Hotel Review: Desert Camp

I do not mind getting sweaty. Nor do I mind getting a bit dirty. However, I have to draw a line in the sand when it comes to sleeping on the ground, getting eaten by bugs and being too warm or too cold while I sleep. All of which are usually part of camping. I grew up in Florida so camping means hot, sticky weather, monster mosquitoes and long, sleepless nights. No thanks!

Can you blame me for not loading up my tent, which is waaay to difficult to pitch anyway?

Desert Camp Namibia

However, my hate/hate relationship with camping changed in Namibia. Raise the bar, please! I will never be a regular camper. The Desert Camp is now my standard. The kind of camping we did in Namibia is more my speed: a bed, a shower, sturdy screens and very few bugs. Yes, this is my kind of camping. I’ve heard of the term “glamping” (glamorous camping), but I don’t like it. I honestly do not think I need “glamorous.” Just clean and comfortable. OK, maybe I am a bigger fancy pants than I originally thought!

Don’t judge me! 🙂

The Desert Camp is at the edge of Sossusvlei. It is the ideal lodging for travelers who love being one with nature, without sacrificing personal safety or hygiene. The walls of your Desert Camp tent are sturdy canvas, thick screened windows and a concrete floor. There is a full bathroom. Did I mentioned I don’t like the bathroom options offered in “regular” camping either!

Desert Camp in Namibia

The Desert Camp Room

It doesn’t stop there. We even had an outdoor kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and grill.

Self Serve Desert Camp

And the view? Words can’t really describe it well enough, so I’ll share an image with you instead.

Sunset in Namibia

Did I mention there is a gorgeous pool and bar on site as well? What is not to love?

Desert Camp Pool

The Desert Camp is wild Africa with most of the comforts of home. In fact, we ate our only “home cooked” meal during our entire trip to Africa while camping. We bought and prepared a salad and grilled fresh local meat on our grill. The only down side to this whole experience was washing our dishes after making our meal! But hey! That was a sacrifice I was willing to make!

Cooking Dinner Desert Camp

Homemade Dinner in Namibia

The Traveling Dishwasher

Being surrounded by extreme beauty is the best part about camping in luxury at The Desert Camp.The sunrise over the desert is only rivaled by the sunset over the mountains. The tall grass swaying in the cool breezes and the wildlife meandering by without a care are rather impressive and utterly unforgettable.

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