How To Plan For Your First Camping Trip With The Kids

When you’re someone that’s well prepared, you may have spent some time getting to know all things wilderness and survival. So much so, that you may have even developed a bit of a passion for it. And there’s always worse interests and hobbies to have. Because the great outdoors is both beautiful and interesting in one go. So much so, that you may want to share this love with your children. But you may be aware that doing something like this with your children is very much on a whole other level. Because kids can get excitable. So you may need to take your experiences and change them slightly to match what you may need to do for your children.

For this, planning and preparations are key. But by now, you should be great at both. As long as you have the time to put into making the plans, you should find that camping with your children can be a lot of fun. And here, we’re talking about out in the wilderness. You may like to choose to go to a specific campsite, but this may not provide you with the kind of experience you want to share with your children. But if you are going to go into a woodland area, you will need to make sure that you’re all safe. When you do, you’ll all be able to enjoy the experience. So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to plan for to make this happen.

Research Locations – To get your plans underway, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to find the right spot to camp in. Getting this right is essential. You may not want it to be too far away from where you live, or from different amenities. So you need to research what kind of spots are available. You may find this free camping resource useful for that. When you’ve located the best spot, you can then start to prepare for the trip itself.

Check For Warnings – The best start for your preparations is always going to be to check for any warnings that you may need to know about. Whether this is a warning on weather or even on dangerous animals, it’s always best to be prepared. You may then choose to delay your trip if there are warnings, or choose an appropriate time to go based on your research.

Prepare Your Tent – From here, you’re then going to want to start getting bits and pieces ready. When you’re camping, you’re going to need somewhere to sleep. So one of your first steps is going to be to get your tent together. If you already have one, then you should look to check it over to make sure there aren’t any issues with it since it was last used. If not, then you should look into lightweight tent options that you could get for trips with the family.

Prepare Your Equipment – Next, you need to get your equipment together. Not only will this include things like your sleeping bags and dinnerware, but also things like the everstryke pro or some kind of stove. You’ll want to be able to cook meals for you and your family, so you need to get the right equipment in place for this. Although you need to keep things to a minimum, this stuff is essential.

Shop For Groceries – With most of your equipment together, you then need to think about what food you will need for the trip. With camping, you need to meal plan in advance. This is so you know what to buy, but also that you can make meals stretch out of what you buy to avoid waste. There’s always set camping food that you might like to stick to for this. Stuff that’s easy to prepare and eat, like oatmeal, bagels, pasta, and eggs. You should also make sure you have enough bottled water for the trip too.

Prepare The Food – Then, you may find that it will be handy to prepare some of the food too. If you’re taking bagels or sandwiches, make these beforehand if you can. You can also want to put some of the food in containers to make preparations easier.

Get Your Safety Gear Together – From here, you then need to think about what you need to stay safe. From windbreakers, the right clothing and footwear, lights, and even a first aid kit, this can often be a lot to take in. To help you, you may also find that this video on safety equipment is useful to watch. Then you can work out what you need to prepare in order to be safe on your camping trip.

Pack Your Bags – Next up, it’s time to pack. And you really are going to want to make sure that you get this right. Because you’re only going to have so much room, and you may have a lot of stuff that you need to take. So be sure to take a look at the best way to pack a bag for camping. This may even mean that you need to be strict with your children, as they won’t be able to bring all of their toys even though they may want to.

Load The Car – Then you’re going to want to pack up the car. Ideally, you’ll do this the evening before or the morning of travel. And again, you’re not always going to have a ton of space. With your packs in, the tent, and your sleeping bags, you’ll start to run out of room. So you really will need to get this process right.

Take Your Time – And now that it’s time to go, make sure that you take your time. Yes, you’re all going to be excited to get going and reach your destination, but there’s no real rush. You need to make sure that you’ll get there safely, so take your time. Also be sure to take your time setting up too, as it can take awhile but don’t be tempted to rush as you may not get it right.

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