Taking a Leap (of Faith) is Encouraged

As I stood at the edge debating whether I should jump or not, I took note of the other travelers deep in the jungles of Belize with me. There were two distinct groups. Group one: comprised of those who waded by the shore as they walked into the water at the gently sloping shoreline did not look upset, just a little bored and indifferent. Then there was group two. These people jumped before me from a large rock perched about 20 feet above the water’s surface. Group two was laughing, splashing and smiling. Decision made.

I inched forward, said a silent prayer, and jumped.  The first split second was excruciating; the doubt and fear overwhelming me. Then, just as I was about to scream in terror I realized there was no need to; I was having fun! Taking that leap was well worth the calculated risk! It was such an added bonus to an already good day in the Belize jungle!


Travel Lesson Learned: Adding excitement and adventure to your travels can make for some great memories.

Life Application: Taking a leap of faith in life is healthy and helpful.

The fear of leaping off of a cliff is as paralyzing as the fear to taking a leap of faith in life, whether it is in your personal, spiritual or professional life. The possibility of getting hurt (physically or emotionally), embarrassed an/dor denied are unpleasant realities. Taking a leap into something new can cause frustration and discomfort, but, the opposite could happen too!

In 2010 Michael and I took a leap of faith. We left the comfort of our lives in Florida and accepted new jobs in a new state during a not-so-great economy.We had our share of nay-sayers. Plenty of people told us that leaving “perfectly good jobs” was risky. Status quo and “just fine’ is not good enough for us though. We felt the need to jump …


… and you know what? The outcome was better than we imagined! For two years we lived in a new state where co-workers who became good friends, new experiences became lasting memories and we both advanced our careers in new ways.

Fear is an emotion induced by perceived, not definite, threats. Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith is also an emotion based on perceived outcomes. But, unlike fear, faith focuses on a trust for positive outcomes, not negative. Taking a leap of faith teaches us to take chances based of hope, not doubt. The regret of not taking the leap will always outweigh the fear of the unknown. Give up “good enough” and jump. You might fall, but it could be into something better than you ever imagined.

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