Recharge your camera battery – and yourself!

My better half surprised me with a weekend in Islamorada, Florida last winter. He gave me less than 48 hours notice to organize my absence at work, cancel dinner plans with a friend, pack a bag and research things to do, places to eat and sights to see. Does it sound like I am complaining? Hope not because I love good surprises and need no prior notice when it comes to travel. Barring a funeral or wedding, I will drop almost anything to take a trip. I am telling you about the 48 hours notice because in the rush and excitement we (OK, I) forgot to pack the camera’s charger. I bet you already know where this is going…

Yes, the battery of our beautiful Nikon camera – you know the one we bought for travel – died within hours of arriving in Islamorada. Was our weekend ruined? No. Do we still have memories? Yes. Nonetheless, I treasure our travel photos and hated to rely on my 2-year-old cell phone for pictures that weekend. You can see the difference in photo quality in the pictures below.

One of the only shots taken with our camera before the battery died. Casa Morada Pool Area

One of the “great” cell phone shots we captured during our trip.Casa Moradas Kayaks

Travel Lesson Learned: Don’t forget to charge your camera.

Life Application: Don’t forget to re-charge yourself.

I want to have a full battery. I want to produce great works, offer clear answers and give my best to those I love the most. Quite honestly, we are all lousy cell phone cameras at times – fuzzy, out of focus and not our best. Who wants to live like that?

Recharging ones mind, body and soul looks different to everyone. My recharge involves lots of sleep, yoga pants and a good book. Mike, however, is the exact opposite. A long run and dinner out with friends is his way of getting centered and relaxed. Maybe your recharge is a weekend getaway, a massage or long phone conversation with a good friend. Figure out what helps you and then do it. Just like our cameras, Mike and I are better, sharper even, with a full charge.

Just like travel, re-charging takes time. But, also like travel, it is so. worth. it!

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