvlei. Or, you can wait for a “shuttle” to take you closer. We were a tad lazy a waited to the shuttle. The hikers we saw along the “road” looked well, had plenty of water and were enjoying themselves. (Darn you laziness!) Deadvlei is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The skeletons of 900 year old trees is both remarkable and eerie!

Hiking in SoussesvleiDeadvlei

Deadvlei Contrasts

Trees in Deadvlei

You can explore as you’d like and catch a returning shuttle at your leisure. This is good to know because the area to explore is much larger than you might think. Like, 5 American footballs big!

Dune 45 is one of the largest dunes in the park at 170 meters tall. It is easy to get to from the road and a great hike up. We hiked up on an extra windy day. Do not make the rookie mistake we did and wear shorts. Learn from my misfortune. On the upside, my skin was smooth from the sand blasting.

Hiking up this dune can be tough as the sand falls from underneath your feet the moment you apply pressure. But, the views from the top are worth the work.

Dune 45

Hiking Dune 45

Hiking Down Dune 45

Top of Dune 45

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