Miami: The Summer City

South Florida is home. We live in Paradise; hence why we are only part-time travelers. We’ve explore Miami and the surrounding areas a lot because, as the title of this post says, we live in almost perpetual summer here. We collaborated with other travel writers to bring you this post. We hope it encourages, educations and enlightens you to travel more, both near and far. 

It’s no surprise that Will Smith sang about this city all those years ago. Miami is a city in Florida which is teeming with culture, life and sun. The sun shines down on this place all year-long, which means if you are getting the winter blues and need to escape, this is the place.

If you need some reasons to visit Miami, say no more…

Beach day every day – Every day is summer in Miami. If you are sick of being stuck in the snow and drizzle of January, escape for a while without having to go all the way across the world for it! rent a boat in Miami and sail around the seas, have a picnic on the beach and go for a relaxing swim. A Miami day is a beach day.

Endless shopping – Many travellers come to this city for its lively shopping scene. You’ll be able to find lots of mainstream stores as well as independent retailers and you will find stores for every budget. Do some much-needed retail therapy and soak up the buzzing atmosphere of the city centre. Then once you are done you can enjoy the many foods the city has on offer…

Fusion food – Everybody loves food, right? Food is one of those things which we all look forward to at the end of the day, and in Miami you’ve got more choice than most. Because Miami is such a culturally diverse place, there is a lot of fusion going on with different cuisines. Walking down the road you could pass a sushi restaurant, Jamaican street food place, a tapas restaurant and then an American diner. There is a ton of choice from all over the globe so you’ll always find what you fancy.

Cruise on the Atlantic – If you want to enjoy the scenery that Miami’s coastline has to offer as well as relaxing at sea, then you could book a cruise a set off from the port of Miami. The print itself offers lots of attractions even before you set sail on the sea and enjoy a cruise on the Atlantic Ocean.

Adventure time – Many of the people who come to Miami come to spend their time actively. The city is home to 800 parks for walks and bike riding, there are golf courses for those who want a relaxing game, and there are plenty of water sports to keep you cool on a hot day. You could go paddle boarding, surfing, jet skiing and even flying on a jet pack! If there’s a sport you’ve always wanted to try outdoors, Miami is the place to go.

Live in luxury – Holidays are all about being able to enjoy things you otherwise wouldn’t, and of course this usually means things you normally wouldn’t be able to afford. If you save up you could stay in one of the many five-star hotels in the city and enjoy feeling like a celebrity for the duration of your stay.

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