Pitch Perfect – Don’t Make These Beginner Camping Mistakes

Going camping? It’s proving to be very popular right now as it is a cheap alternative to hotels and gives travelers the chance to get out and experience the best of nature. Some can’t wait to get outside, pitch their tent, and forget everything about their manic professional life back in the big city.

It’s important that you don’t make any common camping mistakes when you are out in your tent, though. If you do, you will find that your stay out under the starry night sky comes with some uncomfortable problems. Many beginners frequently make mistakes, but that’s no reason you should as well. Here are some that you should try not to make.

Taking Faulty Equipment On The Trip
One of the worst mistakes you can make is taking faulty equipment with you. Even if you have bought everything you might need brand new for your trip, it’s important that you test everything before you pack it so that you know that it definitely works. After all, you might have bought something faulty that needs returning. Taking it back or buying a replacement is a better option that only realizing that something doesn’t work once you are out in the wild!

Taking The Wrong Bedding
Don’t fancy being kept awake at night because of the cold? Then it is crucial that you buy the right kind of bedding. You need to figure out whether you are a cold or warm sleeper, and also research what the weather conditions are going to be like while you are away. You can then use this information to pick out the best sleeping bag and bedding for your tent. If you aren’t entirely sure, you can ask the shop assistants at your local camping shop.

Arriving At The Campsite Late
If you arrive at the campsite late, you might struggle to find an unoccupied space for your tent, and you might end up squished in the corner far away from the toilets and other important facilities. Plus, you will have to start putting up your tent in the dark, which can be very tricky, even for seasoned campers. So, it’s a good idea to arrive early. That way, if the site is full, you can drive to the next one and pitch your tent in the daylight.

Leaving Food Accessible To Wildlife
You will no doubt want to take a lot of food with you, even if you do plan on eating out in restaurants some nights. It’s important that you keep all of your food in your tent all the time and sealed in bags or tins. This is so that it doesn’t attract any animals into your tent. Leaving it outside will also attract the local wildlife to it, and all the critters will end up eating all of your snacks.

Hopefully, this guide can help you steer clear of all of these beginner camping mistakes. And your trip will be all the better for it.Have a fun time!

This post is a collaborative effort. While not written by me, Diane, I liked the content enough to publish it here on Wife with Baggage. I hope it encourages, educates and entices you to travel more!

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