My Favorite Travel Accessories Part 1: JORD Watches

My Favorite New Travel  Accessory | A Unique Wood Watch by JORD

Of all the items we pack for a holiday, accessories are my favorite. They’re light weight and don’t tip your checked back over that dreaded weight limit mark. Actually, accessories are small and compact which means if you really know how to pack, you will not even  have to check a bag. One more bonus of accessories, they are versatile enough to make the same outfit perfect for day or night, work or play, casual or dressy.

My Jord watch fits the bill perfectly. If you just read that like JORDan, try again and think of Yode, like Yoda with the “uh.” I love this watch more than my traditional metal watch for a couple of reasons. These reasons are why this watch is numero uno in this series on my favorite travel accessories.

Reason 1 – It’s made from  wood, not plastic. I’d be silly to think that some of you aren’t thinking hello! deforestation! Yea, I think the same thing. But here is the deal, while we need more trees and plants in the world, we really need less plastic! So, my choice when buying products from plates to toothbrushes to watches is a company that makes products using natural materials – like wood. Jord is that company for watches. There are other wooden watch companies but the design and craftsmanship of Jord Watches stuck out to me. We must be smarter with our purchases to reduce the amount of plastic and cheaply made junk we consume. I’ve actually even talked with someone on their staff about how they should plant a tree for every watch sale; companies who give back are the way of the future for sure!

Reason 2 – They’re customer support is awesome. I must confess, I am all for job creation with brick and mortar stores, but I also appreciate online retailers with a clear website, helpful FAQ pages and service and warranty statements. Jord’s website has a chat option too which gives you the ability to chat with someone before and during your order; way handy! As you shop on their site you can see the details of each wood option, the brilliant colors of the watch faces and even get help with sizing the watch prior to purchase. You will definitely want to do this if you are unsure.

Reason 3 – The watch is stylish enough to wear out to dinner with a cute Noonday Collection arm party or paired with my Fair Trade necklaces and worn to work but it is also rugged enough to wear on a hike and jet setting around the world. Seriously, you guys know that we do not travel year round; we are not digital nomads so I need accessories for more than just travel. I need a watch to wear day in and day out from work, home, running errands and travel. But hey! If you do carry all of your possessions on your back, don’t worry, this one just goes on your wrist! This Jord watch fits my everyday style as well as my travel style. I love its versatility.

What else can I tell you about one of my favorite travel accessories, my Jord watch? Do they ship internationally? Yes! Can you engrave them? You bet! Was I paid for this post? Kind of! Here’s how this blogging thing works. Sometimes I am paid in cash, sometimes in product. This post is a post I wrote in response to an offer for a free watch and review. Luckily, the review is honest, and I would get to keep the watch even if my review of the watch was less than lovey-dovey. Plus, and here is the best part, Jord is not giving me money, they are giving you money! That’s right! Just use this link to enter and then watch my social media (@wifewithbaggage), pun intended, for more information on how you can win money towards your own watch. XO, Diane

Wooden Wrist Watch

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