Flora of Costa Rica

The animals of Costa Rica blew me away. We saw frogs the color of highlighters, ants that eat trees and, a personal highlight and bucket list experience, sloths hanging from trees. We truly kept our eyes peeled for wildlife everywhere we went. But, as our week in Costa Rica progressed we also started to notice that the animals were not the only show stoppers. The fauna and the flora were different from what we see here in The States and pause-worthy as well.

Flora in Costa Rica


Pink Hibiscus Costa Rica Alpinia Flower Costa Rica Parrot Flower (Heliconia) Costa Rica Butterflies in Costa Rica Bird of Paradise Costa Rica Bamboo Orchid (Arundina Graminifolia)

Interesting Plants

Curly Boy Croton crazy Tree branches in Cahuita Coconut growing in Costa Rica

The jungles of Costa Rica are everything I hoped they would be. They are teeming with wildlife, both flora and fauna. Take care of their sensitive rain forests when you visited. Such a diverse and rich ecosystem needs to survive for everyone and everything’s sake.

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