How to Pack For a Hiking Trip Using Packing Cubes

The sound of silence surrounding your every move, the distant echo of wild animals in the distance, the greatest connection with nature. Hiking is a highly rewarding experience. Nothing in the world compares to leaving the absolute craziness of city life, the hustle and bustle and the stresses of our daily lives and embarking to the wilderness.

Hiking is an incredible way to clear your mind, boost your mood and keep you fit! There’s a plethora of hiking destinations around the world from hiking trails to places right around the corner so you can leave anytime you want. Whether you’re an extreme beginner or a professional – hiking is rewarding.

Of course, if you’re planning a hiking trip and you’re all excited, one thing can ruin your mood. The overwhelming need of packing for the trip. That looming sensation of the daunting process. All the things you have to find/buy/fix. All the lists you have to make.

But little do people know, packing does not in any way have to be a daunting process. If you have efficient packing list, you know exactly what you want and you have the right things, you’ll face absolutely no problems!

Whether you’re hiking for a day or 3 or a week, you will pretty much need the same things. The only thing that will differ will be the amount of food and toilet paper you take. A hiking trip is all about packing right, therefore carrying only the essentials you will need on your walk. In this article I will talk about how to pack your bag, what you need to take with you, what kind of food will boost your energy instantly.

The holy grail of packing is the packing cube. They are simply little compartments that you put inside your bags that help organize your entire bag (and possibly your life). They are lightweight, sealable, and allow you to store your items.

Why use them? You get to save up to 50% of space in your bags, all without having to roll your clothes and deal with the terrible wrinkles that result. You’ll also feel ten times more organized; as you’ll be retrieving things from your backpack without having to shove them back in and disorganize the bag.

Which packing cube should I use? There are plenty of packing cubes options, and you could choose the best packing cubes on by going through reviews on different types of packing cubes.

The Backpack – There are a lot of ways you can make sure a bag is of good quality. Get a backpack with the right fit that is stable, light, and preferably frameless and can fit most of your things. Of course, the longer your hiking trip is, the bigger your backpack will have to be.

Items to Pack

Footwear – Make sure you have the right footwear with you. This is the most important thing you have to keep in mind. The right shoes or even socks can make or break your hiking trip. Try getting shoes that don’t involve heavy packs or technical terrains. You can even opt for hiking boots!

Navigation Items – You will need a map, a compass, and GPS. Make sure your map is waterproof and that you have a pre-planned itinerary with you just in case. Of course, you practically can depend on just a GPS, but do you really want to be relying on battery or satellite in the middle of nowhere?

Water – Make sure you bring plenty of water. If you’re going to be on a hike with a lot of streams and trails, then bring a purifier with you instead. This way you save yourself from the extra weight of water!

Rain gear – It’s almost always expected to rain when you least expect it. No matter how many times you checked the forecast, take at least one rain gear item with you. Whether it’s an umbrella or a hat – make sure you get something!

Safety – Bring your own fire, your own light and your whistle. Do not underestimate any of these things as they’re extremely important to do.

First aid supplies – There are a lot of prepackaged first-aid kits that you can take with you but make sure they include pens, pencils, soap, and Benadryl Imodium and Ibuprofen.

Sun Protection – Getting sunburnt is a pain – everyone knows this. Make sure you pack not only sun cream, but hats to keep you protected from the scorching sun in the morning. Add a moisturizing lipstick, after-sun and a lotion. Don’t forget sunglasses!

Insulation – If you’re going on an overnight backpacking trip, chances are you are staying in a tent in the middle of the wilderness. Make sure you have the right insulation. That includes:

  • Hard shell raincoats
  • Sleeping bag
  • Rain mitts
  • Synthetic jackets
  • A base layer
  • Mid insulating layer
  • Outer shell year (so basically windbreakers)
  • Hat and gloves

Food – Being on a hike surely burns a lot of calories. And while that may sound incredible to a lot of people, you need to make sure you replace those nutrients on your trip. Here are some things you could bring to keep you energetic through hike. (Note: The amount and quality of food depends on how long you’re hiking for!)

  • Get a cook-able breakfast and a cook-able dinner.
  • Get plenty of snacks. You will need them and you’ll be grateful you did when the cravings hit you.
  • Get all your eating utensils – dishes, sporks, and tissue papers
  • Will you be having hot drinks? Get specific cups for these.
  • If you’re going to be camping, get camping-specific utensils like camp stoves.
  • Pre-paid meals are your best friend!

There are so many items to remember to pack, but then there are others you should definitely leave at home. Make sure you don’t over pack – after all you’ll be carrying that weight on your back! Here are items NOT to bring:

No extra shoes, no extra clothes, no unnecessary electronics! You can also check out destination-specific packing essentials so that you can know exactly what you do and don’t need.

Hiking is a beautifully rewarding experience that everyone should experience once in their life. The physical exertion rewarded with instant rewards in terms of goals made or incredible scenery is enough to get you packing your bags and embarking on this journey!

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