Pike’s National Forest

We are lucky enough to have traveled to Colorado three times now. Lucky enough to have explored Breckenridge (but did not ski), the Rocky Mountain State Park (but did not hike) and to have visited Pike’s National Forest (never to have actually gotten all the way to the summit)! Obviously, we’re leaving plenty of reasons open for returning to Colorado!


As you can see our luck only gets us so far! An unfortunate helicopter crash which closed the road to the summit caused the derailment of our first attempt. Then, two years later a mid-October snow storm interrupted our second attempt. Park rangers closed the road past Mile 11 (of 16).

Pikes National Forest

Luckily, there is still plenty to see and explore lower in the forest. The winding roads offer fantastic views of valley, regal pine trees and snow-capped peaks! Just be careful of big foot (yes!) and unexpected snow many months of the year!

Pikes Forest Bike FootDriving to Pikes Peak

Snowy Road Pikes Peak

If you park your car and get on the paths you’ll discover lakes, critters and more beautiful views. Pikes Forest

Pikes Forest ViewsNature Pikes Forest

Hiking in Pikes Forest

Aspen Trees in Pikes Forest

We are lucky to travel. Weather and unexpected event are always a factor in life, but when life hands you snow storms, make a great day of hiking out of it!

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