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If not traveling, what is your 9-5 life like?
After ten years living and working in London I relocated to Cheltenham in the Cotswolds a couple of years ago and started freelancing as an editor and designer. The plan was to have a more flexible lifestyle and be able to travel more, but it’s also meant I can spend more time with my family and friends. I tend to have concentrated periods of work, mixed in with quieter times when I get to pursue my passions like photography and my blog. I live with my partner and we’ve just re-homed two rescue cats who’ve already totally taken over the place like they own it.
Who, or what, inspired you to travel the first time?
My family were never big travelers, so until I was 18 I hadn’t been much further than France. But a couple of trips started off my travel obsession. First was a week staying with family in New York and the second was a university trip to Thailand. Coming from a small town in the English countryside, both were completely different worlds for me and opened my eyes to the experiences and sights that are out there. Since then travel spiraled into an obsession and I’m constantly planning and dreaming up my next trips.
How have you changed your life to travel more?
About ten years ago I quit my job to do a 16-month round the world trip, and I’ve taken a three-month sabbatical from another job to travel to New Zealand. Travel is definitely my biggest expense, I’m a huge eBay bargain hunter, have friends over rather than going out and have started trying to grow my own fruit and vegetables. I’m the last of my friends to buy a house and settle down and a lot of that is due to my love of travel. I did finally buy a house last year and get married later this year so the travel budget’s been a bit depleted recently, but I’ve already got lots planned for next year.
How has travel changed your life?
Travel has definitely stopped me from being too materialistic – I tend to think of the cost of things in terms of how many days of travel they’re worth – but I do get the odd pang of envy when I see people my age with huge houses and designer wardrobes. I’ve gained so much in terms of memories and experiences though that I wouldn’t change a thing. Except maybe that time in Australia when I jumped down a flight of steps and broke my ankle, that’s a travel souvenir I could’ve done without!
What is your main purpose/goal of your travel blog?
I started On the Luce almost two years ago as I’ve always loved writing and photography, and after nearly 20 years of travelling I’d picked up lots of tips and stories to share. It’s aimed at independent travelers who might not be in the position to travel long-term but want to make the most of their travel time. So I highlight interesting destinations, attractions and accommodation for people who are past the ultra-cheap bunk beds and instant noodles stage of travel but not ready for a package holiday. My plan is to show people you can combine a love of travel with work, family and everyday life.
This or That:

Backpack or rolling suitcase? Rolling suitcase, usually a small one so I can do carry on only.
Cities or Open Spaces? I like a mix of both, but if I had to pick one as a country girl it’d have to be open spaces.
Salty or sweet? Salty, crisps and nuts are my weakness.
Sandals or Snow Boots? Sandals, although I love skiing I’m definitely solar-powered.
Comedy or Drama? Drama, I love something that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

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